New track for 1.3.6!

Windy days and blowing leaves is actually something I've wanted for awhile. I love updates that make the world more dynamic! Thanks for staying committed to this game. I'm not a huge gamer, I only play a few games, and Terraria is my favorite!
This is absolutely fantastic! `:happy:
A great, upbeat song with the usual Terraria electronic buzzing and occasional hints of menace. It fits in perfectly to this soundtrack, and honestly, it wouldn’t be out of place in a Mystery Dungeon soundtrack either. Actually, those two have more than few similarities in music styles. Hmm, I think I have a wavebank idea...
While the theme is nice and all, if this means that I am slowed down when moving against the wind as I travel I'm going to burn my computer then blow up the remains because I hate sandstorms for the same reason.
My PC can't use music of any sort (or Terraria's FPS will go down to 4fps) but I know this will be good.
Help me
Sounds out of place compared to other tracks. But is pretty nice.

P.S. It's vital for those flowery vines to be plantable manually.
Hello Terrarians!

Check out the Windy Day track by Scott Lloyd Shelly from Resonance Array! The team is SUPER excited about this update and can't wait to get it out to you :)

You should leave a option for the default music too. It sounds cool but I like the current music.
This music makes me think of the music of the first place that players find it in an RPG type game. By the way, this music is very good!

Keep up the great work!
You should leave a option for the default music too. It sounds cool but I like the current music.
I doubt this track is going to replace any music. It's most likely just a special weather condition with its own music, like rain.
tbh, I'm waiting for Storm event too
And the thing I thought of was a Blood Moon during Rain where all the zombies get replaced Corrupt Goldfish/Bunnies and the environment animations have lightning in the BG, excessive winds (can push player/mobs). Unfortunately, no other critters have a Corrupt/Bloody form... Maybe Corrupt Worms/Butterflies (mini-Mothrons!) in the future? Oh, don't forget the thunder for immersion.
o wow... even new music... i'm a little afraid... my pc barely can with the moving water and the the heat distortion... i feel it will completely crash with more effects XD
Does anyone want to talk about how this is the first theme not in 4/4 time, but rather in 3/4 time. I think this is really key because it is a brake from all the other music titles we have heard before within the game in terms of the tone and the 3/4 time signature. It is a pattern break, and it's cool. Furthermore, the 3/4 time fits in this circumstance because it is a time signature that is "felt" in 1, meaning one can sway to the downbeat. This then fits with the idea of the vines and trees swaying in the breeze. It fits perfectly to the situation and is an overall well crafted piece of music. Hats off and rounds of applause go to Scott Lloyd Shelly from resonance array!
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