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TV Overrated TV shows

Kyouko Tsukino

- Every reality show ever. They're all scripted bull:red:, and it's sad that a portion of mankind can really believe that :red: is more real than honest shows.
- Occidental cartoons from 1998 to the date, with few exceptions.
- Pretty Cure. It's a bad clone of older Magical Girl shows, and the only "charm" I could find in it is the fanservice - and the only media I'll watch for fanservice alone is porn.
- Modern Marvel series. Be it animated or with real people. The last good thing I saw from Marvel was 1990's Spiderman.
- Modern Sitcoms, with very few exceptions. I get it, you cash in by repeating what worked before, but if I wanted to see the same exact stuff as in the eighties, I would watch an eighties sitcom, not a watered-down remake.
- Madoka Magica. For a magical girl show, it shows young females as useless, weak, and screwed over by their own acts (for things that could also happen to a guy their age, too.) For a horror show, it doesn't satisfy. And it tries to make an evil being seem "neutral by ignorance", which has always irked me in fiction. And no, I don't care if the movie farts rainbows, I'm not watching anything by those guys again.


Any show on FOX that hasn't been cancelled..

Tell you what was underrated though, John Doe and Life on Mars (The original UK version). Really really good.


Geordie shore, TOWIE, made in Chelsea etc etc. the TV shows that make Americans think us English are posh or dumbass :red:s with tons of :red:ing fake tan. Grrrrrr


I think the Americans can empathise, they have Duck Dynasty and Jersey Shore.. The horror.
Hahah fair enough lol. Which idiot thought portraying stereotypes to a audience would be a good idea? They need to be 6 feet under...alive XD. Actually who thought reality TV shows was a good idea.
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