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Does anyone know why they have Goldfish as a Health regen item in the console version but not in the PC version? If any developer sees this can you think of adding it into the PC version?
Thank you!


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You've got it the wrong way round.

Goldfish was a health regen item in both, but it got changed in the PC version, but not yet in the console version.


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To expand on the information already given;
The way you obtain the Goldfish item was changed in 1.2.3, an update that console hasn't got yet. You now needed to catch one using a Bug Net, instead of just killing one. Presumably to make it more like other catchable critters, left-clicking with the item selected since the change makes the player release the goldfish rather than consuming it. It also could've been changed due to the fish-farms-for-lazy-moneyeveryone (and I mean everyone) made.
I expect the healing effect will be removed from console too, when 1.2.3 hits.
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