Mobile Multiplayer IOS isn't working! [Please help]

Discussion in 'Mobile Technical Support' started by freechat900, Dec 7, 2014.


Does multiplayer work for you on any version?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. SolarWolf

    SolarWolf Terrarian

    --Well, ios terraria does have a multiplayer app...but it cost money. I have it on my ipad and its a bit confusing. You have to download the vpn that comes with the app and enable it and all types of shenanigas; but it definitely works. If you enter terraria and it still shows no one, then you just have to turn off the vpn, then turn it on again. It explains to you what you have to do on the app, but again it does cost money... Its less than 5 dollars.
    (i think)