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New around these parts, hi!


Hello, my name is CherryStyxx, and I actually have known about Terraria for quite a long time.

Despite it taking a while for me to actually get on the forums, I decided to join as it's nice to have an outlet outside of the typical social media websites to chat about Terraria, and also because I figured that if anywhere would be a good place to ask for both advice and enjoy the game as is, it would be the forums.

To keep it simple for now:
- Obviously, one of my hobbies is video games. I particularly enjoy playing games with character customization, mostly because it helps with the immersion a little. I also like really malleable games where there's lots of options so I don't have to play the game the exact same way everyone else has. Another, quick hobby of mine is a weird mix of drawing and writing where I use one medium to compliment the other. Mostly drawing though. I suppose I also like playing tennis, but with my arthritis and bad knee it's been hard to get out and do it in the first place.

- I've only hardcore gotten into playing Terraria myself as of 2019, because before that it was more so watching YouTube videos and wishing I could be buying it and playing it. Now, thankfully, I've done so and have had fun all the way. #Mage4life by the way, I've basically always chosen to be a mage since I started playing because I like watching the pretty lights come from my weapons.

- All you really need to know about me outside of that is that I am a dude, and that I just really love that Terraria exists in the first place because it's given me a little bit of light in my dark life. So thanks a lot :)

Currently have beaten:
Terraria on Normal (Multiplayer)

Aiming for:
Terraria on Expert (Singleplayer)
Terraria on Master (Singleplayer)

Looking forward to my time on here.


Official Terrarian
Hey, welcome to the forums!
I myself completely get why you joined the forums and like Terraria, and hopefully you're enjoying the game! I have to agree with you with the whole light bit as well, though.
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