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Ocean biome ideas


To start, I would add some Hardmode enemies to the biome, here are some examples:


- Spawning during Full Moon nights and Rain events. It not only charges at the player, but can also shoot water jets, similarly to the Icy Merman.

- Drops:
- Archer Fish (an early-Hardmode bow, shoots jets of water instead of normal arrows)
- Neptune's Shell (serving as a way to acquired earlier in the game)

+ Coral Elemental: (currently doesn't have a sprite), but it looks like a pile of coral and sand.

- Spawning normally near the surface. It attacks by charging, but it can also dig to relocate to a new possition.

- Drops:
- Coral (4-8) (serving as the way to make coral renovable)

+ Red Jellyfish:

- Spawning in the Underground parts of the Ocean biome, and it basically works as stronger version of the Pink Jellyfish. As for it's drops, I would like to point you to this player suggestion: Buoyant Glowsticks: The ultimate tool for fishing at night, there are some details I would change about it, but all in all, it's a pretty cool idea.
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I feel like the coral Elemental would not be able to walk, since he's a coral And his attack would be summon tropical fish to attack the player, and one of his drops would be a coral staff, a staff that summons tropical fish, and the gimmick with this staff is that it only works underwater, but is a really good help when exploring the sea, since the fishes are really fast.
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