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Story Monster Girl Calamity( Massive Terraria Calamity Xover)

What do you think of my Xover?

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This is my first ever crossover I created as a writer. Now, I'm combining Terraria Calamity with Super Mario Bros, Annoymoose Monster Girl Saga, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Monster Girl Quest. Sounds very massive, but each world will get equal amounts of time and fully interact with each other. I will update whenever I get the time, but I'm very busy with projects and school work at the time.

EDIT: Sorry for the long hiatus. I'll be continuing shortly, but now I decided to add Metal Slug to the mix.
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I don’t know how to properly respond to this. Should I be scared? Confused? Disgusted? Aroused? I guess I’ll have to wait and find out...


Chapter 2:
Laven's POV
I woke up to terrified screaming echoing throughout Springbrook. Very abnormal. Minonia claimmed this place has no voilance, but the buildings tell a different story. What alarmed me was that fighting was the stuff of the past. Horrified screaming is raging through Springbrook now. I need to got the girls and invesrigate.
The girls were all just as startled by this abnormality. Everyone I could everyone panicing.
"Sounds like something happened near the gate. Inquisitors, probably. No biggie." Rose said casualy
"No biggie? Don't you know how fast humans, inquisitors or not, are corrupted? The townfolk would have treated any invaders like a grain of sand. Whoever attacked most have warded off the energies long enough to cause serious damage." Shoshanna said.
"Guess your right, Hanhana."
"Hahnana? It's Shoshana!"
"Guys, no time for bickering." I say.
"Your right, pharaoh." Susan said.
When we get to the gate, I can see what all the fuss is. Minonia is frozen solid, with a pained expression on her face. The preportrators are clear; two oddly sized men, both in overalls and wearing light blue shirts. The lanky one his wearing a light blue cap, and the smaller one's short brwon hair is free. Some sort of top-hat ghost floats nearby the small one. Probably a companion of sorts.
A creature even smaller than the plumber stands near the ice block, wearing a mushroom as a hat and a red coat. He, or whatever gender it is is holding a sack with a red mushroom emblem. Onother is in a traditional pink princess gown, with a ginormous jem in the center. Standing next to her is... a T.rex? It's far more idealized and, admittedly, cute as well, green, orange boots and head spikes, and a red shell on its back.
"You guys really taught that demon and ninja a lesson." The princess figure says.
"I hope that after we bring them back to Umpher and Ol'een, the two have a nice talk with those monsters and fix this trainwreck of a place."
"I agree, Toadstool," The ghost says. "I can only imagine how beautiful this land can be once Umpher keeps the demon's priorities in check."
How could they know about Umpher and Ol'een? They look like they were marooned on this strange world like me but... Oh no. Umpher most have found them first. She must of tricked them into her close-minded view; all monsters are evil. Umpher is testing these foreigners if they are effective inquisitors and they are. What saddens me is how naive they are. Do they really think Umpher is just gonna 'talk' to the succubus? She wants her dead. Now, I know that Mionia may not be the best choice for ruling a town, but no one deserves to die for no reason.
"Those folk are stupid if they think the Church will let these monsters live." Rose said.
"Minonia will die." Mintie bluntly whispers.
"I'm set those strangers priorities right!" Ba'el said, swaggering over to the ghost hat.
"Oh my! Your quite blunt for a kid. I'm afraid demons like you have left a poor impression on me. And please refer to me as Cappy."
That cap just made a terrible mistake.
Never call or treat Ba'el like a child.
"Goodness!" Cappy says shockingly.
The princess walks forth with a stern expression.
"Please don't associate Umpher with any more profane language. She's a sweet old woman who just what's to do good for the world, starting with this trainwreck of a place. I'm sure she would talk sense into the succubus, and if I get the chance, you."
"How naive are you! The hag tried to capture me once already! I'm not leaving!" Ba'el screams.
"You're overacting. I'm sure your a sweet kid underneath that vulgar shell, and you just need a talk with a grown adult." Toadstool said.
Ba'el summons her weapon, a wicked scythe. The plumbers catch hold of the nature of this.
"Mario, that summon looked like it came out of Dark Souls" the lanky one says.
"And Toadstool will be as dead as a Dark Souls player. Get her!" Mario says.
The two throw iceballs at Ba'el, but she blocks each with her scythe.
"Unlike Icicle over there, I can hold my ground against you fatsos." Ba'el spat as she flicked off the ice.
"Toad, the stars! We to get super!" Mario shouts.
"Two starmen, right up and coming!" Toad responds.
He reaches into his sack and pulls out two yellow stars, and throws them at the plumbers. The clothing starts shining in the colors if the rainbow.
"Super Mario Bros!" They shout in unison.
Ba'el was laughing uncontrollably.
"Those are the most ridiculous, over-the-top overalls I've ever seen! Here, let me end you inbarresment quick..."
She swings for Mario, but her scythe bounces off.
"What the..."
The small plumber and pulls out a weapon of his own. A hammer, with a very oversized hammer head.
With one swing, she's out cold.
Yep, they're dangerous.
"Toad, lets bring the child along with the demon. I'm sure Umpher can fix that misused kid." The lanky guy says.
Toad picks up Ba'el and places her on the ice block.
"Looks like we've got ourselves extra credit!" the fungus says.
No... They are stealing Ba'el. The monster I worked so hard to defend from Umpher will now be brought to her by naive fools.
Me and my girls moved in. At first, we have been just annother part of the crowd. Now, were getting down and dirty.
"Give her back!" I shout at the mushroom.
"Don't disobey the pharoah, for I am as cable as the demon!" Susan said.
Toad cave a perplexed look.
"Pharaoh? Miss, this an't acient Egypt for crying out loud! That man is cleary an American!" Toad said.
"I do not believe in those who harm thee innocent," Susan says. "Esspecially this "Ancient Eygpt" and "America" Don't you agree, pharoah?"
Yelp. Things got complicated. How will I explain the U.S and Eygpt?
I go with honesty.
"He's not lying."
"America is my homeworld."
Susan had the most excitied face I've ever seen.
"Tell me about America., I most Know!"
"America is divided..."
I paused when I saw Toad pull out another star. Things will quickly go downhill from here.
The mushroom's coat turns into biker coat and helmet, complete with the chopper.
These strangers are completely ridiculous!
My girls were slack-jawed at the sight of the motercycle.
"What in the hell is that!" Rose said.
"That's far ahead of this world!" Chris said.
"Pharoah, is this a viehicle from 'America'?" Susan asked.
"Its the steed of the Toad Warrior! The amazing motorcycle!" Toad finished for me, "The fantastic fungus and the mighty mushroom of might! I'm the Toad Warrior!"
He throws a hook at the ice block. I see where this is going.
Before Mintie can cut the line, Toad speeds away. The dinosaur gulps up the ninja and poops her out as an egg(!?!?!?) The dino jumps on the motorcycle, along with the princess and egg.
"Heeeey! What about us?" Mario shouts.
Toad drops an over sized mushroom, yellow and with red spots. The lanky one devours it first, much to Mario's displeasure.
What happens next is possibly the must adsurd trick the gang pulled. The plumber grows to HUGE sizes, easily dwarfing Chris's true form. Mario jumps on top of the lanky ones cap.
"Mother of Violetta..." Chris moans.
"Really, Chris? Are you letting a HUMAN scare a WYVERN?" Rose snidly remarked.
Chris grew to her true form, a mighty dragon. She let out a massive roar that brought the pumber to tears, but the red guy brings him back. With renewed confidence, green guy stomps Chris, reverting her back to normal.
Mother of god... They are kicking our asses. Hard.
I picked up Chris and ran like hell. The girls follow.
A/N: As you can see, not everyone will meet up at once. Up next is every Terrarians' favorite purple worm![/Spoiler]
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Chapter 3
Far away from the main continent lys Terraria, an island filled with adventure and wonder. People, seeking adventure of glory, travel across its many biomoes, even diving into the depths of the underworld and dungeons. All adventures, however, never stray into the Jungle. It has a long history of unlawful rulers, but one is far worst then the rest. Yhirim. He rules the jungle with an iron fist, destroying all opisition. People soon realized that the tyrant wasn't going anywhere, so they fled the Jungle, never returning. Yhirim was losing people to rule over, and fast. His purple worm, the Devourer of Gods, was just as, or even more distressed. He was running out of people to feed on, and fast. The worm decides to take action, and dive into a new world in search of food.
"That tyrant's not holding up his side of the agreement!" The Devourer said as he drifted in his realm."He said he'd give me and endless supply of rebels to feed on, but I've never seen a human in weeks! I'll starve, endless..."
A lightbulb popped in his head.
"I attack a new world! Yes, why didn't I think of that? A world unaware of me, the most badass god slayer and rage inducing worm there is!"
The worm literally tears open a portal with its mandibles, a rip in the universe.
"Come to papa, food!" The worm said as he charged through the portal.
The worm appears right above a village of harpies. On look, and the harpies and humans scramble.
"Strange... Why do humans live those harpies, and what are they doing so close to ground? Nevermind, I'll devour them regardless." The worm thought.
The Devourer of Gods flew at breakneck speeds, smashing buildings and eating harpies. After his feast, nothing remained of the village, save for the Harpy Queen.
"Who... are you? Are you a creation of Illas?" The Harpy said.
"I'm the Devourer of Gods. Don't forget it, overgrown chicken. And that 'Illas' sounds like annother yummy God!"
"You eat Gods?"
"It's in the name, Captain Obvious!"
"Nevertheles, you are a heartless being. Devouring an entire village while snarking all the way..."
"You trash talking the God-killer? You better run harpy. I'm getting hungry again."
The Harpy Queen quickly flew for the skys.
"I must warn Alice..." She thought during her retreat.
"You just made a fatal mistake! You can't outrun the..."
A terrible feeling erupted in his stomach.
"Crap... I feeling real hot..." The worm thought.
"Birde! What did those harpies do to my stomach!"
The Harpy Queen turned back towards the Devourer,smiling.
"Corruption." She smirked before flying off.
"Corruption? Those harpies looked perfectly untainted. How could the corruption even..."
The feeling got worse.
"Gah... What the hell was in those birds..." The worm said before konking out.
When he woke up, his er, her body was in a completely different shape. Far more human, particularly feminine.
Her mandibles where replaced with viscous crystalline claws. Her human feet where enveloped in those same crystals. Finally, her body was covered in the same cybernetic crystals from before.
"What in blazes... my cool voice! It's ruined!" The worm moaned.
"This world's corruption turns monsters into girls! My fearsome rep' is now in the toliet!" She cried.
The Devourer uses her claws again.
She tears open a portal, just like before the transformation.
"Huh... I still have my demension jumping?" She gasped.
Purplish flames grew on her claws.
"And I still have those flames! This is a blessing in surprise! I have all my powers, just in a more compact form! And as a bonus, this world has no idea about the Jungle Tyrant! I could bring him here, and he'd set up another tyranny, which would net me..."
She grew a crazy smile.
Yhirim and his dragon, Yharon, were sitting in the throne room.
"This is my greatest crisis yet, my pet," Yhrirm said to the dragon. " I can't be a tryant without lives to ruin, rebels for Calamitias to torture, and dreams to trash! I will fail as the next tyrant if the Jungle people continue to flee!"
"My lord," Yharon says.
"Lorde... the Devourer of Gods can bring the tyranny to a new world."
"Your right, my stalwart friend! A new world is unfamiliar with me and how evil I am. I need that worm, NOW!"
The Devourer of Gods jumps out of the portal.
"Devourer, what just happened to you!?" Yhirim asked.
"It's an amazing feature of the new world! Monster get these real human forms, with all the deadly abilities." The worm said.
" Intriquing. That would defenitly cut down the time of a new temple, when you can make it the size of human me, my Lord." Yharon said.
"Okay, my Lorde..."
"Devourer! Get Calamitias and the Lizards! We've got a world to unlawfully rule over!" Yhirim commanded.
"You got it boss." The digger said as she ran out the throne room.
"I just love it when things go my way!" Yhirm said.
"I feel the same way, lord."
Yharon sighes.
Yhirim starts laughing at his pet's exasperation, and Yharon soon joins in.
A/N: Okay, I wasn't completely serious when writing this. Also, what Bowser did to Alice's castle will be coming up!
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Chapter 4
Yhrirm lands to a mountanous forest, allong with his Lizardmen, Calamitias, and Yharon. Immediately, the monsters transformed into feminine forms.
"I'm...human..."Calamitias said.
"....and I can still feel that detructive flame in my body..." Yharon said.
"I told you guys!" the devourer said proudly. "These forms are far more sleek than those bulky bodies! Sure, it's far to girlish for my liking, but if I can still tear with incredible force, I don't care."
Yhirim looked a little disturbed as this.
"It feels wrong to call you my pet now." Yhirim said to Yharon.
"Master! I'll always be your closest ally!" Yharon cried.
"Calm down, my big boy- er... girl. You'll alway be my family." Yhirim said, hugging the dragon.
"Yhirim, I found a sign that says 'Domedravica' is a few feet away." A lizardman reported.
A wicked smile grew on the tyrant's face.
"Exelent! A place to trash!" Yhirim said overjoyed.
"Lord, I sure I can detrone the ruler." Yharon said.
"What are you waiting for? I need a city to rule!"
"I wish to tag along, just in case Yharon faces unexpected resistance." Calamitias said.
"Of course! My only part of my family will nit fall to foreigners!"
As Calamitias and Yharon flew off, the Devourer of Gods spoke up.
"Put me in boss."
"Sorry. Got no rebels. Yet..."
"Dammit! You send the eyeball and dragon, but not a worm?"
"You dare question the logic of THE LORDE!?" Yharim snaps.
"Your no fun boss." the worm says a she returns to her world.
Plumber's log:14 We've just captured three monsters for Umpher! The child teleported away, but we met the Grand Concil's goals. I hope after a nice talk, Springbrook will be great again!"
Ba'el was rushing through the forests of Domedravica. She knew that if anything, Laven would be at the dragon city to report the broken treaty. Domedravica will finally reach its true size, but she didn't care for that. Ba'el wanyed to reunite with her beloved, nothing more, nothing less.
As she approahed the gates, she saw two brown cloaked figures. One with blood red hair, and another with light orange. She was sensing magic on the blood haired woman, but something was wrong with her mana.
Very wrong.
Her mana was fouled up far beyond that of the most powerful Lich. As far as Ba'el knew, that woman must've been studying forbidden arts since she was born.
"Excuse me miss!" Ba'el says as innocently as a child.
The figures take one look at Ba'el, but that's all she needed.
The Organge haired figure was infact a dragon. Her horns and silted eyeballs gave it away. Those two features were rather strange for a dragon. Her horns were those of orange jemstone, and her pupals were that jemstone orange. Her neck had an amythesit collar, signifying that this dragon loves jemstones.
What really scared her was the other figures face.
Pale, but not too freaky.
It was her eyes that raised flags. Her irisises were completely black and bloodshot. In the center of all that black was red pupals. As red as the thickest of blood. Her eyelids had that same demonic shade of red. The only reason why that dragon would be doing in another dragon's turf was for battle, but Ba'el was sure that Violetta could take her on. However, the dragon conculted that blood-haired woman as well, probably for assistance. And judging from all the dark energies pouring out from her, even surpassing Ba'el...
She would win.
Ba'el had to find Laven, and fast.
Laven's POV:
We're just walking out of Violetta's castle. I informed the dragon that Perrsolis broke the treaty, and she was, expectedly, pissed. She will send an attack force to Perrsolis at midnight. An all out wyvern attack will definitely silence the Chruch.
Suprisingly, I saw Ba'el speed up the stairs.
"Chris! An emey dragon is taking your homeland!" Ba'el warned to Chris.
"What? Draconian turf wars have not occured since the Monster Gensis."
The two should have kept quite.
Passerbys overhead this news, and started panicing. The only two figures that weren't horror-stricken was two cloaked characters approahing the castle. I could make out the facial features of one; silted eyes and horns, two defining traits of a dragon. What was strange was that the horns were pure orange crystal, and her eyes glew that same tone of orange.
Violetta bursts down the door.
"What in the name is all this..."
She catches eyesight of jem-stone dragon.
"Fellow dragon, what are you doing here, and why do you hide your body?"
"I come here to capture Domedravica for my tyrant." The stranger says.
Oh no. That dragon's working for a tyrant?! Domedravica has already been attacked by Violetta's brother, and now a dragon wants to get in on it?
"Queen Violetta, I'll rally the knights." Chris says.
"No need. I can take on this silly crystal dragon solo." Violetta says boastfully.
Her pride's getting the best of her, even in high-stakes situation? Maybe it was a mistake breaking the seal restraining her draconic form...
Violetta lunges for the figure wreaklessly. Karma boomerangs right back to her.
The enemy dragon headbuts her gut, instantly knocking the air out of her. I also heard a very nastly crack, probably her rib cage.
The dragon grabs Violetta by the neck, and drop kicks her again in the belly. This foe is moving so fast and striking so hard, compared to Violetta's slow and cumbersome attacks.
"I will save you Violetta!" Chris says as if she is saving a woman from a burning building.
The other figure ignites her wooden hands in these demonic, bloody flames. They have an awful oder that I can smell from here.
Everyone, the girls, crowd, and Chris turns towards the woman.
"How did you just create brimestone flames!? That's a forbidden art!" Chris gasps.
"I suggest you respect your master's order. I'll gladly punish you for your dragon."
Every word she spat was just oozing in death.
Chris quickly backs off towards me.
Ba'el and Susan are astonished.
"That's hellfire the mage is playing with! It's incredibly unstable and lethal fire magic, but she has perfect control!" Susan exclaimed.
"Oh, yeah... I forgot about her. I knew there was something off about her mana. My fears have just been confirmed." Ba'el lamented.
"Your right.(for once...) I can already see her mental state. Fractured and dangerous, just like the magic she weilds. Chris, you should sit out on this one. The fire will incinerate you in an instant!"
"But Violetta's in danger!" Chris cried.
Our attention turned back to the dueling dragons. The newcomer was rear up for fire, but Violetta was gasping for air. Desperately, she unleashes her breath first.
A pathetic puff of fire.
The newcomer damaged not only her lungs, but her source of fire.
The new dragon breathes a massive gust of that napalmly substance, enshrouding Violetta in fire, screaming all the way.
When the attack came to an end, Violetta had 3rd degree burns aeverywhere. She fell to the ground, as lifeless as an corspe. The crowd ran screaming away from the dragon, even guards dropping their wweapons to get away.
Chris was absolutely furious. Her eyes told me that she couldn't stand to see her childhood friend this beat up. She takes to the skys, roaring.
The mages fire still burns.
"Stop Chris!" Ba'el and Susan shout to no avail.
The mage speeaks to the two.
"I'm impressed you monsters can already tell how much pain I can bring. Sadly, your glorified lizard just won't listen. I'll give her hell."
The mage vanishes on the spot.
Suddenly, hundreds of flames appear near Chris, cutting out all escape. It's practically a poorly disigned bullet hell shooter.
Every last flame flys in Chris, surrounding her bodies in flames. She starts screaming in pain, but it lasts impossibility long. Chris was burning for around 3 hours before falling down, but just as badly wounded as Violetta.
"What the hell? She should've been dead, right there! No one can survive brimstone that long!" Ba'el exclaimed.
Suddenly, the mage pops up right next to Ba'el. She frightenedly jumps backwards.
"Listen lamb. I've been studying brimstone and various other 'dark arts' for awhile, and as far as I know, you and your kind are handed these powers at birth. I can control hellfire as much as I want, and make hurt as much as it want. Continue to smart talk and try to get in his way, and you'll be next, along with your friends."
The mage disappears again. The 'his' she mentioned be that dragon's tyrant, but it was strange how she used dark arts loosely. It's quite hypocritical to suggest that dark arts are not evil; right after harming the innocent.
"People of Domedravica," the dragon says," The flag now falls under Jungle Tyrant Yhirim. He has been itching for a city to unlawfully rule over, and thanks to this dragon's cockyness," She stomps Violetta's body," He finally has Domedravica to himself.
Crap. Things just got real.
The harpy queen flew to Alice's castle. Something was wrong. A moat of lava surrounded the fortress. Cannons stood ontop of the towers. And alice's emblem have been replaced by the Koopa king's. Before she can move, a hammer bro K.Os her.
A/N: I promise Luka's team will get more attention in the future but for now, the most hammyest, insult hurling, hedgehog haing Docter is up next!
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Chapter 5
I never thought this day would come. The day an innocent city falls to a tyrant, and a rather balant one. I mean, I can't believe that dragon would blurt out that her master would unlawfully rule over Domedravica! When the dragon was prepared for a list of changes for the worst, I cringd. I just couldn't bare whatever horrors would fall on Violetta's Nation. Domedravica died this day...
Or did it?
"First things first..." the dragon announced. I was caught off guard how sweet she sounded, like she truely wants to improve this place.
"No more will these buildings be made of wood. I declare that all buildings be made of Yharim's aproved brick, which is tested to be far sturdyer than wood."
That.... actually sounds good for Domedravica! I remember just how tough brick is back at home, and this world's weaponry would struggle piercing it. Sadly, the girls and the few strong-willed crowd members gave quizzical looks.
Susan was the first to walk right up to the dragon. The crowd and I flinch, considering what that being did to her enemy. The dragon just gives another warm smile.
"Do you really think I fell for your facade?" Susan snarled.
"How can I trust that you wom't turn Domedravica into a parody lf itself. Can I trust this 'brick'? Can I trust you? Can I trust 'Yharim'?"
"I can tell that you are disgruntled by my little display, but my master simply told me to take the city, not to harm any others. I was simply going to talk with Domedravica's Queen before engaging, but she purposely assalted someone going for peaceful negotiation. Now, Yharim may call himself a tyrant, but he truely cares for his people. He does get a little... liberal with rebels and foes, but he's a nice guy!"
"You spit lies!"
"She an't lying, mutt." Ba'el said calmly.
Susan gives a quizzical glare at first, but walks away from the dragon. Good choice; It's practically impossible to lie to the demon.
Suddenly, Violetta and Chris snap awake.
They struggle to get up at first after their viscous battles, but they soon shrug it off, just like real dragons.
Violetta stares angrily at the foreign dragon, growling a little to loudly a beastly for my liking.
"Miss, you started this. I just wanted to..."
"My nation's likehood will NOT fall into a tyrant!" Violetta shouts.
Chris quickly backs her up.
"Yeah! My homeland will NOT fall into a tyrant's hands!"
"I can tell that she's not lying, so lay off." Ba'el says again.
Chris rejoins our group, but Violetta. She has the most happy smile ever.
"If you stay true to your word, then you and your master can rule along me." Violetta degrees.
"Your that quick to hand off your nation to a stranger?" Chris asks.
"Hey, it's a first for this world. No other nation is ruler by multple queens, right?"
"Yeah, but..."
"And I also finally get on go on adventures with you, Laven! Isn't that beautiful, my beloved?!"
God... is this why she was so eager? Don't get me wrong; I don't mind that I got 5 other lovers with me, but she's so obvious about that I want to barf.
"Where can we start our first adventure, my love?"
"I heard that Yaleria is finishing up a royal train. We should check that out." Chris covered for me.
"Yes! Adventure awaits, darling!"
Jesus Christ...
"That's my line!" Rose finally spoke.
"I'm declaring it MY catchphrase now!"
"That's just petty!"
"Like complaining about some using your line."
The two quickly get in a fistfight.
* * *

Professor Vee was sitting in an old cottage, not too far from that fateful encounter on Yaleria's Babel.
"I was so, so close," Vee groaned. "I was so, so close to finally unlocking Babel's secrets, but Laven just had to crush my dreams. Rambling that I didn't know what I was doing... A fool! I've been researching the legends and organizing my plans for years, and he has the audacity to say I'm clueless about the subject at matter? An idiot, that's who he is. An ignorant idiot who can't see the greatness of Babel."
Vee lets out a loud sigh.
"I'll just have to try again. No need for the Count or stupid Laven. But I'll need another evil genus at hand. A person who is willing to mess with cataclysmic artifacts... FOR KNOWLEDGE!"
A strange, warped sound occured out side the cottage. Vee looks out side, and finds a pink portal right above the house. He his initially befuddled by the portal, but he smiles when he sees what comes out.
Infinite, Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, and Dr Ivo Robotnik.
"My mad scientist!" Vee exclaims. "He really let himself go..." He catches sight of the phantom ruby.
"That gemstone looks rather intriguing. I better ask."
Vee walks outside.
"You just had to use to use that ruby to warp that blue hedgehog!" Scratch complained.
"Yeah! You warped us along with Sonic!" Grounder moaned.
"Dumbots! Pay attention to the surrounds! This place is cleary not Mobious." Coconuts said.
"You talk back to members of the Super Sonic Search and Smash Squad? DEMOTION!" Robotnik declared.
"Master, the monkey has a point." Infinite mentioned.
"Hmmm... Now when I think of it, where did you teleport us?" Robotnik said.
"Hullo, my fellow scientist! This place is not to far away from Yaleria!" Vee said.
The Eggman squad finally notices Vee, and cringe from his appearance.
"Whoa! You guys are polar opposites!" Scratch said to Vee. "You are lanky and Robonik is..."
"Dr Ivo Rrrrobotnik, dumbot!"
"These automatrons seem far more animalistic than a Gremlin's robots. But that ruby... the way it glows..." Vee thought.
"Pardon me, Dr Ivo Robotnik, may I ask about the ruby?" Vee inquires.
"The ruby? Oh, its one of my greatest weapons. The Phantom Ruby, the ultimate reality weapon. The gem can toy with a person's depth perception, creating a new reality for the victim."
"My gem also can ulter reality for, well, real." Infinite said pridefully.
"Reality ultering stones? Perfect, just perfect. Laven can't stop my plans with that illusionist on my side! I'll finally unlock Babel and..."
Vee started laughing madly.
"Babel will be mine! Mine, mine, mine!"
"Babel, is that some sort of doomsday device? I like evil relics." Robotnik asked.
"It can easily destroy the world, but I want it for know..."
"SSSSS Squad! We are now collaborating with, uh, your name?"
"Professor Vee."
"Yes, you. I want that tower, so I can take over the world!"
"World dominance? Meh. I could care less. I just want the Tower of Babel." Vee thought to himself.
"Doctor, we need a base first." Infinite says.
"I suggest we take Yaleria's train for a moble base of operations." Vee says.
"Okay, I'm confused." Grounder said.
"In short, the train will have a lich and wight on board, the ruler of Yaleria, two very powerful undead."
"ZOMBIES?" Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts exclaimed.
"Robotnik, I don't want to fight zombies! Please! My brains will be eaten!" Coconuts implored.
"Cowardness? DEMOTION."
"Fox, you use that gem of yours to fix up a disquise, so we can board the train..."
"And I can create an army of real robots in seconds..." Infinite added.
"And we will send the train to my new bomb factory, and use that as my Robotnik Empire Fortress!" Robotnik said.
"But the new guy said he wanted the train to be the fortress!" Scratched mentioned.
"NO!!!! You take orders from me, and only me!"
As eggman and his squad moved out for the train station. Vee mumbled to himself: "Exellance... These fools are easily guibible. I will backstab them once I get to Babel"
* * *
Laven's POV:
Well, there is one benefit with Violetta on our side. She's absolutely massive in her true form, enough to support us with space left over.
When a strange portal opened up, we need that extra space.
"What in the hells is that!" Ba'el cussed.
"That sound... it was as if reality was being warped! We will have to take caution with whoever comes." Shoshana exclaimed.
Susan quickly got her answer.
A blue hedgehog, a yellow fox with a tablet, and a red echidna came out of the gateway. The fox and echidna were cleary panicing, but the hedgehog took it like a grain of salt.
"Whoaaaa! A dragonnnnn! Caaaatch ussss!" He yelled.
Violetta lands on the ground, and the three anthropomorphic animals land safety. The hedgehog and echidna land with a thud, but the fox somehow twists his tails back and forth to slow his landing.
"What type of monsters are you supposed to be?!" Rose asked.
The trio became very offended.
"Monsters? Oh no, you got is all wrong! You are the monster and I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, fastest thing in the world!"
"Did you just call me a monster? Okay, I may be a monster, but I fight for what's right!" Rose retorts.
"Hey, I liking you already! I'm a freedom fighter, and so is Tails and Knuckles." Sonic replys.
The shy fox inches closer. His little tablet starts beeping like an alarm clock when he points it ar Ba'el. Tails moves in even closer to Ba'el, awestruck.
"My device is picking up extreme energry readings from you. It's absolutely insane! You did you get some much energy?"
"It's magic, idiot."
"Idiot? I repaired sonic's plane before and broke into computers, something that requires high IQ."
Once again, these strangers are spouting out things the girls can't understand in this medieval setting.
"Quite hard to judge your 'IQ' when I can't grasp a single thing outtta your mouth." Ba'el snides.
Tails gasps. He must've realized the time period.
"Sonic! Infinite warped us into medieval times! We our now the first to truely explore the dark ages!"
"A great milestone indeed, Tails."
Knuckles bursts out laughing. He walks right up to Ba'el to insult her.
"Ha! You live in the dark ages, while we come from the modern world. This world must be as primitive as cavemen. So dumb!"
Susan moves in.
"As a matter of fact, I know far more than ANY of you freedom fighters. I've been studying texts for years...
"What is DNA?"
Susan simply gives a perplexed look, fueling Knuckles' laughter.
"Ha! Cavepouch!"
Ok, now that echidna is now teasing her. There is absolutely no way she or any of the girls can know about that molecule. I usually keep this info to myself, but that red punk is using that knowledge to bully her.
"Leave her along, punk." I spat.
He quickly catches my tone.
"What? You never explained your world to the pouch?"
"How do you..."
"Don't lie. I look just like a human from the modern age, not stone age over here."
"Don't insult the pharaoh!" Susan snarls.
"You must've been hit hard in the head. This is a forest, not Egypt. And where's the Egyptian robes?"
"Egypt is lies!"
"You're lies! That man is from Mobious, not here! He belongs in the modern era, not in the stone age with these monster-human hybird cavewomen!"
"SHUT THE HELL UP!" I scream at Knuckles.
"You are as foul as Shadow! Geeze..." Sonic exclaims.
"Easy there!" The fox says, moving between me and Knuckles. "I'm sorry is Knuckles is acting like such a Knucklehead. He regularly makes dumb choices, like the day he got everyone shot on Operation Big Wave."
"Shut up!"
"...Hey, you can use this." Tails says, handing the tablet to Shoshana. "I programed a search engine so you can look up DNA."
"What in the name..." Susan said perplexed at the screen.
I take a quick peek. Huh... that fox programed Google on the thing! Susan will never be able to use that...
"I see nothing."
"You hit the white bar!" Tails coaches.
"Okay... What's this alphabet that appeared?"
"That's the keyboard. You use the letters to type out what you want, and hit enter!"
Susan does as told. The first thing that pops up is a wikipedia page. She gasps.
"This device can bring up information on anything?!"
An eager smile crept on her face.
"Hey whats the big deal... what the... Wikipedia?" Rose says as she peeks at the screen.
"Outta the way! The hell..." Ba'el exclaims.
"What is so intriguing about this tablet... Oh my..." Chris says.
" I want to see!" Violetta demanda, still a dragon.
She quickly reverts back to normal. She completely forgot how high we were off the ground.
"Sorry!" She says with a nervous laugh.
After that little mistake, Susan reads the article.
" Deoxyribonucleic acid..."
"What in the world did uou just say?" Rose responded.
"I've never heard of such acids! Must be annother one of the succubae's tools..." Chris said.
"Deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule..."
"Molecule? What is that, some sort spell or magic or anything that makes sense? Wikipedia is making no damn sense!" Ba'el yelled.
The trio stood away from the girls, huddled together.
"Man, these guys must very far behind..." Sonic shrugged.
"Salty too." Knuckles added.
"Lets just let them make their own discoveries." Tails said.
" *sigh*, Deoxyribonucleic acid is a type of molecule that carrys genetic material..."
"Gimme that!" Rose yells.
The salamander snatches righ out off her hands.
"Stupid screen with its stupid molecules and gentics..."
"Give that back now!" Susan yells.
The two play tug-of-war with the tablet, much to Tails displease.
"TIME FOR A KNUCKLE-SANDWICH!" the echidna roars.
He punches both Rose and Susan in the gut. He even knocks Rose right onto the ground!
"You guys just arn't cut for the modern age." Knuckles says.
Susan gets up on the ground... crying?
"It's just that Pharaoh has refused to talk about his world to me!"
I felt a guilty. Maybe I should have tooken the time to explain myself...
"Hey, I'll explain once I figure out what these guys are doing here, okay?"
She wipes here face. "Okay."
"I remember that you mentioned Infinite. He sound just like a villian." Chris says.
"Infinite? He's an elite soldier of Eggman who can create illusions so real that it's practically a new reality for his targets. He warped us here, along with himself and eggman."
"Sounds real dangerous... I would love to fight him!" Rose says jovially.
"You would not..." Sonic says seriously.
"This Eggman fellow sounds ridiculous. Is he of concern?" Chris asks.
"That talking egg? He is skilled at robotics and once took over 99.9% of my world, but he always, and I mean ALWAYS, shoots down his own plans."
"99.9% percent!? And are these two in this world?" Susan said outraged.
"I can remember Infinite and Eggman falling right through the portal."
"We've got to take care of two, and bring 'em to justice!"Chris said.
"They could be anywhere." Mintie whispered.
"I'm sure that 'eggman' will attack the nearby train." Violetta says.
"Train? Oh, no, we've got to get there now! Eggman once ran a train loaded with weapons before and I'm sure he'd love annother one!" Sonic exclaims.
"Well, we got two new baddies to defeat, so lets whoop their arses!" Ba'el exclaims.
"You definitely giving off edgy vibes." Sonic says.
"You remind me of Shadow, always trying to act tough and cool, but always fall flat on his face!"
Ba'el is at silence for once. No one has ever summarized her abrasive behavior that easily. I might just like this hedgehog and his crew!
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Chapter 6
"Greetings, Laven and Queen Violetta." Hyria said as we boarded the station.
The train itself was quite small, with only 3 carts becides the coal cart and main engine. I could tell it was reverved for the wealth of Hyria, with only dapper dressed vampires on board.
Hria quickly notices our new quests.
"Z-z-zombies!?" Tails crys towards Hyria and madae.
"Young fox, please refer to me and my acomplice as undead. And 'zombies' do none of that brain eating nonsense the Church spreads." Hyria corrected calmly.
Tails quickly regains composure.
"S-sorry, Ma'am."
"Where do you come from, foreigner?"
Hyria scratches her chin in confusion. I've heard these animals mention Mobius before, but I can asume that its an Earth of sorts.
Sonic stares at Malcro's blade. He's absolutely memorized.
"Whoa, that's one sick blade you got there! Reminds me of Excaliber!"
"It is the Nightshade, a family hireloom. Care to explain what the excaliber is?"
"Another radical blade like yours."
"Queen Hyria, can we board the train now? I'm itching for an adventure with my darling!" Violetta asks eagerly.
Even Hyria and the lich looked offset at her name for me. If this wete an anime, they would've sweatdropped.
"...We will board once our new guests arive." Hyria responded.
"A fellow wight like me was inspired by how I took up the Yaleria throne. She goes by 'Infin'. Infin claims she exstensively studies reality warping and calls herself a master illusionist. She works alongside her two other rulers, 'King Ivo Richard' and 'King E'. They should be arrive momentarily."
I was a little confused by just who 'Richard' and 'E' are, but 'Infin' sounds way too close to that Infinite guy the hedgehog discribed.
"My Queen, your making a big mistake!" Sonic says ergently.
"Infin is..."
A loud explosive occurs.
"A terrorist attack!" Malcro exclaims.
"We may have to cancel the ride..." Hyria said more gloomily than usual.
"Don't sweat it! Team Sonic has this under control!" Sonic responds.
Tails starts flying and grabs Sonic's hand. The next second, he's running off at blinding speeds down the tracks. The echidna follows, while not quite as fast, but still at ridiculous speeds. The trio puts Mintie to shame. She can only move in short bursts in speed while the team can all easily run at the speed of sound.
"Must be why he calls himself 'Sonic'." Mintie says quietly.
"Our first bad guys! Are you excited, Laven?" Violetta asks.
I am happy for once that she doesn't speak to me as if this is some sort clithe romance.
But there is a very real threat down the tracks.
"Let move out. Adventure awaits! Finally, no one steals my line." Rose says.

* * *

We arrive a few hundref feet away from the train. A clif is to the left of the tracks. Black powder lys on a clif face, and below is a massive pile of rocks.
"Sonic! Look at this switch! It has Eggman's skull on it!" Tails says.
Sonic gives it a quick glance, then frowns.
"That Eggman! Showing his ego in such a morbid manner and blowing up these tracks!"
"Yeah, it will take for ever to clean up this mess." Knuckles growns.
"This looks like a job for JUSTICE!" Chris roars.
The hedgehog shakes his head.
"No need! I gotcha covered with Sonic Wind!"
Sonic rolls into a spiny ball. He wirls around the pile at his trademark speed, turning himself into a blue blur. The rocks are flung high into the air, clearing the tracks.
I couldn't help but clap and this complete disregard for physics. The girls follow.
"Thank you, thank you!" Sonic says, soaking up the praise.
"Problem's not solved yet," Knuckles gestures towards the bent tracks,"This track needs to be in tip top shape. Nothing my friends can't fix."
He punches his hands together boastfully. Knuckles grabs the rungs one by one, and bends them back into shape.
The train can finally continue.
"Now that the tracks are cleared, lets report back." Violetta said.
A vampire came running down the tracks on cue, absolutely scared out of her mind.
"T-Train... H-hijacked..."She stuttered.
The rock pile just a distraction to get us off the train.
A diversion crafted by Eggman.
The train appeared on the horizon, wildly tooting the whistle. I could just make out the trains new emblem. A triangular head with two black eyes with orange irisises joined together in a similar fashion to Team Sonic. An absurdly long organge mustache protruded thron the nose.
"Eggman..." I muttered.
"Scatter!" Ba'el commamded.
Everyone scramble to the right of the tracks. The train quickly thunders past us, but that's all I need to see.
The train had a very different color scheme, primarily reds, yellows and blacks.
Hyria, Madae, and Malcro bound to the funnel by chains, with a chicken, shotgun toting monkey, and another blue robot standing guard.
Who stood in the cabin was a very egg-like man who had the same colors and face as the stolen engine. Standing next to him was a fox like creature similar to Sonic, except far more sinister.
In the wrong ways.
He wore this mask that was more like crude attempt to look badass, and rugged sneakers. However, that gem floating nearby and that ominous red outline told me to take this creature seriously.
The final person in the cabin was... Oh god no... no... what is Professor Vee doing here? He almost destroyed Yaleria raising the tower of Babel, and here he is again, working alongside two very dangerous characters.
"Bye bye, hedgehog and Co! See you all in therapy!" Eggman taunted.
"Especially you, Laven." Vee added.
"Vee! Get down here now!" I shouted.
Vee just made a childish pouty face as the train ran down the tracks.
The rest of the train was heavily ultered, with six-teen more cars that were wild west themed. All were briming with robots. They were very simplistically designed, being vultures, cati, rattlesnakes, and armidilows.
"Baldymcnosehair and... hmmm, baldymcgenericface are at it again!" Sonic announced.
I just bursted out laughing when I heard his nickname for Vee.
Susan shakes her head dissapointedly.
"Joking in the face of danger? Honestly, blue one..."
The hedgehog and echidna sprint for the runaway train, getting at the caboose in a second. Tails flys there just as swiftly.
"Whose the slow one now!?" The hedghog snarks.
Susan runs for the train snarling. I'm genuinely confused if her anger was aimed at the hijackers or hedgehog. Anyways, no way were we boarding it. The train was kicking into full throttle now. What was supposed to be a leisurely stroll through the Yaleria had been warped into a mad dash out of Yaleria. The train was hundred off feet ahead already.
We missed our chance.
And all of Yaleria would suffer if Sonic could not stop Vee and his allys.
"Well that sure escalated quickly." Ba'el comments.
That nicely summarized our high-stakes predicament.



Chapter 7
"Listen up dumbots!" Sonic insults towards to Rollers on the caboose's roof "Eggman will not be in control for long!"
The robots send him a smug leer, then perform their version of Sonic's spin dash. Sonic spins through the badniks, cutting them seamlessly in half.
"Whoa, nice job Sonic!" Tails complimented while clapping.
Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts spot Team Sonic.
"The Hedgehog!" Scatch gasps.
"I see him! Lockdown!" Groundered yelled before jumping into the cabin below.
"The hedghog is on board!" Groundered reported.
Dr Robotnik gnashed his teath together with such force, an audible *crack* could be heard.
"How I hate that hedgehog and his scheme foiling tendencies... Sound the alarm!"
"Yes Robotnik!"
Ground flips a lever close to the furnace. A droning alarm echoes through the carts.
"Alarm sounded! Now what?" Ground asks.
"Smash. That. Hedgehog." Robotnik commands.
"On it sir!" Grounder salutes before climbing up the train engine.
Rattlekillers, Rollers, Vultrons, and Catculas start pouring up from under the car celings.
"Sonic, Eggman's robots are swarming us!" Tails cried
Sonic shrugs confidently.
"That eggman's badniks are a joke!" Sonic boasted before spin dashing through the hoard.
Knuckles glides over the soldiers while Tails hovers over them. A few Vultrons stop to divebomb Tails, but Knuckles punches the badniks into bits.
The trio arrive right next to Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, and the rulers of Yaleria.
"Looks like the Doctor brought the entire SSSS Squad! Be careful, Sonic!" Tails warns.
Sonic gets an eye of the rulers bound to the train funnel.
"Have you come to rescue us?" Hyria inquired desperately.
"I'm a fredom fighter who helps all good! No step asside, dumbots!"
Coconuts jumps right in front of Sonic with his shotgun.
"It's hunting season for you, headgehog!" Coconuts snarked.
Coconuts pulled the trigger. Tails, Knuckles, and the rulers turned away, as they didn't want to witness the hedgehog's demise.
Cocnuts head was blown clear off. His remaining body slumped on the floor, lifeless. The double barreled shotgun layed next to him.
Pointing right towards his noggin.
"Next time you try to use a gun, try using something that has more speed than me!" Sonic snidely commented.
Scatch and Grounder were holding hands, visibly trembling. They could not take there scarred eyes off Cocnuts headless corse.
"That stuff being in a M rated television show!" Scratch screamed.
"A censor bar should have been floating over there!" Gounder followed.
"Robotnik, Save Us!!" They yelled towards the sky.
Infinite, Robotnik, and Vee climbed up the roof.
"We meet again..." Infinite said, discomfort rampant in his warped voice.
"And we'll escape again!" Robotnik finished.
"I don't need you foiling my plans anymore! Infinite, cook me and Vee a Egg-o-matic!"
Infinite does as told, summoning an aray of red cubes. The cubes gradually form the outlines of two Eggmobiles. The cubes' red glow eventually fades into the colors of the desired vehicles.
Eggman, Vee, and the Super Sonic Search and Smash Squad hop in.
"Bye bye, my spiny blue nemesis! I'm leaving this world!" Eggamn proclaimed before flying off in the distance.
Vee follows, but bumps into a few nearby trees. He then flys above the forest with an exasperated groan before retreating.
"Strange how eggy would just split the scene like. . ."Knuckles mentioned.
"No time fore questioning. We got to do what freedom fighters do best: rescuing!"
Sonic spin dashes towards the chain. The trio of leaders wince, but they are unharmed.
"We are unbound!" Malcro exclaimed.
"You are now Yaleria's new heroes, alongside Laven and his misfits." Hyria said with a thankful smile.
"You have my thanks, your majesty." Sonic politely bows.
Madae simply smiles, a silent form of graditude.
"I got your train covered. With my fists!" Knuckles says, jumping into the cabin.
The train's wheels come to a full, sudden stop. The wheels unleash a nails-on-chalkboard esque screech as the train slows down. When the royal engine finally cuts down, cheers of praise erupt from the passengers.
"Now that the train is back under Hyria's hands, would you mind for chess?" Malcro offered.
Sonic shakes his head.
"Sorry, but I've got to tell my friend about the good news. Bye!" Sonic says before running off with Tails. Knuckles jumps out off the train cabin to follw, but smashes right through a window shamelessly.
"Gah! Those windows were really costly!" Malcro wined.
Hyria and Madae gave calm smiles.
"He is excused, as his exploits will always be remembered as part of Yaleria's history." Hyria plainly said.

A/N: Yeah, this one isn't the longest, but I'm planning for a fight scene(My first ever!) in the next chap. Also, I should focus back on the Calamity crew, especially since my fight scene involves
Terraria's most powerful worm...


Chapter 1
Plumbers Log 14: After a tense escape from the Moon's caverns, I finally saved the Princess from King Koopa's foul grasp. The Princess can now choose who she really wants!
She dumps Koopa and me.
Who needs a wife? All I need as family is Luigi. But that Bowser Koopa was far more upset then usual when his plans get foiled. As an apology, I got the gang to travel to Kastle Koopa for a big 'We're sorry'. Strangely, the base was completely empty of baddies and koopas, except for pipe and letter. The letter read 'Dear Clogs, Toadstool ditching me on the Moon taught me something. I will never, EVER have the Mushroom Kingdom to myself. Don't worry. I'm not attacking Brooklyn. Instead, this red haired scientist that popped out of the warp pipe offered me a new world. Without YOU! The world is filled with weird Monster/Human combos, but I don't care about that. Turn out, a Princess just like Toadstool is ruling there and I plan for another marriage. Sure, Miss Red Hair said that I need to revive some wack-a-doodle that planned to wipe out the monsters, but I'll double cross her, and her God! If I could train that dragon, I'm sure I can destroy that God!
Yours truely, Koopa (King Koopa to you.)
P.S Let me just make one part clear, clodhopper: YOUR NOT INVITED!!!'
The scientist and God mentioned sounded as mysterious as an extra-terrestrial sewer system, but I can't let that Koopa betray or marry anyone, even if I have I idea who they are. I may have to watch out for the God though... Also, I should bring Cappy along. His airship would be helpful traveling around the lands, and he would love to go on more Kingdom troting adventures! Time to do the Odyssey!(Again)
* * *

Mario, Cappy, Toadstool, Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi were flying high above the clouds of an empire once unknown to the crew. The team guzzle down tea, courtesy of Cappy.
Luigi could barely contain his excite, visibly shaking with pure joy.
"I finally get to go on an adventure with you bro! No more will I sit on the sidelines running balloon mini-games. I'm now a apart of the action!" Luigi said to his bro.
Mario lets out a suprised chuckle.
" I'm glad your liking this Luigi, but honestly, you should have told me about your desires." Mario says.
After a long sip of tea, Toad asks Cappy a question.
"Hey floating hat, just where are we?"
"Oh, yes. I updated the Odyssey map. We now know every major kingdom in this world."
"Nice, hat guy!"
"Anyways, we are currently above a place called Perrsolis, which goes by the Holy Empire. It's a place run by a group of people called the 'Grand Concil', whom rule using 'The Almighty's Word'."
"Wait a second. Most Medieval cities are controlled by religion. So that means..."
"I was just about to get to that. Perrsolis is a kingdom locked in the Medieval age."
Everyone was agape. Luigi spat out his tea in shock.
"WHAT!" Luigi exclaimed.
"Jeeze, Luigi..." Mario sighed.
"You never explored that time period during your adventures with Cappy! Lets go!"
Luigi flung open the door, banging against the wall with a sharp bang.
"Hold on Luigi!" Toadstool warned, sprinting towards the door.
But she was not fast enought.
The Odyssey plummeted downwards to the lands below.
* * *

Inside a Church, the Grand Concil discussed Yaleria's recent secede from the empire.
"Cursed Laven!" Zerin spat spiteful, smacking the table.
"The Count would have quelled the undead in Yaleria once and for all, but Laven just had to be at Yaleria. He just had to destroy the Blightwall. He just had to give rise to the greatest hereticsy in all of Yaleria. That damnned demon is always messing up my plans and changing the world for the worst! I hate Laven! I hate his girls! I hate his traderous mantis!"
Umpher and Ol'een were not impressed at his rant.
"Zerin," Ol'een said with a straight face, "Out. You came here for discussion, not childish wining."
Zerin waltzes out the grand door, but not before sending a grimace.
Umpher and Ol'een sigh.
"He is far too mouthy. Maybe it was a mistake giving him such a high position in the inquisition." Ol'een told Umpher.
"He is right in some ways." Umpher corrected.
"Now that Yaleria as succumbed to the undead, it is no longer clean in Almighty's eyes. We must destroy it."
"That is a very tall order Umpher. The undead can easily overpower our finest, and the Arc Assassins will fall to Hyria's Demonic Energies. If all that, somehow, does not fail to stop an inquisition force, they won't have an inkling of a chance against Laven."
Umpher scratches her chin in thought.
"Hmmm... Those are three mighty roadblocks that will never cease to exist. The only other option is to train another hero."
"Umpher, that will take too long. The situation would have escalated by then. Laven may also cause Perrsolis great harm if he catches wind of an attack force attempting to capture him."
Umpher silently growls, thinking back to the time when Laven made that fateful deal with her...
"That Laven..." She moaned.
Suddenly, a loud crash is heard by the two. Screams and shouting guards erupt everywhere.
Ol'een finally shows an emotion balantly: fury.
"Has that incubus lord not abided by the truce?" He snapped towards a startled Umpher.
"He seemed very solemn when making the deal.... Never mind. An incubus lord should never be trusted."
"What are you waiting for!!?" Ol'een roars, angrily banging the table.
"Get the Assassins, STAT!"
Umpher quickly salutes, then sprints out of the room.
Now along, Ol'een becomes aware of his recent outburst. He closes his eyes and takes a few breaths. Once he regains his calm composure, Ol'een swagg3rs out the door.
* * *

The Mario crew stumble out of a crashed Odyssey. The only one who was uneffected by the daze was one very pissed cap.
"Luigi! Don't be so brazen! This airship has gone through enough abuse already! Now we need to go searching for more power moons..."
"Mama mia, don't get your spaghetti in a twist! I thought that airship controls like a go-kart."
"Go-kart? It's a giant top hat for crying out loud!"
"Go-kart, airship, whatever! I need to get in the thick of the action as soon as possible!"
Toadstool walks between Cappy and Luigi, shoving them apart.
"Can you please quit the bickering? You two are scaring the people!"
Luigi and Cappy take a look at the crowd. Many citzens run off screaming, but the knights stand their ground. The knights draw out their swords and charge for the Odyssey.
"Stop pizonos!" Luigi pleaded.
The knights stop their charge, only a few feet away from the Odyssey's ramp.
"Can't believe that worked..." Cappy whispered.
The knights catch notice of the Princess, and lower their weapons respectfully.
"I'm Princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom. I come to explore this world, and hopefully take care of any of your problems."
A knight inches up to Toadstool.
"If you simply seek to explore Persolis, you have the Almighty's permission, your majesty." The soldier said solemnly.
The knights prompty bow for the Princess, who gives a warm smile in return.
The knights actions quelled the fear in the crowd's hearts. The people move in closer, and before they know it, they're the best of friends with the Marios. More and more men, women, and children pour out of the surrounding to meet the strangers in the top hat. Hundreds wanted to greet these beings who mysteriously landed in the Holy Empire's capital.
Abruptly, Umpher and Ol'een ran out of a nearby Church. At the sight of thesd two, the citizens immediately clear a path straight towards the Odyssey. Not a single peep is heard as everyone stares at Grand Concil members.
"Yoshi thinks pheasants are Grand Concil." Yoshi told Toad.
"Yeah, they do look like the low class, but considering how the people reacted to their pressance, we should clog our pipes." Toad said in aside.
Umpher and Ol'een strut up to a knight close to the Odyssey.
"Are these people foreign invaders?" Umpher inqired.
"Nothing of concern. Over there is Princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom."
"Mushroom Kingdom? Is that a foreign island?"
"Exactly, Umpher. Princess Toadstool wants to help around Perrsolis and knock out some irksome areas and peoples."
Briefly, a uncharacteristic devious smile crept on Ol'een and Umpher's faces. They quickly return back to poker faces before the Mario's could notice.
Ol'een walks up to the Princess and gives a polite handshake.
"Your a nice fellow!"
"It's Ol'een."
"Wnoops, sorry Ol'een."
Ol'een cringed at this behavior coming from a royal figure, but he regains composure.
"Can you bring the ruler of Springbrool to me?" Ol'een requests.
"Minonia.... isn't a very good person."
"That's the name of our game!" Mario said, walking up to Ol'een pridefully. "The Mario Bros can defeat any and all baddies and evildoers!"
"I'm glad you want to capture that monster, but she works with a Kunoichi."
"Never fear! I'm a master at plumb-fu!"
"Okay...." Ol'een said, losing hope as he trailed on.
Mario catches this expression quickly. He just gives a happy smile.
"Cappy, it's time we teach that monster a lesson!"
The Marios pile in the Odyssey, slowly fly up inyo the air. Cheers erupted everywhere as the Odyssey took off for Springbrool.
* * *
"Yoshi getting bad vibes!" the green dinosaur said as he stared at Springbrool's battered walls.
"I know Yoshi. This Minonia must be terrible if she considers that a proper town." Toadstool added.
"L-lets get this over with. T-the land and sky look evil, and the ninja could be stalking u-us." Luigi fearfully stuttered.
"I agree brother. The faster we capture the monster, the faster we can search for that slime-wagon Koopa." Mario said.
"Lets clean her pipes!" Toad roared cheerfully.
The Mario crew walk down towards the gates. They just fall straight towards the ground after years of misuse and unuse.
The Mario gang get an eyeful of the monster girls.
"Holy moli! These are the monster/humans Koopa spoke about!" Luigi exclaimed.
"Odd how peaceful this place is..." Toadstool questioned.
"Thanks for the compliment guests!" A happy-go-lucky voice rang.
The crew look upwards and recoiled when they saw Minonia barreling straight towards them. What would've been an tragic crash was turned into a gentle landing as the demon came to a full stop in seconds.
"Yes, An A plus landing!" Minonia praised herself.
Toadstool ignores her boastfull statement as she sternly walks up the demon.
"You're coming with us! No longer will you be a bothersome problem for Perrsolis!" Toadstool roared.
Minonia's face contorted into a nervous smile. She erupted into laughter.
"You inquisitors seriously think you can bring ME in? Shizuka, get 'em!" She viscously spat.
A puff of smoke materialized right in front of the Princess. She recoils backwards as the Shinobi appears right in front of her.
"BLACK BELT NINJA!!!" The Marios gasp in unison.
Minonia returns back to her haughty persona.
"Scared of ninjas? Shizuka will give you all nightmares." She said snidely.
Mario leaps infront of Shizuka with his plunger staff.
"You will be defeated by the plumb-fu master!" He shouts.
Shizuka doesn't bothet pondering on 'plumb-fu' as she dogdes a simplistic swipe from Mario.
And another.
And another.
And another.
No matter how much Mario swings, Shizuka just backs off from each strike.
"Your plumb-fu is as imbecilic as it sounds. Here, let me show you really matial arts..."
Shizuka leaps high into the air for a powerful drop kick. Squarely at the moment of impact, Mario sticks his staff on her feet.
Shizuka trys raise her remaining body, but fails each time.
The remainder of the Mario crew starts laughing, while Minonia grimaces.
"Just like Karate Koopa!" Luigi said.
Struggling to maintain her fake smile, the demon insults her own flunkey.
"Have you lied to me about your skills?"
"I'm sorry master Mionia. The man has me neutralized." Shizuka sighes.
"Heads up Luigi!" Mario shouts to his bro before throwing the ninja.
With one swing of his nun-chucks, she's out cold.
Toad throws two ice flowers to the brothers, and they turn to face the demon in defeat.
"W-who... are..."
"The Super Mario Bros!" The duo say before they freeze the demon solid.[



I anyone is confused about why I posted chap 1 after 2... well, the mods swooped in and deleted my first chapter because of "sexual violence". I had to rewrite my first chapter to meet the standards of this board. As for upcoming chapters, I will do a serious fight scene, unlike the one in chap 1(Did you get the reference in that particular scene?) I've also set up a poll to gather criticism and suggestions. I hope you all enjoy my story!
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Chapter 8

Inside Domedravica's vacant castle lys it's new ruler.

The Jungle Tyrant.

On a fair sized throne made from his dungeon brick, Yharim rubbed his temples thoughtfully, plotting a scheme against his own people, as usual. The queen of Domedravica handed over the city without a care, saving Yharim from a bloody battle. He ordered his Lizardmen to touch up on the city, being way, way behind in terms of technology. Although Yharim was still deciding if these people should receive Draegon's bar, everyone loved his Chlorophyll Ore.

Loved was the problem. After many years of being feared in Terraria, it just felt simply wrong to Yharim. Praise was a new topic to him, ever since the horrible accident in the Terrarian Underworld. It all went downhill from there...

Yharim wanted to satisfy his cravings for pain, but he couldn't help but regret his past actions. Duping Calamitias into a slave, turning a troubled worm into a cybernetic killing machine, trying up the ocean, slaving another mage to his own magic... He wished he could just go back on everything. This kind city would be the perfect place to start, but he needed to do some bad. It was probably Draegon's fault, giving him a suit of armor that turned him into a megalomaniac...


Another reminder of the past beckoned before Yharim. His trusted pet, Yharon, now in the form of a beautiful, young woman. She was the only being Yharim loved, or didn't convert into a cyborg super soldier or backstabbed or murdered. The Dragon even saved his life from an untimely end at the hands of corrupt demons. Yet, he took advantage of her. He forced his obedient pet to burn down the Jungle and murder all its rulers. While she acted oblivious, Yharim could tell that the Dragon could still feel the pain.

Yharon realized what Yharim was planning.

"Master... You don't want to return to your roots... please..." Her eyes grew teary.

Yharim gave her a sad look, but hardened.

"I'm so sorry... I just gotta be bad... Just don't know why..."

Suddenly, a shrewd smile spread across his face. It was an expression Sharon was all too familiar with; the same face Yharim made while rampaging through the Jungle.

"DOG! Now!" He barked madly.

The Devourer of Gods made her dramatic entrance, tearing through a portal right next to Yharim with an eager grin.

"What's the target today, boss? She asked.

"Go to the prison and kill everyone. Don't leave a single man standing."

"Feeding time..." The Devour said as she licked her lips.

The worm dashed through the doors, smashing them wide open.

Yharim looked back at his pet, hoping he could forgive her.

Yharon was gone.

"Yharom?" He shouted, as if he lost a puppy.


The student's screams echoed in the throne room. When he could calm himself down, a new Yharim stood in place.

"Damn lizard..."

He got off his throne in an angry huff. With his signature sword in hand, Yharim trots to the looming prison. Under his helm, he bore a wicked smile. [\Spoiler]


Chapter 9
Laven, his girls, and Team Sonic were suprised at the scenen that played in Domedravica.

Clambering out of the steam engine, it was clear to the gang that Domedravica went under a complete make over. All the buildings were made of a jungle brown brick, laden with vines, including the train station. The soil had somehow morphed into mud bearing mahogany trees. A plant green ore dotted the mud like sprinkles. The crew couldn't help but notice that the metal seemed to be growing out of the mud...

"Oh my!" Violetta exclaimed, cupping her hands on her mouth. "Yharim's revisions had been quite... expansive."

"Well, what did you expect when you handed your city blindly to strangers?" Laven responded, exasperated, his girls looking just as irritated.

Violetta could only stutter in the face of Laven's piercing stare.

"Whoa, I don't know what's been going on, but that's pretty reckless, your highness." Sonic chimed in, giggling.

"Even worse than Knuckle's 'Operation Big Wave!'" Tails laughed. "Honestly, just charging into Eggy's capital city was self destructive, and the numbers show. 80 percent of the forces were wiped out, and the rest we lost contact with, most likely robotized. Pretty much the only survivors was you, knucklhead, and a few of our close friends."

Laven's team directed their glares at the echina.

"W-what? It was one of my best plans..." He gulped. "Concocted in a minute and a half..."

"Why are you so lax, red rat!" Susan snapped. "You're hands are tainted with the blood of thousands!"

Team Sonic shrugged.

"Eh, this is just kinda normal for us, especially when the same doctor pulls of the same tired stunts every year." Sonic responded.

Before the Susan could tear in to the casual hedgehog, a guard came flying in to the train station. The soldier somehow had wings, the same exact color of the mud-bound ore. He also had knightly armor and an alien saber, both in the same kind of metal.

"What in blazes..." Violetta gasped in disbelief. "You look practically like a demi god!"

"Yeah, King Yharim's patented Chlorophyll metal is pretty amazing stuff. It can be molded into wings, armor, and weaponry, far surpassing steel. Yet, it can be grown in mud with little maintenance in mass quantities. The economy has been doing quite well..."

"Doesn't matter! What's the emergency?"

"A small trace if Chlorophyll fell into the prison. The inmates broke out into a riot just for the metal. The main problem is that a crystalline monster is slaughtering both prisoner and guard by the hundreds! No one would surive without your intervention."

"Well, I'll do just that. No foreigner will trash my city!" Violetta proclaimed as a smile crept on her face.

The Dragon took for the skies, heading straight to the prison.


Violetta was shocked at the sight.

Blood was everywhere. Trenching the bars, floors, and cellings. Yet, not a single body or weapon was in sight. The dragon suddenly picked an overwhelming amount of energy at the recreation yard. She faltered for a bit, stumbling on her feet, but quickly regained balance. The energy levels signified the prsence of a god, but no deity, even the Chief God, would go on massacres, especially with their own hands.

She encountered the creature behind the attacks in the yard.

It was clearly a monster in the Dragon Princess's sights. Her body and limbs was encassed in a neon purple, crystalline shell. A mace like tail swished happily between her hips. Her fingers and toes were long and sharp as knifes, useful for digging or shredding opponents. Two thin crystals protruded from her short pink hair.

The monster was devouring the body of a prisoner. She was doing it very messily, ripping off giant pieces of flesh and stuffing it in her mouth. Thankfully, Violetta couldn't see any more details of the monsters viscous feast. When the monster was done, a red smear left behind on the grass, she nonchalantly burped, then faced Violetta.

Her pinpoint eyes was all Violetta needed to know about her personality.

"I can feel your essence, dragon." She said in a calm voice. "Nowhere near as good as a God's, but you will have to suffice."

"Who are you?!" Violetta roared. "You have no business in my city!"

"Eh, it's more of my boss's city now, kid."

"I should've never handed Domedravica over to that psychopath!" Violetta exclaimed, realizing the identity of the "boss"

"And deny the Devourer of Gods, aka me, a giant dinner plate of humans?" She said sarcastically. "Yharim was right; you got to go. Nothing personal, kid, I just don't need silly dragons getting in the way of my food."

Violetta roared, then lunged for the Devourer, claws stretched. However, the worm's eyes glowed neon blue, the sky also changing to the color. The Devourer sidestepped Violetta's attack with a smug grin. Suddenly, Violetta felt weightless, inertia flinging her to the chain link fence. Grunting, she pulled out her face off the fence.

"Just another one of my perks as a god there, kid." Devourer chortled. "I have full control of gravity when I'm in play here."

"So this is what Laven ment by 'gravity'..." Violetta thought.

"Gravey or not, I will defeat you, God of the Cosmos!" She countered.

Violetta went with fire breath, but the dog sidestepps again, yawning.

"Boy! Never I encountered a being who couldn't hit me!" She insulted Violetta.

The peincess let out another draconian roar, charging for the Devourer. Once again, she sidesteps, but the cyberworm decides to stab her through the gut.

Violetta fell to the ground, oodles of blood gushing out of her intestines. She screamed like a banshee as the dog approahed once more.

"I'll keep you as some leftovers in my dimension, since I gotta deal with your friends." She said casually.

The worm ripped a neon pink, lightning bolt shaped hole in the grass, kicking Violetta into the hole.

"Good luck recovering from that!" She snarked as Violetta fell into the depths, shrieking. [\Spoiler]


Chapter 10

The Mario Crew arrived at the pearly gates of Perrsolis. When two lance guards saw the Ice block holding the demon prisoner, they gasped.

"H-How? The Order 's best couldn't even touch that foul monster!" One exclaimed.

"Hehehe!" Toad laughed. "It was nothing, since that woman was more bite than bark. That black belt with her was the real problem, but our dino friend turned her into that giant egg!"

"You Marios really are a blessing from the Heavens! We'll let you in; the Grand Cardinals expect an audience you."

The two shoved the titanic gates with ease, opening the rest of the city for Mario and Co.

"Alright gang, lets bring these monsters to Umpher and get our rewards!" Said Mario as they walked into the streets.
Deep down, the aging lady didn't fully trust the Bros. They simply plopped out of nowhere with alien technology in tow, and seemed blissfully unaware of the state of the world. Hell, those Marios could've been double agents for the Overlord. But, they were very eager to capture the head of Springbrook, while other heroes from the Order often needed goading to even get them to draw their weapons.

All doubt left Umpher when Toad brought Minino directly to her face in the tower, frozen in agony.

"Here's the girl, frozen and secured, courtesy of our Princess!" Toad explained "The egg was her bodyguard, after our green friend had his way with her. Anyways, what are you doing up in this kooky tower?"

"Ninja was delicious!" Yoshi yelled incoherently.

Umpher couldn't hide her amazement, smiling broadly. The magic surrounding the Demon's town would have quickly transformed any other hero who dared to approach her. The Marios managed to not only break in unaffected, but easily neutralize two high leveled monsters.

"The tower is the meeting place for us Cardinals, but that is for later. You Marios are special, you know." Umpher began. "Most of are men can't even break into towns as such without transforming."

"Transforming? I don´t like the sound of this." Luigi responded.

"Oh yes, those monster can forcefully turn humans into more of their kind with magic. Just entering their realms can warp the human mind to a disturbing degree."

"You hear this Mario? This is just like when Koopa tried to hypnotize the world with rap music, but worse!"

"Yeah, but at least we knew about the culprit. Who would do such a thing?" Mario questioned.

"The Overlord, a godly demon who wants to turn the whole world into monsters, is responsible. Things have been going very badly, since our troops are just too good natured to willing strike down a monster."

"But, why would they refuse? I would gladly defeat anybody who would do such things!" Toadstool threatened.

"It's their foul charms, Princess." Umpher spat. "Every single monster I worked with, they claim its love, but it's really flat out brainwashing. At this rate, humanity is doomed."

"Whoa, just like a zombie apocalypse!" Cappy stated. "I wish we could do something about this crisis!"

Umpher smiled again. "Our best is already on the case, Mr Hat. Ol'een has already begun a crusade against the monsters. Meanwhile, I have mission for you: break into the Overlord's city and bring me a piece of her throne."

"Why, madam?" Happy asked.

"I think it may be what she uses to control the monsters. Even a piece could be what we need to save the world."

"Exccellent! When can we go?" Mario said eagerly.

"Simple. We will warp you directly to castle. You must move immediately, our else the monsters will get you"

Before the bros could respond, the Cardinal warped them off to the depths of the Demon Realm.

Oh, how the Jungle Tyrant loved the carnage at the prison. Dead, smoldering bodies everywhere. The sent of blood thick in the air. It's the perfect way to start out the morning! And this was just what he could see at near the reception area...

"Yes... YES!" He begun to forget about his one loyal pet. "Fear me, respect me! Even your miserable afterlifes!"

The the Devourer popped out of a portal, blood staining her crystalline body.

"Thanks for the meal! I was seriously starving for awhile!" She said gleefully.

Yharim could feel someones presence behind him. "Dammit, it's that Laven my pet told me about!

Right behind him was the man in question and his girls, all thoroughly pissed.

"Welp, I knew something like this was going to happen with someone like you ruling." Laven groaned

"YOU IMPUDENT FOOLS! YOU DARE QUESTION ME?!" The tyrant shouted, lunging for the man.

Laven's girls sprung into action. Rose drew her weapon and charged, but Yharim grabbed the lizard girl and threw her into a wall. When he tried to choke her, he heard something sharp scrap his helmet. Mintie had just tried to slit his throat. Yharim roared, and gave the girl a WWE worthy piledriver.

"Damn! He's almost as good as me." Ba'el complimented.

"How does a mortal take on a Salamander and Mantis?" Susan questioned.

"I'M NO MORTAL, IDIOTS!" He bellowtd again, warning behind Laven immediately, preparing to slit his throat.

The girls froze at the sight. They simply stared helpleesly at their man. However, Rose 's body began to heat up. She got up, her eyes looking deader than a wasteland. Sadly, the Devourer quickly knocked her out.

"Nice try, buttercup!" She laughed.

"ALL OF YOU! OUT OF MY CITY! NOW!!!!!!!" Yharim screamed.

The Devourer teared open a portal. "You heard the man! Scram!"

Laven and the girls didn't question the lorde, thankfully. They quickly sped through the portal, and the dog closed it up.

"Vermin disposed of. Can I eat them?" The worm asked.

"Naw... They are too good for that" Yharim responded, calmed down. "Our next plans is to dispose of this world's gods, since I'm the one true God of the universe!"

"Just saying that made my day, boss! Which one? Which one!?!"

"The first one... Posedion! We need to establish marine supremcy as soon as possible if we want to take over the world! Earth is 75% water afterall."

"Sweet! I'll begin the hunt!" The dog dived into one of her portals.

With Laven and the Dragon girl gone, Yharim was one step closer to world domination. Soon, the whole planet will be one big jungle where no one can hide from Yharim's gold fist.

The tyrant laughed madly that night.
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