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This is all of my (good) ideas from the old forum. I posted them all in the same post because I was lazy. :red:
This will probably be a wall of text; but I've really tried to break it up.

New Tinkers
  • A few new tinker combinations.
  • A new crafting station to rebalance tinkers a bit. (thanks Master Geass!)
  • That's it.

Tinkerer's Lab
A new upgrade to the Tinkerer's workshop, crafted with one Tinkerer's workshop, 5 Ectoplasm, 5 chlorophyte bars, and a Lihzhard Furnace. (any ideas for a new crafting recipe? Post them!)

Why does this exist?
Mainly to balance out some of these suggested tinkers a bit, and while I'm at it balance out some ingame tinkers.

What ingame tinkers will be affected?
The Celestial stone, The Celestial cuffs and The Ankh shield.

Here's some new tinkers.

Number 1: Phoenix Charm.

Crafted with 1 Charm of Myths
and 1 Lava Charm.

Looks a lot like a orange Charm of Myths.
Keeps the function of Charm of Myths, but also allows you to respawn with full health. (as suggested by Baconfry) Respawning with the Phoenix Charm equipped generates a burst of flames.
Crafted at a Tinkerer's Lab


Number 2: Celestial Charm.

Crafted with 1 Phoenix Charm
and 1 Celestial Stone.

A white band with a Celestial Stone on top.
All effects will be decreased by 25% (except phoenix respawn and potion sickness decrease) to prevent insane OPness while stacking. Phoenix respawn will generate a burst of white light.
Crafted at a Tinkerer's Lab

Number 3: Frostburn Boots.

Crafted with 1 Frostspark Boots
and 1 Lava Waders.

Blue boots with red/orange details. Will leave ice particles while running and flying.
Lava Waders' lava invincibility time will be decreased; from 7 seconds to 5.
Similar Suggestion by SzGamer227
Crafted at a Tinkerer's Lab

Number 4: Frozen Shield.

Crafted with 1 Paladin's Shield
and one Frozen Turtle Shell.

A gray shield with frost all over.
The extra defense given by the FTS while you have low HP will be cut in half; from 30 to 15.
Crafted at a Tinkerer's Lab

Number 5: the Destroyer Quiver.

Crafted with 1 Magic Quiver
and 1 Destroyer Emblem.

A black quiver with the green top intact.
The damage boost from MQ adds up with DE, so this gives 20% arrow damage and 10% critchance. (and 10% chance to not consume arrow)
Kinda-similar-but-not-really™ suggestion by SzGamer227 and DinnerFlax


Number 6: Fisher Emblem.

Crafted with 1 Tackle Box,
1 Angler Earring
and 1 High Test Fishing Line.

Looks like an emblem with a fishing hook on. No penalties for combining.
Similar suggestion by Szgamer227 (I can see a pattern)


Number 7: Member Card.

Crafted with 1 Discount Card
and 1 Lucky Coin.

Looks like a golden credit card. No penalties for combining.


Number 8: Builder Emblem.

Crafted with 1 Toolbelt,
1 Extendo Grip,
1 Brick Layer,
and 1 Portable Cement Mixer.

Looks like an emblem with a hammer. No penalties for combining.


Hey, I was kidding!

Don't shoot me, please!


Number 9: Utility Emblem.

Crafted with 1 Fisher Emblem
and 1 Builder Emblem.

An emblem with a red circle. No penalties for combining.

Sprites by The Miniature Shark and MEEE!! I DID THIS ONE!

*Ahem* :red:
I might add more later, but this is it for now. Hope you liked at least some of them!

The Nightmare Medallion
  • A solar eclipse summon item.
  • 'nuff said.
The nightmare medallion (name pending...) is a consumable that triggers solar eclipses. Crafted with 5 ectoplasm, 20 silver/tungsten bars, 5 souls of light and 5 souls of night. [Not exactly the best recipe; if you have a better idea, post it.]

I made this because I think it's annoying to wait for RNG to give me solar eclipses.

Current sprite by ThatOneRobloxHater

Shroomite Vacuum
  • A HM Bug net.
  • That is a vacuum cleaner.
  • Have fun sucking up critters.
  • And hearts, coins and mana-stars.
The Shroomite Vacuum cleaner.

It's a tool that is capable of sucking up hearts, mana stars, coins, items and critters for easy catching. Crafted with 10 shroomite bars at a HM anvil; looks like a blue vacuum "handle", comes with "backpack" like the clentaminator.


Stats: 0 Damage
usetime: 24
Works a lot like a chainsaw, the biggest differences is damage and of course the sucking effect. The sucking effect would be able to drag a critter to you up to 16 blocks away! (the velocity of the critter would increase the closer to the vacuum it is)

It would constantly play a sound while using (sounds like a vacuum) and every time a critter is sucked up, another sound effect would play. (Hard to describe, think of a cartoon vacuum sucking up something; a popping sound)

This would NOT be able to affect enemies, truffle worm being the obvious exclusion.

MasterMage314 gave me the idea that the vacuum should do extreme damage to the ghost enemies that spawn during Halloween, Ghostbusters/Luigi's mansion style.

The Hardmode Dungeon
  • A new mimic which is my attempt to make the HM dungeon less "grindy" and more "findy"
  • A couple of small changes to some enemies
  • A new BOSS!!!11!!11!!1111!1!!!
Here's some suggested changes to the HM dungeon.

Dungeon Mimics
Dungeon mimics are mimics (duh) mimicking Biome chests. They will pick a random chest, so you might find a mimic mimicking a crimson chest in your corruption world.
They have a separate loot table, much like ice mimics. Here's my ideas:

Magnet Sphere

Rifle Scope

Wisp in a bottle

Bone feather

There can be more, obviously; these are the one that came to mind quickly.
"But 6359_, these weapons are already dropped by stuff in the HM dungeon!"
I'm obviously aware of this; they won't drop from other mobs than the dungeon mimic from now on though. They will still be obtained through RNG, but hopefully this will make it easier to get stuff. (I'm trying to solve RNG with RNG :red: )


Ragged casters would drop blindfolds at 1% chance, even though they technically give blackout. This is because in Crimson worlds, the only mob who drops these are shadow mummies. I picked Ragged casters because blackout basically is a stronger darkness debuff.


Paladins will have their droprates increased; Paladin's hammer at 10% and Paladin's shield at 15%. This is because they are rare enough anyways, and no pushovers either.


Blazing wheels are completely useless in the HM dungeon. That is why I think there should be a HM upgrade to them. I don't have a name for them yet, but they would be 6 block diameter blue wheels that deal around 100 damage and inflicts frostburn. They would be a bit faster than blazing wheels, and of course invincible.


The last part I'm not really done with, I only have a basic idea of a Dungeon Boss. It would be a giant wisplike thing that is summoned by smashing crystals that spawn in the HM dungeon Plantera's bulb-style.

Mother Wisp

Phase/Face 1
AI: like a mix of Plantera's body, Dungeon spirit and Giant skull.

HP: 30.000
Contact: 80 dmg
Giant skull-esque beam: 60 dmg
Will chase you throughout the dungeon. Ignores walls; Noclipping weapons are recommended.
Will occasionally spawn fake dungeon spirits with about 500 Hp that chases you. (30 dmg)

Phase/Face 2

HP 20.000/30.000
Contact: 80 dmg
Lost souls: 30 dmg
It will try to keep away from you, but still in firing range. Cannot noclip anymore. Behaves a lot like the golem head. The fake dungeon spirits are now faster and hits harder. (40 dmg)

Phase/Face 3

HP 6.000/30.000
Contact: 0 dmg
Warding Specters: 50 dmg, 500 HP
Healing Specters: 20 dmg, 1500 HP
This is the unique part of the boss. It will land and summon 8 Specters, 4 healing and 4 warding. (they will circle the mother wisp)You must kill the warding specters to be able to hit the healing ones and the mother wisp. But hurry, the healing specters heal the mother wisp 10HP/second each! If the mother wisp manages to reach 7.000 HP, it will fly up and initiate phase/face 2 with 15.000 HP.

This is more or less unavoidable, but the next time it's in phase/face 3, it will only spawn 3 of each specter.
1st time: 4 Healing, 4 Warding;
2nd time: 3 Healing, 3 Warding;
3rd time: 2 Healing, 2 Warding;
4th time: 1 Healing, 1 Warding;
5th time and onward: 1 Healing.

The Knight
  • A quest NPC where you kill mobs and have RNGfests instead of fishing.
  • A way to increase the droprates of enemies.
  • A couple of new items.
  • A knight NPC who speaks like Demoman- wait a minute, HE WAS DEMOKNIGHT ALL ALONG.
  • A crapton of missing dialouge.
The Knight

Obtained in the Hardmode jungle, bound in vines hanging from the ceiling.

Gives you daily quests based on killing mobs.

The quests would be fetchquests, much like the Angler's quests; But instead of fishing up the items, they are drops from enemies! For example if the knight gives you a Chaos Elemental quest, Chaos elementals would have a temporary item that it drops until you've completed the quest. (no time limit if possible; decline button available, if you decline you'll have to wait a full day for a new quest)

QUESTLIST [Btw you can suggest more if you want to]
The layout here is NPC you need to kill, Drop and percentage, Quote, (Creator/inspiration of quote).
Jungle Quests
Tortoise: Broken Turtle Shell 5%: "Them bloody reptiles caused me alotta trouble when I was wand'ring 'bout the Jungle, retrieve a piece of there Shell and I'll reward ye handsomely."
(Sir Cutswood)

Fishscales 5%:"These fish are ferocious as a tyrant king! Kill one and you'll be rewarded."
(Sir Cutswood)

Derpy Antenna 5%: I've been browsin' the web and the connection is pretty darn slow. Get me a derpy antenna to strengthen the signal."
(Sir Cutswood)

Angry Trapper: Shrubbery 5%: "A long time ago my king was forced to obtain a shrubbery.
Thou must return here posthaste with a shrubbery or else thou will never receivest the gift I offer thee."
[This is a test of a different speech pattern as many people thought the previous sounded like a Demoman pirate. I kinda agree. This is supposed to be early modern English, Hopefully you can see that. Which speech pattern do you prefer?]

Hell Quests
Red Devil:
Demon Horn 5%: "These infernal beasts are hot as lava! If you get hit by the trident, let alone touch him, you'd be dead! Kill one for me, and I'll give you somethin' special."
(Sir Cutswood)
Rain Quests
Angry Nimbus:
Raincloud in a Jar 5%: "The stratosphere becomes a really ferocious place because of these Pouty Clouds, claim victory over it and you'll get somethin'."
(Sir Cutswood)

Rainbow Slime: Pastel Gel 20%: "Those silly rainbow slimes hurt me eyes. Go stop the pain! There will be presents for ye!"

Ice Golem: Slush 20%:
Night Quests
Wandering Eye:
Huge Lens 5%: "I need a huge lens for the fancy decoration on me shield. Go fetch one for me! A gift is waiting for ye!"

Ghostly remains 5%: "Those black ghosties really creep me out! Just kill some of 'em and ye will get somethin' good."

Possessed Armor:
Unpossessed armor 5%: So I saw a weird armor with no man inside. Think it would look great on me armor stand! Whatcha waiting for? Got somethin' sweet for ye later.
Desert Quests
Linen Roll 5%: "Hurt myself fightin' that robot thing. Fetch me some bandages from them mummies! Ye will get me personal respect."

Dark Mummy:
Unholy Wrap 5%: "I gotta Pixie in me leg! Gimme a bandage from the evil mummy things! I'll give ye somethin'."

Light Mummy:
Holy Bandages 5%:"So I damaged myself again, now me leg is cursed! Take a bandage from the jolly people wrapped in toilet paper! You'll be rewarded handsomely!

Ice Quests
Ice Elemental: Ice Shards 5%

Ice Tortoise:
Tortoise Foot 5%: "Cookin' was never me strength, but I've been preparin' a feast! Heard that Ice Tortoise feet taste mighty fine in any meal. Bring me one and I'll give ye co-chef credit."

Icy Merman: Ice Crystal 5%
Wolf: Wolf Fang 5%
Hallow Quests
Gastropod:Freaky Shell 5%
Unicorn: Rainbow in a Jar 5%
Chaos Elemental:
Chaos Shard 5%
Underground Quests
Armored Skeleton: Skeleton Armor 5%
Skeleton Archer:
Broken Bow 5%

Black Recluse:
Icky Eggs 5%: "Was doing a spot of dungeon crawling while ye were out, and found some other crawly things: Spiders! Did I mention I have arachnophobia? Go get rid of 'em, would ya?"
Mushroom Quests
Giant Fungi Bulb: Magic Mushroom 5%: "Remember that dinner I told ya about? Well, realized that I couldn't just use meat, right? [name of Dryad] wouldn't be all too happy. Well, some mushrooms should do the trick. But not just ANY mushrooms. I need MAGIC ones. The big, fancy ones that always seem to be around those giant bulbs."

Anomura Fungus:
Bug Legs 5%
Mushi Ladybug: Mushy Substance 5%
Dungeon Quests
Necronomicon 10%
Eternal Flame 10%
Ragged Caster:
Ragged Cloth 10%

Scrap Metal 25%: "Me fellow knights were once proud warriors, I'll have ya know. But recently I've been troubled with memories of what happen'd to them. See, they ventured into the dungeon one day and... They had a bad time. Could ya go fetch me a piece o' their metal, for nostalgia's sake?"
Space Quests
Dragon Bone 20%: "When I was just a lad, before I served me King, I saw a dragon! A dragon I say! Me family didn't believe me, but I know what I saw! Bring me back its tooth, so I can prove I was right!"

(Hero of Terra)


Every quote referring to another NPC will only be available if said NPC is present.

When rescued: "Thank ye, lad. Those bloody vines got in the way." (Sir Cutswood)
"I stepped on tis rock here and the next thing I remember, I was hanging off that bloody vine!" (Sir Cutswood)

Random Dialogue: "Say, old bean, doesn't [name of Steampunker] look ravishing today?" (Red H2O)
"Let's not go to the Hallow. Tis a silly place." (Red H2O)
"There was 'tis one time where I was an adventure, just like ye, but then I took an arrow in the knee." (Sir Cutswood)
"What is it? Wyverns?" (Sir Cutswood)
"You sure [Arms Dealer] isn't a bad guy? He's on me wanted list." (Sir Cutswood)
"That [Guide] fellow seems to be a chipper lad, I wonder what'd happen if he stepped on the battlefield." (Sir Cutswood)
"[Clothier] looks familiar... Wasn't he the fellow that wandered around the dungeon?" (Sir Cutswood)
"Back in the good 'ol days, I was adventuring into the Hallow with me fellow knights and me king, when we were attacked! By them pixies and unicorns! We lost the king, an' we don't know what happened to his sword either..."

When Quest is active: "What are you still bloody doin' here? Go kill that beast!" (Sir Cutswood)

Now for the rewards. I have some ideas, but not nearly enough; so once again, suggest away!
Crusader Armor

Crusader Shield (LucarioOfTheNorth)
Pheromones (Red H2O)
Four Leaf Clover [10-35]
(Red H2O)
Handgonne (Jetstream)
Claymore (LucarioOfTheNorth)
Holy Hand Grenade
Greater Healing Potions [3-8]

Battle Potions [2-5]

Ironskin Potions [2-5]

Thorns Potions [2-5]

Rage Potions [2-5]

Wrath Potions [2-5]

Endurance Potions [2-5]

Money [60S-2G]

Crusader Armor: Vanity set, rewarded with all pieces at once.

Crusader Shield: Acessory; +4 Defense, +100% knockback resistance, Makes enemies more likely to target you.

Holy Hand Grenade: 66 magic damage, Extreme knockback, Very slow speed, Acts as grenades; although you can only have 1 out at the same time.

Claymore: 46 melee damage, Very strong knockback, Average speed, No autoswing.

Handgonne: 36 Ranged damage, uses bullets, Very strong knockback, Fast speed, 13 velocity.

Paladin's Armor: Vanity set, has the appearance of the Paladin enemy's armor

Paladin's Greatsword: A broadsword, around the same damage as The Horseman's Blade, same color scheme as the Paladin's Hammer, otherwise just a basic sword

Trusty Lance: Summons a Noble Steed (Horse in battle armor) to ride on. When riding, you carry a lance, which deals some serious knockback to enemies, and can be used to Joust with other players.

Pheromones: Accessory that increases enemy spawn rate.
Four Leaf Clover:
Used in making Lucky Bullets, Flask of Luck, and the Luck Wand.

Lucky bullets:
0 ranged damage, -50% damage, Inflicts Unlucky on enemies.

Flask of Luck:
-50% damage, Inflicts Unlucky on enemies, 15 min duration.

Luck Wand:
25 magic damage, Inflicts Unlucky on enemies, works like a diamond staff.

Unlucky (Debuff)
The afflicted mob have +200% dropchances on rare items. (quest items, banners, turtle shells and what not...) Does nothing on a player. The target will sparkle with green glitter.
15 Four Leaf Clover, 70 Musket balls= 70 Lucky Bullets.
15 Four Leaf Clover, Bottled Water= 1 Flask of Luck.
100 Four Leaf Clover, 10 Wood=1 Luck wand.

List of names:


[As you might have noticed, this suggestion isn't complete. I posted it because I couldn't possible continue on my own; I needed feedback and new ideas/viewpoints. Also, I might need help balancing.]

Sprite by Molos Elethros and Alpha_StevO
Go read the "Suggestion in a nutshell" parts.

Unrelated note
Red is best smiley.
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For both the frostburn boots and frozen shield: I had the exact same ideas, but I was put down because people said they were overposted.

Overall: this is pretty good. Really loving that phoenix charm :)
Should I? I can do it if you think, but it might take some time because I'm lazy have a lot to do ATM.
I'd recommend putting the knight in a seperate thread....
One of the loots that he could give you is a herring. It works like a demonite/crimtabe tier chainsaw.
Yay more references!
Nice suggestion, nice sprites and-
Shut up Wisp, EVERYTHING IS GOOD! Not you Wisp, I was talking to MY wisp. Not you. OK?
But... 200%+ drop chance of every item it can drop? Or what?
Nice suggestion, nice sprites and-
Shut up Wisp, EVERYTHING IS GOOD! Not you Wisp, I was talking to MY wisp. Not you. OK?
But... 200%+ drop chance of every item it can drop? Or what?
The dropchance modifier is only supposed to change rare drops' dropchances. I'll clarify that.
I have got to get the hang of the search function. I didn't find this when I was looking for "knight" or "Four Leaf Clover" for some reason. Was the clover part added before 10/25? I made my own thread and tried to find if someone had beaten me to it before posting.

I do like much of what saw. I would welcome many of the new accessories, but I think it could be more interesting if you needed a new crafting station for some of them. As much as I find it annoying to swap out my boots it starts to get a little over powered after a while. How about a ungraded Tinkerers Workshop? It would ether need late game items to craft or be sold after you beat Plantera.
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