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tAPI Necropolis Mod

Discussion in 'Released' started by Zoodletec, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. kennygamer9000

    kennygamer9000 Terrarian

    When does necro mod update to tAPI r16?
  2. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

    It won't, we abbandoned it.
  3. T3rrorDrome

    T3rrorDrome Terrarian

    Finally i succes in install this mod.dang! I was almost quiting when.....boom,came like a meteor an idea and i made it....was pretty easy i think..now i can say that uh xD
    So,there is a message on right corner of screen saying to update to r16 mandatory...really need install last update ?
  4. T3rrorDrome

    T3rrorDrome Terrarian

    Two questions:
    1. I found two ores and made the bars but the guide dont show anything... are the Manganese and osmiun ores...why guide dont show anything?
    2. Where can i get Blood ore?
    Thank you :D
  5. TearLander

    TearLander Terrarian

    Awww Ive Really want to Play Necro From When BaumProductions Played it and its not in tmodloader.. ;-;
  6. Ultimate King

    Ultimate King Skeletron Prime

    Will this ever be for tmodloader?
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  7. Watcher

    Watcher Skeletron Prime

    I think no :/
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  8. Godslayer

    Godslayer Skeletron

    I desperately need this on tmodloader. But I guess that's not gonna change anything
  9. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian The Destroyer

    When this awesome mod gonna be for TMODloader?:(;(:(;(
  10. 123Nick

    123Nick Terrarian

    were u playing it with Tmodloader? if so, how?
  11. LeeTG3

    LeeTG3 Eye of Cthulhu

    it apears you have abandoned this mod.. please could I make a reborn version?
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2017
  12. BenSta

    BenSta Terrarian

    Could you make a Tmod loader version?
  13. LeeTG3

    LeeTG3 Eye of Cthulhu

    That's technically want i want to do
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  14. Stargazer234

    Stargazer234 Terrarian

    Is the TConfig version still somewhere? :joy:
  15. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    Trust me, you would be far better off ignoring this mod..I remember playing it, while it was..interesting..it wasn't that great, tbh..stick with TModLoader, and enjoy Thorium.
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  16. LeeTG3

    LeeTG3 Eye of Cthulhu

    I think it was a good mod, but I don't think its coming to tmodloader, because the owner hasn't replied to my request.
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  17. Layarion

    Layarion Terrarian

    based on the steam game?
  18. brandontsk

    brandontsk Terrarian

    Hey zoodle I have played the tconfig version sp and mp and the tapi version too but I have never played the binding of terraria mod which is for tconfig for some reason I still play tconfig. But if you have it please put on dropbox or something I really like your mod
  19. Ca595

    Ca595 Skeletron Prime

    that would be NICE
  20. Xag

    Xag Terrarian

    wow coool.but....
    i cant downloading it shows a error 404 what i can do ?