Standalone N Terraria Mod: RPG, Races, Classes, Quests, and other things.


N Terraria mod is a mod which implements a new and different way of playing Terraria.
For those who does not mind making the game longer and challenging by implementing levels and classes, or other extra things too, this mod is for you.
Note: The images in the thread are from Season 4 or 5.

> Compatibility version is out! It wont have many things from Terraria 1.4, but at least you can play Season 6 on it's installation. <

> There is no tModLoader version of N Terraria, but you can try those mods to add part of It's functions to the game. <

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> You no longer need to downgrade your Terraria to run the mod :D <

N Terraria Season 6.61+19

Official Discord Server
Steam Group
Deezer Leveling Playlist
*Version 61+19
*- The mod has now It's own copy of the fonts needed by the mod, aswell as will load them instead of the new Terraria fonts.

This is the same Terraria everyone knows, but depending on how stronger your character is, the easier will be to face the challenges.

Alongside the Leveling and Classes, the mod also offers to you, races, new items, new monsters, new mysteries, npplayers system, realms system, quests, main quests, events, zone marking, and more.

Also, if you do not want leveling or classes, but want to try the mod with the new stuffs it brings, you can switch to Action mode, but i'm not sure if it will work very well like old n good Terraria does, but if does not, just tell-me about the issue.

  • RPG and Action modes: RPG have leveling and class, action mode does not.
  • Leveling: Killing enemies that are of around your level gives you exp, alongside digging, fishing, pvping and other things.
  • Biomes With their levels: All biomes in the mod have their own level range, alongside bosses have their own level.
  • Races: Implements races with different habilities and appearances. *striked races are not yet, or will not be implemented on N Terraria 6*
  • Human: Do i need to say anything about this? Beside all status are normal, they get 30% bonus experience for being... Experienced.
  • Goblin: If you are looking for ranged combatant, this one might be good, fresh from a stray tribe of Goblins.
  • Skeleton: It's mission were to eliminate the choosen ones, but after freeying the old man from it's curse, the Skeletons were unbound from Skeletron.
  • Zugitaki: Agile and skilled felines, beware their sharp claws.
  • Madra Rua: A fox like creature, they can jump really high and cause massive magic damage.
  • Demon: They found their lair too boring.
  • Raccoonian: No one knows where they came from, but people keep watching their pockets when they are nearby.
  • Deerman: What ever it is, nothing stands in it's way.
  • Antmen: Loves dirt tunnels, and likes to build cool places.
  • Titan: Their melee ability makes their low QI reasonable.
  • Bunny: What the...? A bunny? Well, first non humanoid race of the mod.
  • Slime: This one was unnecessary, but whatever.

  • Classes: To give more focus on the player with habilities for it.
    • Terrarian: You begins as this class, upon level 10, you can change class.
      • Fighter: Melee tanker class, may tank on almost anything, but Dungeon Guardian.
      • Ranger: It's ranged attacks are meant to cause critical damages.
      • Merchant: Didn't counted on their coins.
      • Mage: Slow but strong spells are what this class is made of.
      • Thief: Sneaky and deadly attackers.
      • Acolyte: Neat healers and buffers.
      • Super Terrarian: A mix of all first classes, but with no specific status bonus. *N Terraria 3, 4 and 5 only

  • Quests: There are some types of quests on the mod which can give you some experience aswell as some items depending on the quest.
    • Main Quest: Every world has one, solve the plot alone or with your friends and unveil the secrets of N Terraria.
    • Side Quests: Given by any npc randomly, gives an decent experience and coins.
    • Bounty Quests: Given by the Arms Dealer, hunt a monster he told you to seek and you get exp and coins, beside you can aswell get an equipment from that.

  • New Items: There is a good number of equipments you may find, including new acessories and weapons.
  • New Monsters: For an extra challenge.
  • NPPlayers: Call up to two of your characters to aid you on single player.
  • Realms System: Join a different version of your world for privacy, or dangers.
  • Raid Realms: For a solo or team work challenge.
    • Arcade Dungeon: You joins a dungeon which have scoring and difficulty.
  • Events: As much as possible, new events every month offering new equipments and challenges.
  • Zone Marking: Mark an area of your world as your town, or a place of interest, or you can...
    • Kingdom: Claim your town as kingdom, and futurelly get quests, offer products to other players, or even battle against other kingdoms.
  • And much more.
Tempting, right?

But not everything are flowers, the mod may experience some bugs, but worry not, we are looking for the solution of these issues.


You can get N Terraria on the link bellow.
Latest version is N Terraria 6+.
Runs on Terraria

Google Drive

  • How to install this mod?
    • You just have to put the mod files into the game folder, then on Steam, go in Games > Add Game as Shortcut, then search for the mod executable, after it's added to the check list, press Add selected, and then run the mod through the shortcut on steam.
  • The link is broken.
    • Actually It isn't, I don't know what happens to Mega that sometimes It says that the link is broken, but is not, I ask you to attempt to download the mod again later, or be persistent, or download it from Google Drive.
  • You said that the mod gained a update, but when I downloaded it, I got the old version.
    • Ops, I may have forgot to update Google Drive/Mega, make a post here talking about the issue and I'll fix the problem.
  • I opened the download folder and I see several zip files, which one should I download?
    • The versions NT6 and NT6+ in the folder are for Terraria 1.3~ versions.
    • The versions NT4 and 5 are for Terraria 1.2~ versions.
    • The version NT3 is for pre 1.2 version.
    • The version NT3r is made compatible with Terraria 1.3~ versions.
    • All versions but 6 and 6+ can run on Terraria before version 1.2 or 1.3, I'm not sure.
    • Playing a older version of the mod on a newer version may cause sprite bugs, or problems loading the mod.
  • How do I open the mod menu?
    • Depending on the mod version, the options button may be on the main menu, on a button bellow saying "NTerraria Options", or inside the Options menu.
  • How do I change game modes?
    • Go to the mod options, and click on RPG Mode/Free Mode/Action Mode or something mode to toggle Gamemodes.
  • What? All my levels and classes are gone! What happened?
    • Game modes have different levels and classes, no worry, your other game modes levels and classes are safe, just change game mode again and they will be back.
  • I fear my characters and worlds will be unplayable on Terraria when I play this mod...
    • No, they won't. This mod creates It's own folder for Character and World saves in the "My Games" folder, your Terraria saves will remain Terraria saves, mod saves will be mod saves.
  • Does this mod have a Wiki?
  • I'd like to edit the Wiki.
    • Feel free to! Just register and start editing!
    • But please, don't post false information, It will make the other players confused!
  • I am getting a error saying that "system.argumentexeption:error loading "X"."(May be written differently on other systems).
    • If the error started happening after a update, is because i forgot some content archives on the mod.
    • If you got the error after you installed the mod, be sure to copy and replace everything at Contents folder.
  • Will the mod instalation cause damages to my Terraria vanilla?
    • Well, since Terraria Updated to version 1.1 or more, N Terraria 3 will cause a few sprite bugs on Terraria vanilla, but the Compatibility version of it will not.
    • But N Terraria season 4+ have it's own folder inside Terraria's Contents folder, so, no need to worry. In case you want to uninstall, just remove the mod executables and it's content folder inside Content folder.
  • Can't get Exp, and when I check the options, action mode on and it does not turn off after changing back to RPG Mode.
    • Go to "My Documents/My Games/N Terraria" and delete config.dat (config.json on newer Terraria seasons) file, then start the game.
  • I opened the game and it shows an error saying that couldn't find steam_api.dll
    • That means you didn't installed the mod inside Terraria folder, install it on the main folder of Terraria to run it.
  • N Terraria got an update, how do I get and install it?
    • Download the mod again from it's download link, extract it and then move the mod files to inside Terraria folder, and when the window prompts what to do with the files of same name, click to replace all. The same is valid for folders.
    • In case of trying a new N Terraria season, you must reinstall the entire Terraria folder. Or... Delete the mod files and then go inside the Content folder and delete the mod folder.
  • I see [Skin] button down on the window, what does it means? And how I use it?
  • My status window closes instantly/I spent my status points and nothing seems to change/I can't assign skills.
    • You are probably playing on Action Mode, change game mode on the mod options.
  • I have a problem, but It isn't listed in the FAQ.
    • If you want to make a post of support for the issue you are having, please place the mod season you are using on the post, so It is easier for me to figure out the solution, even more since each season since 3, the mod is remade from 0, so almost everything changes.
  • I still have unanswered questions...
  • Have fun.
I want to give a special thanks to all those people who helped the mod during all the way, be it by the feedbacks, impacting directly on it's development and even playing.​
I've just noticed that something was missing here on this page, which makes it feels incomplete, the credits to everyone who helped the mod, but since many people have actually gave their contributions, directly or indirectly, It would be a veeeeeeery long list, and also because I like a lot to address people on hidden subject, In any case, If you are reading this, most likelly you are one of those people.​
I want to say Thank you for all those years of N Terraria mod, be it on fun times, or even frustration times. The mod has evolved from a basic leveling system, into something so big that actually made Terraria be a RPG based game, my purpose with the mod was never to replace Terraria, but to increment Terraria with new systems, and also a new way of playing it,​
and so I've done.​
We got new equipments and items, we got Leveling, we got Classes, Races, Arcade Dungeon, Realms, Graveyard Biome, and several other things in the game, and when I were just beggining, you guys helped me, by making new equipments and weapons, races sprites and other things.​
This mod has grown so much, and got several things, but I've gotta say, after working on new Seasons, the mod started to lose part of what It offered, lost some of it's shine, even the custom items barelly were being implemented in the game, which is a crime modwise.​
I surelly will have to take the mod back to the tracks, and bring back to it the shine It had before, which made It unique, which was done with the help of you guys, Thanks for all your support, and satisfaction I needed, was that I've made people have fun playing the mod.​
Ps:. No, Development is not dead, just taking a break.​
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This time the post seems a lot better then the other one, even with more details.
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Gotta love this mod!

EDIT: Also I wanted to ask, are you going to implement those generating underground dungeons? :p
Posting here, Because this is a whole lot better than the old forum :) And of course, fantastic mod with very few issues for it's size. Very Recommend.
I'm in the first page :D

Regarding recent post that Lihzahrd Mobs only gives 5xp, this also happen to Devil's Lair.
I test this when i'm level 80 with Goblin.
How could you... I would have chosen one of those two, but I had to buy my food, and well... get RuneFactory4!

And yes, this is a very neat mod. (Features bugs that will get reported many times!)

Will have to say that the bounty weapons are neat so far, got one blue sword, E11 (Super fast shotgun), RAILGUN!!!, and the Steampunk Cog rod that only be used as a whacking stick at the moment (but uses magic for base damage).
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