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tAPI Necropolis Mod

so i was wondering if they deleted this mod all together. when i click on the download link the download was removed. wondering if they moved it or something.

Optical Starline

Skeletron Prime
any download links for necro sp for tconfig 0.38
Unfortunately not. The most recent I have access to is a very old TConfig version. Progress is still being made but I haven’t had contact with Zoodletec since he gave me the good to go. I’m grabbing updated sprites off of his photobucket, but the code is... messy.

Pause Ghost

I have one if anyone needs it, although I do not check this website that often

EDIT: DM me on discord if you need a link Pause Ghost#6950


The Destroyer
Hello, progression is steadily moving forward. Pre-Hardmode content is wrapping up. Hardmode content is going to be a bigger challenge. So much of the old content is...well...old and needs to be replaced (sprites and code mostly enemies). It's only the two of us, myself and Optical Starline working on it so please make sure to thank him. He really was the one who motivated me to work on this again.
Please let me know of any items, weapons, enemies, or anything from the old mod that any of you liked so I make sure to include it in the build.
I think eventually we will expand our team to add another coder. We could definitely use another person to help with world generation type stuff, making new bosses, and interesting projectiles. This is not an easy decision to make though. The mod was always just me so things were easy. Decisions were simple what ever idea popped out of my strange mind became the mod. Optical is super easy to work with and I want to make sure if the team grows we stay that way.
Anyways, we will have a Discord server coming soon. I'll be back with more updates.


The Destroyer
This cats are so cute. Can't wait for this mod to be released again!
They spawn on the surface during the day and they can't be killed by enemies or the player. We are low key(not so low key) sneaking more cats into the mod. I hope nobody minds.
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