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Version: 0.1​
Never Realm is basically a mod that adds more recipes for souls. Before I get to the content and other cool stuff, I just want to say that I'm bad at this. So if you see something that's horribly bad, whether it's spriting or tool speed, just tell me and I'll attempt to fix it. ANYWAY! Let's get on with the Story!
Thousands of years ago, the Souls of Heaven, Hell, and Inbetween lived in harmony... no wars, no separation. These were the only souls that were thought to exist. But there were three more different souls (Sight, Might, and Fright), and these souls were the servants of the King of Hell (Wall of Flesh). The King made them hide in the beings that he himself created, the Eyes, the Worm, and the Bones, so that no soul could discover them and see how chaotic they really are. But one day, the King's plan had been foiled by a simple terrarian named Red :redspin:. This man was an adventurer who had the strength to take out any monster that challenged him. The King of Hell saw this man as a threat. Since the man could take out any monster, and since he was an adventurer, Red could easily find one of the beings the King created, meaning that he could tell every soul in the world about how he defeated the monsters and gained their strange souls. So the King gained more and more strength each day to kill him. Finally, that day came, the day that Red discovered a voodoo doll that the King sent. Red threw it into the lava, revealing the monstrous King himself... But the King failed. He underestimated Red's strength and easily got defeated. Red then started to explore all of Hell. Why? Because even though it was beyond the Safe territory, he just defeated the KING. That's when he discovered the plans for robotic beings that were called "The Hidden Ones". These plans told that the beings could be summoned with some items he had and souls. So he decided to kill the beings the souls lived in. This started a war between man and soul. Whenever Red or any other human went into soul territory, the souls would attempt to kill the human. Keyword: Attempt. Red was just too powerful. He easily gained all of the souls needed to challenge the Hidden Ones. So he did just that. It was actually more difficult than the other monsters he defeated, but Red still destroyed them all. Like the dead King suspected, Red showed off the souls that came from those monsters to everyone in his town. Everyone, including Cynx. Cynx was a spy for the Souls of Light, Night, and Flight. When she saw these chaotic souls, she told all of the Souls about the chaotic ones. The souls were scared. They imagined the destruction these other chaotic souls could cause when combined with the humans' weapons. In the meantime, Red told his Goblin Tinkerer to experiment with the souls of the world while Red explored the area above him... Space. The Goblin Tinkerer accepted this task and started his experiments. It seemed like the Souls of Light and Night were completely fine when being combined together. But the other souls were different. They didn't want to be combined. This Goblin thought to do something interesting. He would force the souls to be combined with some chains. It may seem gruesome, but it worked. While the Goblin was working, Red flew down from his adventure and gave the Goblin some different souls he discovered, the Souls of Flight. The Goblin chained these Souls of Flight to the others and created what he called... the Neversouls. Right when he created the Neversouls, Red saw something in the distance. It was an army... an Army of Souls with Cynx as the leader. They attacked the building, trying to free the souls they captured. They were succeeding, but then Red attempted something. He quickly flew to the Demon Altar nearby, dodging Wyverns that came down from above. He had with him many items that could possibly be combined with the souls and Neversouls. He tried many combinations, until he created a blade called the True Never Blade. This blade was the destruction that all of the souls feared. This blade could easily destroy many souls with one swing. When Cynx saw the innocent souls being killed, she told them all to retreat. Red had won this round, and with his strength and the True Never Blade combined, he could slay any soul, monster, or other creature awaiting him...

I hope you enjoyed that story. Now let's get on with the content!
Before you begin, click this link to go to Imgur: http://imgur.com/a/ctEA7#0 This album shows every single sprite for the content I have in the mod so far. Now then, here are the items:

Neversoul-Just combine one of each soul in the vanilla game and 5 chains to create one of these babies. Neversouls make ALL of the Never items. Pretty freaking useful.
Neverpick-It's also a kinda good sword!
Neveraxe-Nothin special. Just for choppin.
Neverpwn-Get pwned, kid.
Sword of Light-Not weight-wise.
Scimitar of Night-Demonic Edition!
Scimitar of Blood-Crimtane Edition!
Mace of Flight-Makes enemies go flying.
Knifesaber of Sight-Made that weapon up myself.
Breaker of Might-Kinda short for a Breaker.
Katana of Fright-AKA Sephiroth's sword.
True Never Blade-Self-explanatory.
True Seldom Blade-Self-explanatory. (This version uses the Scimitar of Blood instead of the Scimitar of Night.)

Alright, since I just got done with the content, it only makes sense to add screenshots here!

Alright, you can check this out if you want to help, but this is basically what I need to do/fix next. If you find a glitch or something, just tell me and I'll add it to the list.
1. Fix the tools' useTime and useAnimation.
2. Learn how to do armor, accessories... anything other than melee...
3. Learn how to add effects to some items to make them have more... PAZAZZ.
4. Make a recipe list so that it benefits you beautiful people.

Finally, I want to thank these people for helping me make this amazing thing.
berberborscing-This amazing person's thread named Getting Started With Modding (Click here for his thread) has helped me make every single item in this mod.
Blardow-This amazing guy taught me how to upload images.
Sin Costan-Thanks to this guy/gal, it wouldn't have taken WEEKS to learn how to code projectiles.
Chocosta-This person didn't help make this thing an actual thing but instead encouraged me to do stuff! Thanks for the nice comments!
Razzy-For pressuring me to add screenshots.
Roedog-For giving me the idea of a boss which I still haven't done.
YOU OTHER PEOPLE-For not being douchebags.

Now then, if you want to download (thanks!), here's the link to Dropbox:

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Sorry, but this mod is not being worked on anymore. Reason: I'd rather sprite stuff and/or make banners for threads.
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Hey guys and gals who are checking out this mod! Just wanted to give you a little update on things. I haven't done much lately with this mod, so I will probably start making some more content tomorrow. I've been trying to work on a new boss, but I don't know what the hell I'm doing lol. When I figure out what I'm doing, I might add it in the content that will come soon. So be hyped for that! :D Also, my summer break is coming in a month, so I'll have a WHOLE SUMMER filled with nothing to do but work on this! So more hype!
I currently don't have any screenshotting thing, I just have sprites of the items I created. I'll get Imgur if that's what is needed.
Imgur is a website. Just select the sprites, upload them to Imgur, and quote them like
Imgur is a website. Just select the sprites, upload them to Imgur, and quote them like
Oh... I see. Well, I will upload them after my brother's tae kwon doe party is finished. Thanks for your help, my dear sir! I will add you in the credits section now :D
Tout ça seems cool !
I'll be testing the mod out !
... When I have the souls XD

Just a thing I though about : Instead of a boss, why not a soul army ?

A :joy: soul would be weird tho.
Tout ça seems cool !
I'll be testing the mod out !
... When I have the souls XD

Just a thing I though about : Instead of a boss, why not a soul army ?

A :joy: soul would be weird tho.
Wow I NEVER would've thought about that! Thanks for the idea! I will work on that when I figure out how to do armies lol.
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