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TV Overrated TV shows


Eye of Cthulhu
I would say Jeremy Kyle, but I'm not even sure if anyone watches that...
I will definitely say Mrs Brown's Boys. From what I have seen, it is just toliet humour, yet it was watched more nationally than the Queen's broadcast last year! One of my mates always watches it. I stick with Father Ted.

Kyouko Tsukino

I'll have to add Flash to my list. Watched several episodes of it this week.

I liked it better when it was called Arrow. And I liked that one better when it was called 1980's Live Action Spiderman (best live-action superhero series ever. Why? Because it was cancelled after only a handful of chapters.)


3 words. Po - ke - mon. OVERRATED as heck, but everyone used to watch it, so did I, now I'm older. Blech.

M015TY B0Y

Duke Fishron
Breaking bad, attack on titan, Pokemon, two and a half men, how i met your mother, and king of thrones or whatever its called

Kyouko Tsukino

Harry Potter is good if you like fantasy and magic. Game of Thrones is basically "hey how do we do a series for adults? I got it, boobs and sex 2/3 of the time each episode!" Also, I hate writers who don't care about their characters, and the guy writing "A song of fire and ice," which spawned Game of Beds Thrones fits that bill perfectly.


Adventure Time. I cannot get away from that poor excuse for television entertainment. It is absolutely dripping with modern ideals and speech that will most certainly be looked back on with distain.
....what? What are you trying to say, here? I get that you think Adventure Time is "overrated" because you personally dislike it, but 'dripping with modern ideals and speech' means what, exactly?

I've never seen the show but the books are excellent. If they follows the books accurately I can't say I can agree here.
Yeah, this thread seems to be more of a "post a popular show that doesn't suit your personal taste" than anything else. Sure, GoT is not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but a bad show it ain't. It's well-written, beautifully filmed, has fantastic set and costume design, great acting, and it stays focused. Frankly, I like the television adaptation of GRRM's books better than the books themselves.

Red H2O

Skeletron Prime
....what? What are you trying to say, here? I get that you think Adventure Time is "overrated" because you personally dislike it, but 'dripping with modern ideals and speech' means what, exactly?
To me, none of the characters are memorable, or at least not memorable in a good way. I often compare Adventure Time to Avatar the Last Airbender, as they are trying to accomplish similar things: build an elaborate and mystical/captivating world, have fun and deep characters, and incorporate fictional plot points into an at least semi-realistic world. For the first point, I can't personally get engrossed into the world of Ooo or however that's spelled. It feels like I'm in a fever dream, or that someone just wrote down the first things that came to their minds. Avatar, on the other hand, has exquisite introductions of how the world works, which is dealt with within seconds of each episode's opening sequence. Secondly, the characters in Adventure Time are utterly nonsensical. They make up words that, instead of being charming and funny, make me think that everyone has some sort of level of schizophrenia and needs help. And if the world itself is odd, the characters in the world are even worse. Their names are basically their defining characteristics, and they rarely change their personalities, or if they do, it's fifty episodes in, when I had already moved on to a better show. Avatar's characters are renowned for how much they change. Aang goes from being an immature child to a bringer of peace. Katara comes to terms with the murder of her mother. Even Zuko, one of the main villains, changes his entire being to join the side of peace. The list goes on. Finally, Avatar has many points of realism in it's show, making it feel plausible, and, more importantly, relatable. In Adventure Time's case, they change the rules of what is allowed that Finn and Jake might as well snap their fingers and declare themselves gods. If the characters don't take things seriously, why should I?

TL;DR: Adventr Tim iz supr bed, k?

Red H2O

Skeletron Prime
Yeah, I honestly don't think comparing Adventure Time to The Last Airbender is even sort of a legitimate argument... it's an episodic series that rarely tries to take itself seriously, if ever.
I'd disagree. As I said, to me, they seem to be going towards the same goal: an epic adventure with good characters. And with that in mind, Avatar is by far a better example of that type of show than Adventure Time.
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