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  1. Dzvid

    Dzvid Golem

    Version: 7.0
    This is the More Tools/Weapons Mod

    This mod currently supports tapi R14

    Please don't copy my sprites and re texture them without my permission.
    Please leave a like and comment if you have to.
    Copyright: 2015/2016

    When tapi updates, I will try to update this mod. Don't expect updates for versions of tapi every time.
    And don't expect content updates every time.

    Just double click on the .tapi file and there you have it.

    I could really use help making this mod, especially making sprites for the weapons and tools.

    I could also use coders because I am not an expert at coding.
    There are 2 types of anvils for crafting specific weapons and tools, Warning do not replace the mythril anvil or orichalcum anvil with the higher grade anvil. It will only work with some of my tools and weapons in my mod! Nothing else.

    Fixed bugs from last version
    Added a lot of new stuff
    Made it Campatible with R14
    Elementium Can now gen upon world gen
    Other stuff
    Might have some bugs because its a new version
    Added a secret sword

    My mod folder is too large for uploading to this post so I am going to upload it to dropbox...

    I made a rich txt document With every crafting recipe in my mod, it took about an hour and it was requested by a lot of people.
    The Mod

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  2. Otaku

    Otaku Eye of Cthulhu

    I will be watching this mod:happy:
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  3. CorruptdWarrior

    CorruptdWarrior Plantera

    I was with your mod on TO, and I liked it. I'm also gonna be watching this mod too~
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  4. Dzvid

    Dzvid Golem

    Thank you for the support guys!
  5. ORANGExslime

    ORANGExslime Terrarian

    looks cool! you should post some of the sprites in the mod/give more of a preview of the content
  6. Dzvid

    Dzvid Golem

    Update Time:
    Fixed a tiny bit of bugs.
    Added 6 new arrows for each hardmode ore.
    Also added a Shroomite Bow with Shroomite Arrows
    Added some more halo guns such as an Assault Rifle, Magnum and a Covenant Carbine
    Added a Shroomite Bullet
    Updated The recipes.
    My mod folder is too large for uploading to this post so I am going to upload it to dropbox...
  7. Arkamirade

    Arkamirade Skeletron Prime

    Looks like a great mod! Keep up the good work, but some recipes would be good if that would be possible, but still a great mod!
  8. Dzvid

    Dzvid Golem

    Dude I made a link to all the recipes in my mod when first made this post, better pay more attention and actually read it all.
  9. Arkamirade

    Arkamirade Skeletron Prime

    No need for the rage. [End of conversation. Please don't reply.]
  10. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    I'm not the best, but I'll have ago if you want.
  11. rhebok

    rhebok Golem

    You should add more screenshots, I really like some of the swords in the logo
  12. Potetgull92

    Potetgull92 Spazmatism

    This mod is awesome! continue the great work, this mod could become really big after a little time
  13. Psykaitic

    Psykaitic Terrarian

    Oooo , looks rather interesting. Can't wait to see more added.
  14. Dzvid

    Dzvid Golem

    I am still updating... Can't fix the stupid ore generation problem for r11!
  15. Bedlam_and_Chaos

    Bedlam_and_Chaos Terrarian

    Since you provided code, I've been trying to make your mod compatible with r12.

    I fixed some bugs, well, templates that changed for r11-12, and got it to compile, but I get this when I try to run the game:

    TAPI.Mods+LoadException: More ToolsWeapons Mod.tapi: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at TAPI.Mod.<Load>b__0(BinBuffer bb)
    at TAPI.Mods.HandleTapiModFile(FPath path, Action`1 action)
    at TAPI.Mods.HandleModFile(FPath path, Action`1 action)
    at TAPI.Mod.Load()
    at TAPI.Mods.Load()
    at TAPI.Mods.Load()
  16. Potetgull92

    Potetgull92 Spazmatism

    cant wait till this gets updated, i've had lots of fun with it so far :D
  17. Dzvid

    Dzvid Golem

    Having the same problem... Its the world.cs
  18. Anhrak

    Anhrak Terrarian

    There are some things you might want to solve/fix:
    - Super Hellstone doesn't glow with a Spelunker Potion
    - Super Hellstone Ore can be blown up with bombs, making it obtainable before having a picksaw.
    - Super Hellstone spawns in normal mode, please let this at *least* spawn after Hardmode has been unleashed.
    - The recipe for the S. Molten Leggings is wrong, it uses the S. Molten Breastplate recipe instead.
    - Why doesn't S. Hellstone drop lava upon mining, while normal hellstone does?
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  19. Dante the Damned

    Dante the Damned Terrarian

    is it compatible with r14?
  20. Chazm

    Chazm Skeletron Prime

    Annoying thing is now, tAPI won't load without the mod detected, and when the mod is it crashes whenever it tries to load the mod.