Standalone N Terraria Mod: RPG, Races, Classes, Quests, and other things.


I launched a patch addressing many of those issues.
Update 10.10
The Tax Collector will no longer spam that he's been saved on the adventure logger.
World Events no longer spawn near town.
Jar of Ooze collection world event will only be doable until you beat Eye of Cthulhu.
It also got a drop on level requirement, from 25 to 10.
Demons regained their lava immunity.
Fixed a bug where the skills icons wouldn't display on the skill hotbar if you didn't had the inventory tab set to Class.
The skill slots will no longer show up when managing Zones.
Don't ask me.
Just download the mod from any download link and install it over the previous installation to have it updated.


got a problem my computer crashed while playing and now my player file wont load it shows up but its the class symbol guess it got corrupted... anything i can do to fix it?


bonjour les classe ne fonctionne pas sur le dl que j'ai fait il me demande d'être en aventure mais je ne peux pas le choisir nul part


Feature. I'm pretty sure you'll find out why.

Yes, I know that I lost the oportunity of simply answering "Yes", but I'm not like Todd Howard.
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