tModLoader Pets Overhaul Mod

The whole leveling system is tied to the Junimo Pet and on the Stardrop item's tooltip (Junimo's summoning item) you can see how many exp needed, what level you are at and what benefits you will gain while Junimo is in your inventory/in use. And much appreciated if you're enjoying the mod! :)
Alright, thanks for the answer, i may have an another question, how to obtain Stardrop ? I looked on Recipes browser and there is nothing except an object ;(
Alright, thanks for the answer, i may have an another question, how to obtain Stardrop ? I looked on Recipes browser and there is nothing except an object ;(
Its by fishing up a Joja-Cola, then giving it to Dryad with 'purify'. You can find the details on official wiki page, here
You can find all Pet Items' obtaining method on Terraria wiki's pets page if it does not show how it is obtained in game!
Patch 1.2.4
Changed Chester Pet to be now more unique, granting more utility on building and item pickups/looting, Harpy Pet nerfed to now disable Wings entirely upon losing all the fuel to prevent Gliding, Deerclops now applies a debuff, which inflicts slow and confuses enemies, bug fixes and other balance changes.
Patch 1.2.4 - September 17, 2023
Nerfed Baby Grinch, removed whole Mana recovery mechanic, is now classified as primary Utility
Glowing Mushroom Pet is now classified as primary Utility
Changed Deerclops to now apply Chilling Fear debuff for 7 seconds on non-boss enemies in same radius where the debuff both slows for 10% and confuse for the duration. Frostburn is removed.
Buffed Caveling Gardener to increase gathered goods with 25% chance instead of 15% for non-rare plants.
Buffed Hoardagron Bullet and Arrow buff to give 20% more velocity, Arrow is now 1.7x Higher velocity compared to 1.5x before, bullet is now 1.2x rather than 1x (none). Tooltip now correctly states it increases 'Velocity' of arrows, not 'Speed'.
Chester now grants 4 extra blocks of item pickup range and 2 extra blocks of block placement range. Also gives +8 defense if a chest or any container is currently open, is now classified as a Utility Pet, old effect, Jump boost has been removed.
Buffed Shadow Mimic to now grant +6 tile range for picking up coins.
Nerfed Harpy Pet to now make wings unusable till cooldown is refreshed, meaning its impossible to Glide with Harpy Pet now, though, still grants fall damage immunity. Also decreased wing cooldown to 12 seconds from 15. Also now does not block you from refreshing the cooldown if Player is holding Spacebar.
Added a 'default' 1 Mining exp gain for Junimo Pet for the purpose of Modded Ores that have been classified as Ores.
Fixed Junimo Ore multiplier boost working even while Junimo is not in Player's inventory.
Fixed Baby Red Panda not increasing Bamboo drop chance by 50% but rather 30%.
Fixed Lizard Pet's skin color change persisting if Player leaves the world while the change is still ongoing and unable to reverse it back to old Skin color except by other means.
Fixed Lizard Pet's lifesteal displaying higher amounts than actually how much it heals.
Increased max stacks of Mastery Shard to 9999 from 999.
Removed unneccesary checks from code and tidied the code.
Town Pet Aura Update, Patch 1.2.5 & Town Pet Scaling & QoL Update, Patch 1.2.6
Added an Aura Buff to all Town Pets while you are near them within a 125/137.5/150 block range. Town Pet Auras scales up by entering Hardmode and defeating Moon Lord. Way better QoL for Nerd Slime with 1.2.6.
Town Pet Aura Update, Patch 1.2.5 - September 19, 2023
  • Added an aura buff for all Town Pets and Slimes, they now grant a tiny buff to Player.
  • Town Pets buffs display Pets full name.
  • Range of benefitting from buffs are 125 blocks.
  • Removed Hoardagron increasing Bullet speed due to not doing anything, now instead increases how many frames the bullet will ignore. (Musket Ball ignores 2, High Velocity Bullet increases 8 on top of their base velocity for comparison)
  • Buffed Hoardagron Arrow speed to 1.75x from 1.7x
Town Pet Scaling & QoL Update, Patch 1.2.6 - September 20, 2023
  • Code changes, now all Town Pet infos are stored in 1 place and they can be modified by outside sources. (This will be done very soon for other content except very few things aswell!)
  • Nerd Slime's Binocular effect has been changed to only work while holding a Weapon for QoL.
  • Town Pets have been buffed to now Scale up upon entering Hardmode, and scaling up even further upon killing Moon Lord.
    • Global Aura Range 125 -> 125/137.5/150
    • Cat Movement Speed Multiplier 1.03x -> 1.025/1.05/1.08x
    • Dog Fishing Power +1 -> +1/2/3
    • Bunny Jump Speed Multiplier 1.075x -> 1.08/1.12/1.18x
    • Clumsy Slime Luck +0.01 -> +0.01/0.02/0.03
    • Squire Slime 1% Damage -> 0.08/2/3%
    • Cool Slime 1% Crit Chance -> 1/2/3%
    • Old Slime Defense +1 -> +2/3/5
    • Diva Slime 1% Discount -> 0.5/1/1.5%
    • Mystic Slime Mana Regen +15 -> +15/35/55
    • Surly Slime Monster Spawnrate increase 5% -> 5/6.6/10%
    • New Nerd Slime Build Speed 1.05/1.15/1.35x, now grants Wire Vision and Dangersense upon entering Hardmode, Night Vision and Ultrabright Shining effect upon defeating Moon Lord
Patch - September 20, 2023
  • Fixed Bunny Pet granting 1.80x jump speed in Pre-Hardmode instead of intended 1.08x.
2.0 Update
New Mechanics: Ability Haste, Pet Swapping Cooldown, Pet effects are now active by the Player's Pet slot
Heavily improved Lifesteal mechanic, improved all item related Pets, new Weighted tables, Slow mechanic is reworked to work correctly, reworked uninteresting and old perks, re-wrote almost entire code to be more efficient and superior to old code, made the Mod more accessible to outside (is now more modifyable and way more friendly with new Methods+explanations, old code barely was), made whole code a million times more readable, smoothed all effects where possible, a whole bunch of balance changes, a lot of major and minor bug fixes and more that isn't crossing my mind right now.

2.0 Update - October 5, 2023​

Pet Balance Changes and Additions​

  • Phantasmal Dragon
    • Cooldown reduced to 2 seconds from 4
    • Ice Spell damage reduced to 125+20% of the damage from 0+300% of the damage
    • Ice Spell now can pierce up to 25 enemies instead of infinite
    • Fire Spell damage reduced to 100+15% of the damage you dealt from 0+200% of the damage
    • Light Spell damage reduced to 50+10% of the damage you dealt from 0+150% of the damage
  • Baby Imp
    • Lava Immunity time reduced to 10 seconds from 11
    • Obsidian Skin movement speed reduction is down to 8% from 12%, now correctly reduces max movement speed. (3x the regular amount)
    • Obsidian Skin now gives 8 Defense instead of 12
    • QoL Changes: Improved Lava Check, now also grants 'in lava' benefits while Player is inside a non-completely filled Lava. Check still is somewhat flawed though. (Eg. you cannot get benefits if Lava is on your side)
  • Dungeon Guardian
    • Armor Penetration reduced down to 5+3(dungeon bonus) from 6+4(dungeon bonus)
    • QoL Changes: Now also gives immunity to Bleed debuff while in Dungeon for total immunity to Spikes
  • Penguin
    • Chilled reduction formula now multiplies by 0.4 instead of dividing by 2. (Reduced to 40% reduction from 50%)
  • Turtle
    • 10% Defense increase is now more consistent, now instead multiplying all defense by 1.1x, before gave +0 defense with 5,6,7,8,9 defense, now properly rounds up, giving +1.
    • Knockback resist reduced down to 75% from 80%
  • Baby Dinosaur
    • Increased chance to proc to 17.5% from 15%
    • New: Now uses a easily adjustable weighted drop table system;
  • Baby Dinosaur Mining bonus drop table
    • Tin Ore, 10
    • Copper Ore, 10
    • Amethyst, 9
    • Iron Ore, 9
    • Lead Ore, 9
    • Topaz, 8
    • Sapphire, 8
    • Silver Ore, 8
    • Tungsten Ore, 8
    • Gold Ore, 7
    • Platinum Ore, 7
    • Emerald, 7
    • Ruby, 7
    • Diamond, 6
    • Amber, 6
  • Blue Chicken
    • New: Now uses weighted table system;
    • Non-Rare Plants/Herbs proc chance increased to 25% from 2.5%.
    • Rare Plant proc chance increased to 50% from 20%.
    • Tree type item (including Acorns etc.) proc chance increased to 10% from 1%.
  • Blue Chicken Non-Rare Plants/Herbs bonus drop table
    • Grass Seeds, 300
    • Jungle Grass Seeds, 275
    • Ash Grass Seeds, 250
    • Corrupt Seeds, 225
    • Crimson Seeds, 225
    • Mushroom Grass Seeds, 125
    • Blinkroot Seeds, 125
    • Daybloom Seeds, 125
    • Deathweed Seeds, 125
    • Fireblossom Seeds, 125
    • Moonglow Seeds, 125
    • Shiverthorn Seeds, 125
    • Waterleaf Seeds, 125
    • Pumpkin Seed, 75
    • Spicy Pepper, 20
    • Pomegranate, 20
    • Elderberry, 20
    • Black Currant, 20
    • Rambutan, 20
    • Magical Pumpkin Seed, 2
  • Blue Chicken Rare Plant bonus drop table
    • Jungle Spores, 60
    • Spicy Pepper, 24
    • Pomegranate, 24
    • Elderberry, 24
    • Black Currant, 24
    • Rambutan, 24
    • Strange Plants, 16
    • Magical Pumpkin Seed, 1
  • Blue Chicken Tree type bonus drop table
    • Acorn, 300
    • Wood, 300
    • Boreal Wood, 250
    • Rich Mahogany, 250
    • Ebonwood, 250
    • Shadewood, 250
    • Palm Wood, 250
    • Ash Wood, 150
    • Apple, 15
    • Apricot, 15
    • Banana, 15
    • Blood Orange, 15
    • Cherry, 15
    • Coconut, 15
    • Grapefruit, 15
    • Lemon, 15
    • Mango, 15
    • Peach, 15
    • Pineapple, 15
    • Plum, 15
    • Gemcorn Amethyst, 15
    • Gemcorn Topaz, 14
    • Gemcorn Sapphire, 13
    • Gemcorn Emerald, 12
    • Gemcorn Ruby, 11
    • Gemcorn Amber 10
    • Gemcorn Diamond, 9
    • Eucaluptus Sap, 1
  • Caveling Gardener
    • Increased Underground non rare plant drop increase chance to 30% from 25%.
  • Baby Red Panda
    • Reduced Attack Speed bonus from 7% + 5% in jungle to 6% + 4% in jungle
  • Puppy
    • Now critters with rarity higher than 0 has 15% chance to be doubled, regular critter chance unchanged
    • New: Grants 2.5 x critter's rarity value silver coins upon catching a rare critter (Separate from double chance, works 100% of the time)
    • New: Grants 4 x enemies rarity value silver coins upon killing a rare enemy (Does not work with rare critters)
  • Eater Of Worlds
    • Removed old 20% mining speed (which instead was nerfing mining speed by 20%) and 15% chance to double drop ores, gems and extractables perks.
    • New: Increases mining speed by 20% for non-ore blocks.
    • New: Grants 50% chance to mine another nearby Ore or Gem of the same type in a 2x2 radius of the center block.
    • This perk applies 5000 Pickaxe Power on the selected block.
    • This perk first checks the top left block and checks all the other blocks on a column downwards, then proceeds to check next column.
    • Unlike most Mining Pets, this does not care about if the block was placed by the Player or not and unlike them Eater of Worlds's ore perk does not work with Extractable tiles.
  • Junimo
    • Harvest bonus is now 2.5 copper coins per item collected instead of 3 (Randomizes the .5 where needed)
    • Rare Plant Harvest bonus is now 50 copper coins per item collected instead of 3
    • Harvesting health increase is now 0.025% instead of 0.02%, minimum amount is unchanged.
    • Mining Damage reduction now directly increases the value instead of reducing on hit.
    • Fishing Damage increase now directly multiplies all damage instead of increasing on hit.
  • Altered Rare Plants Exp List
    • 35: Dye Plants
    • 100: Life Fruit
  • Altered Junimo Mining Exp List
    • 1: Obsidian, Silt, Slush, Desert Fossil
    • 2: Copper, Tin
    • 3: Iron, Lead, Amethyst
    • 4: Silver, Tungsten, Topaz, Sapphire, Meteorite
    • 5: Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Ruby, Hellstone
    • 6: Crimtane, Demonite, Diamond, Amber
    • 8: Cobalt, Palladium
    • 10: Mythril, Oricalchum
    • 12: Adamantite, Titanium
    • 13: Chlorophyte, Luminite
  • Altered Junimo Fishing Exp List
    • 35: Quests
    • 20: Dreadnautilus (for all online Players)
    • 15: Hemogoblin Shark, Blood Eel (for all online Players)
    • 10: Default for all other Sea Creatures (for all online Players)
    • 6: Golden Carp
    • 5: Hardmode Crates
    • 4: Chaos Fish, Flarefin Koi
    • 3: Pre-Hardmode Crates
    • 2: All Rare and Uncommon fish catches
    • 1: Anything else/default value
    • 0: Tin Can, Seaweed, Old Shoe
  • Estee
    • Estee's Mana Sickness Penalty is now reducing 25% of how much the Mana Sickness reduces instead of flat 10% (This is a buff unless Mana Sickness is reducing more than 40%)
    • Estee's Spectre Hood Penalty is increased to 15% from 10%
  • Companion Cube
    • Both Mana recovery and Health recovery is now using the new Lifesteal mechanic, both of them are way more smoother. For example, you can now recover health even while used mana is below 10 or even 5, unlike before, recovering health with mana usage lower than 5 was impossible.
    • Mana recovery is changed to be 20% of taken damage instead of 1 mana per 5 taken damage.
    • Health recovery is changed to be 11% of mana used instead of 1 health per 10 mana
    • New: Reduces effectiveness of Mana Potions by 17% and effectiveness of the Health recovery effect upon Mana usage by -3% if Mana Sickness is active, these are doubled if Mana Sicknesses Magic Damage reducing multiplier is higher than its initial value, 25% reduction. (Only occurs when multiple mana potions have been used in succession.)
    • QoL Changes: (rip Portal incinerator reference) Removed taking % health damage while in lava.
  • Baby Hornet
    • Fixed it reducing Crit chance by 0.03% instead of intended 3%
    • New: Now all hits have 5% chance to summon a friendly bee that deals 6 damage and has 0.1 knockback. Increased to 10% for Summon hits. Hive pack allows for spawning big bees with 33% chance, dealing 2x the damage and 2x the knockback.
  • Baby Truffle
    • Now increases Defense, Fishing Power and Armor Penetration by the intended 4% instead of flat +4 increase
    • No longer grants Happy buff
    • New: Increases Crit damage by 4%, damage reduction by 4%, Mana regen by 4%, jump speed by 4% and maximum Wing time by 4%.
    • QoL Changes: Now does not check the remainder time of a buff to increase its time. It will at any given time as long as its a beneficial Potion type buff.
  • Black Cat
    • Decreased flat increase amount to 0.12 from 0.15
    • Fixed all Moon Phase luck bonus/nerfs being 10x higher than intended. ( -0.30 instead of -0.03, etc.)
  • Fennec Fox
    • Movement speed is reduced to 15% from 18%
    • Melee attack speed is reduced to 18% from 20%
    • Size decrease is increased to 15% from 8%
    • New: Grants 5% Melee damage, is not contingent on holding a Melee weapon unlike Melee/Movement Speed buffs
  • Glittery Butterfly
    • Reduced wing time if no wing is equipped to 0.75 second from 1.5 seconds
    • Reduced health penalty if a wing is not equipped to 8% health from 10%
    • Reduced bonus wing time if a wing is already equipped to 2.5 seconds from 3
    • Bonus wing time if a wing is already equipped is now regular value (0.75) if the equipped wing is Fledgling Wing.
  • Baby Grinch
    • Damage increase on weapons are now intended +10% instead of multiplying current amount by 10%
    • Crit increase on weapons are now intended +10% instead of multiplying current amount by 10%
    • Removed Frozen and Chilled immunity, cold resist is unchanged
    • Slow is increased to 100% from 25%
  • Baby Eater
    • Fixed it actually not increasing Jump Speed, increased Jump Speed to 50% from 20%
    • Decreased movement speed boost to 10% from 15%
    • New: Now grants 20 extra blocks of fall damage resistance while in Corrupt/Crimson biomes
  • Cursed Sapling
    • Increased Dark Harvest whip speed to 2.5% from 2% per Max Minion slot
    • New: Grants quarter amount of regular boost (0.625% whip speed and 1% whip range) per Minion Slot for any whip that isn't Dark Harvest
  • Glommer
    • Is now Supportive secondary
    • Removed Max mana increasing by 5% of health/100% of defense.
    • Changed Mana recovery to be 5 mana every 3 second from 3 mana every second. Is affected by ability haste.
    • New: Now grants 20% Ability Haste to all Players in a 250 block radius, including user.
    • New: Increases Max Mana by 100% of Ability Haste multiplied by Maximum Mana. (Grants 20% more max mana as baseline due to ability haste aura)
  • Lizard
    • QoL Changes: Code is improved, now ability activation is more consistent, it now can activate upon entering combat overall, preventing out of combat unneccesary activations.
  • Shadow Mimic
    • Removed coin pickup range
    • Before it would give you 20 of the lower tier coin and randomize coppers, now instead increases stack of the given item with the given chance
    • New: Now has chance to increase stack of any item thats stackable and now also works with Bosses and Bags with different chances. One exception to this is Boss Bags, it does not increase their item stack.
  • New Shadow Mimic enemy/container loot stack increase chances
    • Regular enemy coin (changed): 15%
    • Regular enemy item: 6%
    • Boss coin: 5%
    • Boss item: 10%
    • Bag coin: 3%
    • Bag item: 5%
  • Baby Face Monster
    • Reduced time needed to reach stage 1 to 5 seconds from 10
    • New: While at stage 2, grants a 5% health shield that dissapears upon losing stage 2 regen, meaning shield dissapears upon taking/dealing any amount of damage.
    • QoL Changes: Now is instantly Stage 2 on world load, its timer is separate from the global timer and is fully active even while not in use. (meaning Pet Swap penalties won't be affecting it much) Another note: time tresholds are affected by Ability Haste.
  • Destroyer
    • Changed non-contingent defense bonus to be 10% defense increase instead of +6 flat
    • Now has 10% flat ore multiplier chance on top of 50% of defense.
  • Baby Snowman
    • Removed damage boost when Frost armor is worn.
    • Changed Frostburn time on hit to be 5 seconds from 6, time change when full Frost armor being worn to be 15 from 14.
    • Increased regular on hit Slow amount to be 20% from 8%, Frost Armor slow amount to be 60% from 16%.
    • Reduced regular on hit Slow time to be 3 seconds instead of 10, Frost armor Slow time to be 9 seconds from 10.
  • Baby Werewolf
    • Mauled debuff time increased to 20 seconds for all classes instead of 15/10 for melee/non melee respectively.
    • Crit damage reduction increased to 30% from 10% (makes critical hits deal 170% damage)
    • 0.9x Crit chance reduction is removed, instead now increases crit chance by 1.2x
    • Max Stacks increased to 15 from 13
    • New: Reduces Critical damage penalty by 0.6% per Maul counter. (Per target)
  • Bernie
    • Damage penalty, more aggro while at low health and healing upon getting burnt is removed.
    • Now Burn Drain works more 'randomly'.
    • Burns on enemies now drains approximetaly 3 health every 5 seconds and 6 mana every 5 seconds. With maximum amounts of burns, its approximetaly 3 health every second and 6 mana every second.
  • Eyeball Spring
    • Now increases the jump speed more properly
    • Decreased jump speed to 500% from 900%
    • Reduced Wing ascent multiplier nerf to 40% from 50%.
    • Removed Jump limitation, Player can now hold their space longer for longer jumps, Eyeball Spring used to limit this.
  • Hoardagron
    • Arrow speed is now 0.9x instead of 1.75x, All arrows now have +1 penetration
    • Bullet frame skip removed, now properly increases speed by 1.8x, crit damage, armor pen etc. removed
    • Specialist's health check for 100% crit for bosses are increased to 6% from 5%
  • Lil Harpy
    • Increased cooldown to 13 from 12
  • Mini Minotaur
    • Removed +5 flat defense increase at max stacks
    • Reduced Melee speed per stack to 0.23% from 0.25%
    • Increased cooldown to regain stacks to 0.2 seconds from 0.1 second.
    • % defense increase is now smoother
  • Pig Man
    • Removed permament Plenty Satisfied buff
    • New: Grants 15% chance to not consume any item that grants a well fed buff, 10% chance for any item that grants any buff.
    • New: Grants 10/15/20 shield for 30 seconds upon consuming Well Fed buffs, with their respective stages. Has a 7 second cooldown.
  • Sapling
    • Reduced Plantera weapon lifesteal to 3.3% from 4.5%, regular lifesteal to 1.2% from 1.8% (Remember Lifesteal QoL/effectiveness buffs!)
  • Plantero
    • Now Projectiles are way more randomized instead of exact location of target and 0 velocity, they now spawn slightly randomly around the target and travel randomly.
    • Increased knockback to 0.4 from 0.3
    • Decreased damage conversion to 70% from 100%
    • Now has +15 flat damage
    • Increased chance to spawn to 20% from 10%, increases with Ability Haste
  • Spider
    • Increased bonus effects on targets with Venom now has +13 flat damage from +10, 1.15x damage multiplier from 1.1x.
    • Increased bonus effects on targets with Poison now has 6% bonus crit chance from 5, +0.25 more knockback from +0.2
    • Decreased Poison time to 10 second for all classes instead of 20 for melee, 12 for non-melee.
    • Critical chance code is now far greater, correctly applying the actual chance instead of held item's chance. This now prevents cases like sending out a Projectile, then holding a higher crit weapon to achieve higher rates or vice-versa.
  • Queen Bee
    • Increased Honey Overdose time to 60 seconds from 30 seconds, is reduced by ability haste.
    • New: Now any Player that has Honey Overdose debuff, they gain 15% ability haste.
    • New: Now upon usage of Bottled Honey or Honeyfin, the user also gains half of the healing benefit and gets applied with Honey Overdose for 60 seconds.
  • Volt Bunny
    • Decreased Speed to Damage multiplier to 20% from 25%
    • Decreased flat Movement Speed boost to 5% from 10%
    • New: Grants 1.1x Movement speed
    • New: Grants Electrified immunity and increases damage by 10% for 5 seconds upon getting Electrified (for the Lightning Rod reference, Pikachu's ability. Will later reduce all Electric type of damage and gain the damage benefit upon taking one)
  • Zephyr Fish
    • Removed 10% and +10 Fishing Power increase
    • Removed Angler armor bonus fishing Power
    • Removed requirement of full Angler armor set for increasing Fishing power per completed quest bonus
    • Stack increase chance decreased to 40% from 50%, now directly gives the caught item to Player instead of increasing stack.
    • New: Now grants +1 Fishing Power per 2.5 mph current blowing Wind power.
    • New: Grants extra 80% double drop chance if; Bobber is not below the surface, the Wind strength is higher than 10 mph and Player has taken the wind behind their back, the bobber being away from the Wind.
  • Tiki Spirit
    • Increased Whip crit chance bonus to 10% from 8%
    • Decreased Whip attack speed to summon damage boost to 30% from 40%
    • New: Now grants 15% of Whip attack speed bonuses as Whip range
  • Alien Skater
    • Removed 10% movement speed boost
    • Reduced acceleration bonus to 25% from 30%
    • Reduced horizontal speed and horizontal acceleration multiplier to 1.3x and 1.5x respectively from 1.5x and 2x
    • New: Increases both horizontal speed and horizontal acceleration by a flat 100%.
  • Sugar Glider
    • New: Increases both horizontal speed and horizontal acceleration by a flat 10%.
  • Baby Ogre
    • % defense increase is now smoother.
    • Now multiplies the size of sword by 3.5x instead of increasing by +250%.
    • Damage reduction is now increased as a stat, instead of applying upon recieveing damage.
  • Tiny Fishron
    • Removed wing recovery and gills while in water
    • Fishing power % per quest is reduced to 0.2% from 0.25%, maximum amount is still 50%, and now does not require full angler set to be active.
    • Now Fishing power penalty and quest apply at the same time, before penalty would reduce by 50%, then the quest perk would increase, resulting in a maximum of net 75% fishing power. Now quest perk can fully cancel out the penalty.
    • Increased extra bobber chance to 105% from 100%. Now casts a regular bobber instead of Fiberglass.
    • Increased stack increase chance by +10% on top of 100% of fishing power and the system is now greater.
    • Removed Angler armor buffs.
  • Dynamite Kitten
    • Increased Damage percentage of the Projectile to 60% from 50%
    • Reduced armor penetration of the Projectile to 20 from 30
  • Everscream Sapling
    • Reduced maximum magic damage depending on maximum mana to 30% from 33%
    • Reduced Magic critical chance multiplier to 0.4x from 0.5x
    • Mana recovery on crit cooldown increased to 4 seconds from 2
    • Mana recovery on crit amount is changed from 5% of max mana to 12% of missing mana + 5 flat mana.
    • Mana recovery on crit now uses Lifesteal checks, it won't work if target is a Dummy, from a statue or is friendly.
    • New: Grants 100 max mana
  • Slime Prince
    • Now both Wet and Slimy can work together, Wet time and Slimy time reverted back to Vanilla.
    • Wet for Players: Reduced Defense boost to 8% from 10%, however, its now smoother
    • Slimy for Players: Knockback increase is now 1.5x from 50% increase, Jump boost is changed to 200% from 300%.
    • Wet for Enemies: Old defense/contact damage removed, now reduces damage the enemy deals by 7% and all damage they recieve by 8%, damage reduction now works with NPC's projectiles.
    • Slimy for Enemies: Now they recieve 1.5x more knockback on top of % health Burn effect.
  • Slime Princess
    • Removed the whole Player recieveing bonus damage mechanic
    • Sparkle Slime on enemies now only slows, by 55% (for 30 seconds)
    • Removed/Changed Player 5th hit mechanics
    • New: Sparkle Slime on Players now grant 30% Ability Haste and every 6th hit, increases damage on the hit by 25% and grants a flat 7 shield for 4 seconds.
    • New: Depending on your Ability Haste, you have a chance to have your hits count more than once for the 6th hit counter. And counter does not reset back to 0, rather reduces by 6 so your double counters won't reset. (30% haste from other perk already grants you 30% chance to double the counter)
  • Dual Slimes
    • Since the Pet is combination of Prince and Princess, it directly copies their effects with slight weakened amounts. They are approximetaly 10%> lower.
  • Player:
    • Wet Speed 10% > 9%
    • Wet Damage 8% > 7%
    • Wet Defense 8% > 7%
    • Slimy Knockback Resist and Boost 50% > 45%
    • Slimy Jump Boost 200% > 180%
    • Sparkle Ability Haste 30% > 26%
    • Sparkle Shield 7 > 6
    • Sparkle damage boost 25% > 22%
    • Sparkle hit counter chance 100% > 90%
  • Enemies:
    • Wet lower damage 7% > 6%
    • Wet higher recieved damage 8% > 7%
    • Slimy bonus recieved knockback 50% > 45%
    • Slimy % health damage 1.5% > 1.3%
    • Slimy % health damage cap 50 > 45
    • Sparkle slow 55% > 50%
  • Ice Queen
    • Reduced cooldown to 3 minutes from 5 minutes.
    • New: Slows all enemies in a 30 block radius during Freeze time by 1000%.
    • New: End of the Freeze time, deals 200 base damage damage to all enemies in 30 block radius, which scales by Player's generic damage and crit chance bonuses.
    • New: Visual/sound effects.
  • Itsy Betsy
    • Reduced Maximum stacks to 20 from 25
    • Defense reduction now applies on hit, making it smoother.
    • New: Upon killing an enemy with Queen's Damnation debuff, recovers Killer's missing health by 0.04% per stack, the amount is doubled if Target is at max stacks. (16% missing health) This healing is a Lifesteal, meaning it respects lifeSteal cap of Player and can lifesteal even at low values. (eg. u might even gain health while you have 1 missing health and got 1 stack on enemy)
    • Anyone can benefit from the heal just like how they can from the defense reduction
  • The Twins (Rez and Spaz)
    • Removed inflicting debuffs except Cursed Inferno from close range, reduced Cursed Inferno time to 4 seconds from 5
    • Reduced maximum range to proc close range benefits to 7 blocks from 10 blocks
    • New: Close range attacks now Lifesteal, how much you recover is your Defense stat multiplied by 2, multiplied by your damage reduction stat, (eg if you have 50 defense with 10% damage reduction, the value is 110) and how many % of it u will recover is 1% of the damage you dealt. Eg: dealing 100 damage with 60 defense, 0 damage reduction gives you 1% lifesteal on 120. (Heals pretty good with some defense!
    • Is now defensive secondary
  • Bunny
    • Removed bonus extra spacebar holding while jumping
    • Increased jump boost per stack to 2% from 1%
    • Reduced movement speed per stack to 0.5% from 1%
  • Moonling
    • New: Now instead checks which class damage you have the highest to apply benefits rather than checking your held item. Defaults to Melee. (Checks Melee>Ranged>Magic>Summoner)
    • Melee damage reduction is now a stat rather than directly reducing upon taking hit.
    • Summon damage lowered to 10% from 20%
    • Summon whip range lowered to 55% from 65%
    • Summon Max minion increased to 2 from 1
    • New: Increases max sentries by 2
  • Plantera Seedling
    • Changed formula for execute: Now using non-linear formula, increases dealt damage depending on how low enemies health is, Maximum amount is now 100% more damage, execute damage now should be way more consistent and prominent with higher healths instead of being barely visible until reaching around 10% health then spiking out of the world.
  • Suspicious Eye
    • Cooldown for Phase reactivation reduced to 1.5 minutes from 2
    • Phase 2 activation is now flat 30 seconds from 20 + def consumed / 4
    • Removed own cooldown refresh text
  • Deerclops
    • Chilling Fear debuff removed, now slows by 40% for 5 seconds (5 second confusion applies aswell), applies Frostburn again but stage 1
    • Now grants damage immunity of all types, increased time to 3 second from 2.5
    • Removed Health recovery
  • Shark Pup
    • Removed Angler armor bonuses
    • Reduced fishing power bonus to 10 from 13
    • Reduced dealt/recieved damage bonus/reduction to sea creatures to 20% from 25%
  • Skeletron Prime
    • Removed old shield, now grants 5 shields.
    • First shield works while at full health, and others work while Player is below 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% health respectively. Shields are 8% of maximum health. First shield to trigger is always the lowest possible one.
    • Every 25 seconds, lowest health shield gets recovered.
    • A shield dissapears after 5 seconds of being hit.
    • Removed +10 armor pen while Player has any shield active.
  • Skeletron Jr.
    • Player now recieves 0 damage instead of 1 and takes no Knockback.
    • Player's damage recieveing over time is altered, now it uses the spesific damage entry and damages the Player every second and subtracts how much it used.
    • Enemies now take full damage, but take 0 damage. (To allow on-hit effects that works with the damage dealt, such as lifesteal) Besides this, enemies aren't much changed.
  • Town Pet Balance Changes​

    • Bunny
      • Reduced Jump multiplier from 1.08/1.12/1.18x to 1.08/1.11/1.15x
    • Cat
      • Reduced Speed multiplier from 1.025/1.05/1.08x to 1.025/1.05/1.075x
    • Old Slime
      • Reduced defense increase from +2/3/5 to +1/2/3
      • New: Grants 5/10/15% Knockback resistance.
    • Mystic Slime
      • Removed Mana Regen
      • New: Grants 2/4/6% Ability Haste, allowing it to be benefitable by other classes than Mage.
    • Nerd Slime
      • Removed Scope effect
      • Changed Build Speed multiplier from 1.05/1.15/1.35x to 1.1/1.2/1.3x
      • Now grants Dangersense Pre-Hardmode, other side benefits, Wire Vision, Night Vision and Ultrabright Shine unchanged.

    Systemical Changes and Additions​

    • IMPORTANT: There is now a Toggleable 5% lower damage on hit and 5% more recieved damage in your Configs that is disabled by default. This is implemented due to the Mod adding a lot of powercreep, if you want to enjoy Pets Overhaul but at the same time you don't want the game to be easier, this is for you! (Can increase it a bit higher depending on feedback)
    • Almost all the codes are rewritten to be better, more readable and higher quality.
    • Implemented a new Weight System for randomized item drop chances.
      • All Items Weight on the table combined, divided by X Item's Weight = X's drop chance on that table.
    • New randomized chance system, where the chance can be overloaded more than 100%, allowing for easily increasable chances with no errors.
    • New Lifesteal/Manasteal system, where it correctly respects limits of Player's maximum health/maximum mana and lifeSteal limit and easily contains extra amounts. Also now rolls the overflow/unaccounted amount to increase the amount by 1.
      • This means even if the damage dealt is not enough to recover health, you still can. Eg: 10 damage with 1% lifesteal can recover 1 health 10% of the time, 195 damage with 1% lifesteal recovers 1 health, and 2 health 95% of the time.
      • Now lifesteal wont work on statue spawned enemies, dummies and friendly npcs.
    • Pets now does not require them to be visible/have their buff active on the Player for their effects to take in action, only the Pet on Pet Slot will grant benefits, allowing for;
      • Vanity Pets! You can disable visibility of your equipped Pet and summon another Pet using the Pet Item! This way you can still have your favourite Pet visible but have another Pet's effects working!
      • Mod compability with Mods that allow for extra Pets to be active, this way a single Pet will have their effect on no matter what,
      • Reaching Buff limit and having your Pet disabled not being an issue,
      • Letting Player to decide to not see the Pet that they dislike but still use the Pets Effects that they love,
      • Possibly reducing screen clutter.
    • Many new variables have been added to improve accessibility to Pets Overhaul from outside. Added new Tile sets for Mining/Harvesting pets etc. for easier access and convenience.
      • New Tile sets are: Choppables, Gems, Extractables and Rare Plants.
      • New adjustable variables for Pets Effects, setting up for Tiers Update and way greater opportunity to be crossmodded.
      • Existing variables are now 'public' except a few, allowing for more freedom for outside sources on modifying Pets Overhaul.
    • Pet effect update orders have been adjusted.
    • Pet Swapping cooldown has been implemented, upon swapping a Pet, you will recieve Oblivious Pet debuff for 10 seconds, which disables Pets Combat related effects.
      • Effects that are not related to combat, that are more economic etc. are not disabled with the debuff.
      • A config option to disable this cooldown exists.
    • Fixed/Improved the system that checks if the Tile was placed by a Player.
      • Fixed check not working if the tile is broken by more than 1 hits. A pickaxe hit on a tile would remove the check on the tile.
      • Removed an unnecessary check from the code, which should make this whole system more consistent.
      • The block replacement mechanic now does not ignore this system, correctly adds a check for that tile.
      • Removing a tile with block replacement mechanic now gives you full benefits if the replaced tile was not placed by a Player before.
    • Slightly improved all hurt/death sounds, added a few new ones and changed code to be slightly more efficient.
      • Now death sounds, passive sounds and ability sounds can now be disabled by Config aswell.
      • Passive sound effects happen roughly every 1 minute.
    • Slime Gun and Water Gun is back to applying their regular amount of time, 30 seconds.
    • Whole Slow mechanic is now reworked and are far greater.
      • Slows now reduce the velocity amount non-linearly, eg. 200% slow 'actually' reduces the velocity amount by 66%, which makes the enemy travel 200% less.
      • Slows now correctly reduce the velocity and proceed to not persist next frame, this resulted in slowing enemies way, way off the intended amount.
      • Slowing enemies that are affected by Gravity now does not affect their vertical velocity. This caused them to unable to jump and fall down extremely slow, this now is fixed. Enemies that flies/floats etc. will still have their both vertical and horizontal movement reduced.
      • Slows on an npc are now stored on a list with a slow id (what Pet applied this slow), a slow amount and a slow timer.
      • An npc cannot have more slows of the same slow id, however, slows with same id that are greater replaces the older one. A newly applied slow with higher timer of the same type and same slow amount also replaces old one.
      • Slows now easily stack together and are applied very easily.
    • Now all Pets share 1 variable for ability cooldowns. And new mechanic: Ability Haste
      • Ability Haste reduces your current Pet ability cooldown non-linearly. (for balance) And increases most abilities proccing frequency where they don't have a timer.
      • Vanilla's 'cooldown refreshed' sound effect now plays upon timer hitting 0, does not play if said Cooldown is lower than half a second.
      • This makes all cooldowns smoother, before, you would have to wait for the timer to tick up/down a little in order to use the ability for some cases, this now doesn't exist unless you use an ability with long cooldown. (Doubt it'd happen because of Oblivious Pet debuff, but still.)
      • This should help to prevent Pet-Swapping even further. Eg. Player uses Ice Queen Pet, gets revived, then proceeds to switch to another Pet with a high cooldown and benefit from its ability aswell. Of course this does not prevent anything that doesn't use cooldowns.
      • Now timer is set to 0 when Player dies, before a timer would not change upon death.
    • Improved the Shield mechanic, now can completely block (dodge) a hit if the Shield is enough instead of being maximum of 1 damage.
      • If you are recieveing 0 damage, it also makes it so you take no knockback, and follows vanilla rules for applying invisibility frames.
    • Prince/Princess/Dual slime checks now return which Player has the Slime.
    • Other fixes.
      • Fixed Crimson Mushroom not working with Common Plant benefits.
      • Fixed Pair of Eyeballs's Spazmatism Trophy crafting recipe not appearing next to Retinazer's recipe.
      • Fixed many consistency issues.
      • Fixed item/npc/projectile source issues.
      • Fixed extremely rare cases of timers being able to go over their numerical limit.
      • Fixed sound effects playing where Player is instead of where the target is for sound effects that play on hit etc.
      • Fixed some overlooked half done fixes due to a Pet using 2 different methods, such as containing both hitting with a item (melee weapons etc.) and projectile.
      • Fixed Pygmy Staff not being recognized as a Plantera weapon correctly
      • Fixed sometimes healing effects being able to heal over the health limit
      • Fixed Sentry projectiles not being recognized as Sentry projectiles, this fixes Propeller Gato now.
      • Fixed slows sometimes only being applied to 1 enemy.
      • Fixed rare cases of a supposedly limited value being able to exceed the supposed limit.
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Following Updates of 2.0, Many Bugfixes and Improvements
High amounts of bug fixes and changes to push the quality further. And a few balance changes.

Junimo and other Fixes, Patch - October 6, 2023​

  • Fixes/QoL Changes
    • Ogre now checks if held item is a Melee weapon and checks if Player is on a mount or not correctly
    • Fixed Ogre multiplying defense by 0.25x not 1.25x
    • Added a check for Skeletron Jr.'s timer to not go off the numerical limit
    • Skeletron Jr. now uses assigned variables for how long Player takes damage for or how much enemies will take extra damage (so that they can be modified easier)
    • Removed old unused code.
    • Fixed Junimo Pet Exp for Mining and Harvesting not being obtainable if their economical Perks were working.
    • Fixed Junimo Exp not checking Player's preference of the config option for all sources of Fishing exp, wheter it be Angler Quests, Sea Creature kills or directly caught fishes.

Patch - October 6, 2023​

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Honey Bee Pet checking item on use (by litteraly clicking with your mouse) instead of upon consuming, causing Quick Heal to nullify all effects.
    • Fixed setting all timers and shields to 0 even when Player doesn't actually die (Eg. Ice Queen or any other Guardian Angel effect)
    • Fixed Eater of Worlds applying checks while even Pet is not in use.

Patch - October 7, 2023​

  • Bug Fixes
    • Added defensive code to prevent cases of an item instance unable to be called, causing freezes.

Tooltips + Fixes & New Icon, Patch 2.0.1 - October 7, 2023​

  • Additions
    • Added New Icon made by: Furqi
    • Added updated changes from 2.0 to tooltips
  • Bug Fixes
    • Our beloved little Skeletron Jr. is FINALLY FIXED, and seems to work flawlessly!! Properly applies damage quarter of the whole list every 1 second, and kills the Player when they go below 0 health and does not spam Player with 1's. Enemies work properly already. (Was an absolute nightmare my god)
    • Fixed Ice Queen checking if Player has Ice Queen Pet buff and with no Pet Swap cooldown. Resulting in ability proccing after respawn, if Player dies while Ice Queen is on swap cooldown.
    • Fixed Glommer Pet playing wrong hurt sound effects.
    • Fixed Phantasmal Dragon using wrong variable for Melee attacks, instead of using the timer resulting in not working.
    • Fixed Baby Truffle multiplying Defense by 0.04x instead of 1.04x, and knockback increasing by %0.04 instead of multiplying by 0.04x
    • Fixed Harpy checking how much the timer is wrong, resulting in multiple "Cooldown Refreshed!" messages.
    • Fixed Baby Face Monster using the global timer instead of its own timer for its effects, resulting in a permament bonus shield and maximum life regen if the global timer was low enough beforehand.
  • Balance Changes
    • Plantero
      • Reduced spore chance to 15% from 20%
    • Spider Brain
      • Reduced lifesteal to 6.5% from 8%
      • Reduced Pool recovery to 12 health every 5 seconds from 15 health every 5 seconds
    • Suspicious Eye (was undocumented, done in 2.0)
      • Increased Speed boost to 80% of defense consumption from 25%
    • Mini Prime (undocumented again)
      • Shield amount reduced to 6% from 8% maximum health

Patch - October 7, 2023​

  • Fixes
    • Fixed Baby Face Monster's cooldown displaying in chat.
    • Removed the chat notice on world load for tooltips, because tooltips already are updated.

Variable & Balance improvements, Bug Fixes, Patch 2.0.2 - October 8, 2023​


  • All Pets now correctly assign variables to determine values for their perks, so that they are easily adjustable/retrieveable (A few weren't doing so)
  • Fixed all cases of where Float values that would multiply a stat would not factor in the base stat, resulting on multiplication by eg. 0.04x instead of intended 1.04x.
  • Fixed cases of Float values 'adding' instead of supposed, multiplying.
  • Absurd amount of grammatical corrections and fixes, changed tooltips slightly to be clearer and to not give wrong info.
  • Fixed Eye of Cthulhu spamming if its Cooldown has been refreshed or not
  • Fixed Plantera Seedling still using wrong formula, scaling started from 1.5x, now correctly starts from 1x all the way up to 2x the lower enemies health is.
  • Fixed Cool Town Slime granting 100x lower critical chance than intended.
  • Fixed Tiki Totem checking if whip attack speed bonuses are higher than 100% to activate, rather than intended 0%.
  • Modified a few Town Pet Buffs to further provide more accurate information.

Balance Changes​

  • Penguin
    • Increased Chilled reduction multiplier to 0.55x from 0.4x.
  • Alien Skater
    • Reduced Wing time multiplier to 1.4x instead of 1.5x
    • Reduced Horizontal Speed/Acceleration flat bonus to 90% from 100%
  • Turtle
    • Increased Defense multiplier to 1.11x from 1.10x
  • Eater of Worlds
    • Increased mining an extra nearby ore chance to 60% from 50%
  • Mini Prime
    • Decreased Damage/crit chance while a shield is active to 7% from 10%
    • Decreased (also fixed) Defense multiplier to 1.15x from 1.2x
  • Queen Slime
    • Increased Slow to 65% from 55%
    • Dual Slime Slow increased to 59% from 50%
  • Spider
    • Fixed 1 knockback increase being additive while other is multiplicative, now both is multiplicative
    • Increased Venom knockback multiplier to 1.6x from 150%
  • Squashling (Undocumented, done in 2.0)
    • Reduced extra Plant chance to 80% from 85%
  • Suspicious Eye
    • Reduced Speed per defense consumed to 0.6% from 0.8%

QoL Changes​

  • Junimo
    • Now if Junimo is equipped as primary Pet, the stat bonuses etc. will be still in effect wheter or not Player has Oblivious Pet debuff. Oblivious Pet debuff still does affect if the Stat bonuses will be doubled or not though. Still has no effects on economical perks whatsoever.
    • Changed tooltip to reflect the fact that it grants % health increase with Harvesting, the minimum amount of it and updated Harvesting granting 2.5 copper (per level) instead of 3 copper, and it now includes the fact that it gives more copper (50 per level) if the harvested Plant is a Rare Plant
  • Shark Pup
    • Now fishing power ignores Pet Swap Cooldown
  • Volt Bunny
    • Now displays Lightning Rod immunity message upon getting Electrified

Patch - October 9, 2023​


  • Fixed Ice Queen only granting immunity to regular type of damage, rather than all while player is in the frozen tomb state, meaning now it makes you immune to special boss immunity (Empress of Light, Moon Lord and most Modded Bosses), lava, tile contact damage and a few other ones.
  • Adjusted accessibility of a few variables.
  • Removed the line from Mod Description that mentions 'pet effects being tied to pets buff'.
  • Now Mod Description mentions how to have a 'vanity pet' and that Pet should be equipped in player's Pet slot.
  • (Done before, was undocumented) Adjusted Dynamite Kitten's projectile to be smoother with immunity frames.
  • A few tooltip corrections
    • Fixed Zephyr Fish missing on explaining its conditions to grant 120% stack increase
    • Updated Mini Prime's and Princess Slime's values to match latest patch
    • Glittery Butterfly now correctly mentions its interaction with specifically Fledgling Wings being worse than other wings.
    • Junimo now also mentions it increases extractable drop rates in Mining perk and mentions it multiplicatively increases player's fishing power.
    • Baby Hornet's tooltip's friendly Bee summoning perk is made to be more clear and include how much knockback bees does and the fact that Hive Pack works with it.
Updated Icon, Updated icons/code/tooltips of buffs and items added by Pets Overhaul and Fixes

Added Buffs and Items Improvement, Patch 2.0.3 - October 10, 2023​


  • Mod now uses a better Icon that suits in game far greater both in Mod List and Mod Browser, Steam Workshop Icon unchaged with its full glory.
  • Both Steam, In game description and Forums page now mentions new mechanic Ability Haste and further adjusted to match a more updated Pets Overhaul.
  • Town Pet Buffs are now applied for 2 frames instead of 1 to prevent from them overlapping each other.
  • Fixed a few typos in tooltips.
  • Buffs added by Pets Overhaul's tooltips are now included in the localization file.
  • Mauled and Queen's Damnation now display how much stacks are on the NPC (If you can somehow view it). This also means the buff also stores how much stacks are on the owner of the buff.
  • Honey Overdose now displays in buff description that it gives 15% Ability Haste.
  • New Icons for Mauled, Honey Overdose, Oblivious Pet and Queen's Damnation. Queen's Damnation uses Vanilla Withered Armor icon.
  • New Sprite for Endless Balloon Sack and animated sprite for Mastery Shard (Will be added tomorrow!).
  • Fixed Plantera Seedling displaying chat message on hit

Patch - October 11, 2023​


  • Fixed Mastery Shard drop code not working
  • Fixed Mastery Shard check for Eye of Cthulhu not working
  • Fixed Lizard Pet transformation only working under very weird conditions instead of simply, well, when it should.
New Buff Icons

New Mod Icon for Discord/In game


All artwork credit goes to Furqi
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2.1 Update, heavily changed Tooltips, they now retrieve values directly from Pets, several fixes, new animated Mastery Shard Sprite, added Egg and more.

Heavily Improved Tooltip System, Fixes and Additions, Patch 2.1 - October 12, 2023​


  • Mastery Shard's texture has been changed to its full glory! Its now animated. (Credits to: Furqi)
    • Now gives off a shine and modified its properties to be an overall higher quality item.
    • Now floats midair.
  • Added new item, Egg. Which is almost same as Rotten Egg except can be 'cooked' (craft) into Fried Egg. (Simply, making it make sense, a fried egg directly coming out of Chicken, hot and ready to serve. Please.)
  • Fixed after using any weapon that uses arrows as ammo, Hoardagron's arrow perk causing all Hooks and any arrow with infinite penetration to be disabled.
  • Fixed Estee not recognizing generic damage bonuses, instead, only recognizing solely magic damage bonuses.
  • Fixed Blue Chicken, Glommer and Dynamite Kitten causing errors if their Pet buff is not present.
  • All Tooltips are changed to now retrieve values directly from the Pet's variables itself, instead of just using the text thats written manually.
    • This means, all Tooltips are now dynamic. If a change has been happened to Pet's values, tooltip will adapt to it.
    • This allows for most updates to be done easier and lesser amount of cases of 'forgetting to update the tooltip'.
    • This helps for any localizations in the future.
    • This sets a far greater structure for future updates.
    • This allows for greater compability for outside modifications and cross-modding with Pets Overhaul.
  • Tooltips now also use defensive code, for extremely rare cases where the Pet's class would not exist/could not be retrieved. In that case, tooltip will be now simply empty.
  • Following tooltip changes, many mistakes in tooltips are now corrected.
    • Typo fixes
    • Grammar fixes
  • This also means all pets have been checked to make sure their values are correct and are not missing something;
    • Fixed Turtle Pet not reducing damage by 5%, and multiplies defense by the intended amount 1.11x rather than 1.1x
    • Fixed Hoardagron's boss treshold still being 5%, now is 6%
    • Fixed Estee reducing Magic damage by 20% of Mana Sickness, not 25%
    • Fixed Penguin multiplying by 0.55x, rather than intended 0.45x
    • Fixed Mini Prime granting 0.07% crit chance rather than intended 7%
    • And more.

Balance Changes​

  • Spiffo
    • Reduced armor pen vs. zombies to 4 from 6
    • Reduced ammo reserving chance to 10% from 15%
    • New: Now if your ranged class projectile kills any enemy, your projectile has a 50% chance to not lose any pierce by hitting that enemy. (Basically +1 pierce if conditions are met)
  • Junimo
    • Junimo now has +2 levels! These should be WAY harder to level up to.
    • Increased Junimo Mining level requirements to better match latest buffs to the Mining experience table.
    • This will not make you lose levels. Achieveing a new level may be possibly harder though.
    • Experience table changes: (how much to go next level)
    • Junimo Experience requirement changes: (how much to go next level)

      - Harvesting
      25: 32500
      26: 42500

      - Mining
      1: 15 (unchanged)
      2: 40
      3: 80
      4: 135
      5: 200
      6: 290
      7: 400
      8: 550
      9: 750
      10: 1100
      11: 1550
      12: 2200
      13: 2900
      14: 3800
      15: 5000
      16: 6500
      17: 8500
      18: 11000
      19: 14000
      20: 18000
      21: 22000
      22: 27000
      23: 33000
      24: 40000
      25: 49000
      26: 60000

      25: 6000
      26: 7750
  • Baby Truffle
    • Changed it to not be inconsistent with either multiplying or increasing by a flat amount, now directly increases all stats by a flat amount, only exception is where the stat being increased/decreased by a flat amount might cause issues. (eg. recieved knockback will still be multiplied) Also this should overall be a buff except for some very lategame scenarios.
  • Moonling
    • Melee now grants +10 defense on top of other perks.
  • Blue Chicken
    • Removed Tipsy effect.
    • Now gives Player the new item, Egg instead of a Fried Egg. Is now slightly more frequent.
  • Dynamite Kitten
    • New: Now deals 1.7x times the initial knockback
    • Reduced armor penetration to 15 from 20
2.2 Update & 2.1 Patches, Improved Quality of existing systems by a lot. Thanks to WaffleDevs for contributions!

Code and System Improvements, Patch 2.2 - October 17, 2023​


  • Player Handicap Config Option (Making Player recieve more damage and deal less damage, due to Pets Overhaul adding extra Power Creep) now is a Slider, keep it at 0 for this to be disabled, can go up to 15%.
  • Other improvements to Config Options such as tooltips etc.
  • Heavily improved Shield system (More details on Balance below)
  • Many Systems have been made to be more efficient and use lower amount of code.
  • Custom Sound effect system is now easier to manage and is improved.
  • Heavily improved Junimo code, reduced amount of code by immense amount.
  • Certain lists such as Junimo Experience list has been heavily improved, Junimo exp list can now use precise decimal numbers (more details on Balance Changes below)
  • All Pets ID's etc. are now contained in a big Dictionary.
  • Now Pets contain their own Tooltip information in their own file rather than 1 big file, furthermore reduced amount of item instances the Mod creates with this.
  • Tile checks is now done in the item itself and is overall smoother. This new system allows for items such as bombs to be benefitted with all types of Gathering pets.
  • Added more tile sets and List for tiles (Intendedly for plants, though, can be used with anything) to check wheter or not select tile is the correct one out of its other variables.
  • Crossmod support's base has been implemented. Made it way easier to add more content.
  • Tooltip Toggle config's tooltip line that mentions holding down button is now solely written on Pet items, rather than every single one.

Balance Changes​

  • Junimo
    • Fishing experiences will be further smoothened/improved very soon alongside modded fish/plant/ore etc. support!
    • Now a Rare Plant overrides a Plant, a Plant overrides Mining boosts on a singular item. (This is to prevent gems from Gemcorn Trees granting both Harvesting and Mining benefits or to prevent other possible added modded item conflicts)
    • All Crates now gives 5 exp.
    • T1 mining exp lowered to 0.9 from 1 exp.
    • T5 mining exp lowered to 4.7 from 5 exp
    • T6 mining exp lowered to 5.5 from 6 exp
    • T7 mining exp lowered to 7.5 from 8 exp
    • T8 mining exp lowered to 9 from 10 exp
    • T9 mining exp lowered to 10.5 from 12 exp
    • T10 mining exp lowered to 12 from 13 exp
    • T11 mining exp is now 13 exp, Luminite is only T11, used to be T10 alongside Chlorophyte
    • Now all (pretty much all except seed obtained from grasses while you have a blowgun in your inventory) sorts of Seeds gives 1.25 exp from 2 exp
    • Common Plants now gives 2.2 exp from 2 exp
    • Acorns now gives 0.8 exp from 1 exp
    • Woods (and Stone block for Gemstone Trees) now gives 1.5 exp from 1 exp
    • Greater woods such as Pearlwood and Spooky wood (If you somehow can cut a Spooky Wood tree.) now gives 3 exp
    • Gemcorns and all gems now gives 2.5 exp (Remember you will only get Harvesting Exp with the Gemcorns, no Mining exp!)
  • Eater of Worms
    • Increased chance to proc from 60% to 75%
    • New: Now randomizes which block to mine out of all blocks that meets its criteria, rather than mining the first occuring block that meets its criteria.
  • All Pets With Shields
    • New: Now all shields can stack together. Whenever Player gains a shield, its now stored in a List with its own cooldown, and upon receiving damage, Shield with the lowest cooldown is deducted, while higher ones remain untouched as long as the damage is not high enough to impact them.
    • This should be a big buff for Pets like Pigman, Shark Pup and Princess Slime, where they can stack shields before a shield runs out.

  • Big thanks to WaffleDevs for his contributions!

Patch - October 13, 2023​


  • Fixed Junimo's maximum levels not being set, resulting in them being 0.
  • Added Config option to disable log-in notice message.
  • Fixed Hornet's Bee spawning being way, way rarer than intended for projectiles.
  • Phantasmal Dragon's and Baby Hornet's projectile checks that are used to prevent them from spawning themselves are now being done alongside other pet's checks to reduce amount of instances per projectile, and the checking code has been improved to be more compact and efficient. (Now only exception to these are Pets that directly modifies the Projectile in some way for their own use, eg. Hoardagron or Prince/Dual Slimes)
  • (undocumented from 2.1 Patch) Fixed Chester increasing pickup range by quarter of a tile, rather than intended 4 tiles.
  • Fixed Baby Hornet, Tiny Deerclops and Parrot still playing their Ability Sounds even if config option has disabled them.
  • Small tooltip fixes.

Patch - October 13, 2023​


  • Jungle Spores are now included as a common plant for all harvesting purposes
  • Fixed Cursed Sapling multiplying damage, rather than increasing flat.
  • Fixed Ice Queen's cooldown being 5 minutes rather than intended 3.
  • Fixed Seedling not applying usual Lifesteal checks.
  • Bunch of tooltip fixes
    • Fixed Junimo only displaying how much experience next level needs, rather than how much is left for Player to level up to the next level.
    • Fixed Companion Cube not having a 'default' value for life recovery percentage
    • Fixed Zephyr Fish displaying maximum fishing power wrong
    • Fixed Baby Hornet missing Movement speed value
    • Better rephrased Fennec Fox to reflect correct information.
    • Fixed Suspicious Eye displaying quite incorrect values for its time related variables.
    • Fixed Tiny Fishron not displaying current fishing power multiplier of it if it isn't in use.
    • Fixed Moonling not displaying a few Summon related stats.
    • Fixed a lot of other spacing mistakes and %'s for multipliers where there should be an x, added some %'s where needed, corrected displaying of numbers that multiplies, some cases of multiplying to display rather than divide and a lot more small fixes.
    • Grammar fixes.

Patch - October 13, 2023​


  • Fixed Deerclops being able to inflict Confusion to bosses somehow.
  • Deerclops now does not inflict Confusion and Frostfire to friendly Npc's.
  • Partially fixed most Pets that works on pick-ups.
  • Also everything from since Steam was being funny and did not release for some reason

Patch - October 13, 2023​

  • Fixed Twins not being considered as a boss for general checks, eg. Twins pet, Deerclops pet etc.
  • Fixed item picking up displaying chat message

Pickup Perks Improvements, Patch - October 13, 2023​

  • Fixed the check for item pickups. It now only runs upon item appearing inside Player's inventory, rather than when Player is trying to 'pickup' the item, and is not run by all pets that utilizes this check, rather than only on the main class.
    • This means the check will be always applied after the 'On Pickup' effects takes in place.
    • This fixes issue of most 'on pickup' perks being unusable if Junimo were to already check the item as picked up before.
    • Wheter item has been picked up or not check is not saved upon closing the world etc., however due to how Pets also check if item's source is from breaking a tile or not, this shouldn't be exploitable. Only other possibility could've been putting in chests, breaking the chest and picking up items, but yeah.
  • Now all 'pick up' perks correctly work per item in the stack, rather than working once, and calling it a day. This means for following pets/perks, collecting any item where stack is more than 1 is now fixed to be proccing multiple times:
    • Junimo's Rare Plant money
    • Junimo's Regular Plant money
    • Junimo's Mining increase chance
    • Junimo's Fishing Experience (Other experiences worked properly)
    • Baby Red Panda's Bamboo increase
    • Blue Chicken's loot table chance for all 3 tables.
    • Caveling Gardener's all 3 chances
    • Baby Dinosaur's loot table chance
    • Shadow Mimic's all coin and item increase chances
    • Destroyer's increase chance
  • Junimo's Sea Creature code is removed due to multiplayer issues, now instead gives fishing experience directly on kill (you have to last hit it though!(this is the case for all 'on kill' perks))

Balance Changes​

  • Destroyer
    • Increased defense multiplier to 1.22x from 1.1x
  • Junimo
    • Sea Creature exp has been modified, Dreadnautilus now gives +50 on kill, Hemogoblin Shark and Blood Eel gives +30 on kill and Wandering Eye Fish and Zombie Merman gives +15 on kill. Anything else defaults to +20.
2.2.1 Update & 2.2 Patches, New Player Fortune and Exp boost stats, many systemical improvements & fixes.

Patch - October 18, 2023​


  • Fixed In game notice color not applying correctly.
  • Fixed Junimo not being able to gain any Rare Plant experience.
  • Fixed Spiffo having old values, now correctly gives 4 penetration and 10% chance to not consume ammo.
  • Fixed unnecessary usage of 'more' and 'less' with multipliers on tooltips. (Eg. 1.2x more damage, got rid of the "more's")
  • Grammar fixes in tooltips.
  • Grammar fixes in mod description.

Patch - October 18, 2023​

Fixes & QoL Additions​

  • Fixed Jungle Spores not being included in Harvesting list, now they give 3.5 experience per.
  • Junimo's Tooltip now includes how much total experience a Skill currently has.
  • Tweaked Junimo's code very slightly on limitations of Maximum levels.
  • Added all of Dye Plants to its respective list. (They were using the 'default' value before this)

Patch - October 18, 2023​


  • Fixed Junimo level increase trying to check for level 27's required experience amount to go to next level, while level 27 does not have a required experience amount implemented. Now checks if level is maxed or not before trying to see if current experience is meeting the experience requirement to go to next level.

Patch - October 19, 2023​

Additions & Changes & Fixes​

  • Fixed the check for Plants that requires a tile variation not retrieveing the correct variation.
  • Fixed Gem Trees not being included in 'choppables' check
  • Junimo now does not separate Rare Plants and regular Plants, they all are in same list, though, of course with different values than other Plants. (Other Pets still uses it to prevent lesser amounts)
  • Junimo Harvesting now uses 120% of the exp of item as Coins. Eg: if item is giving you 2.2 exp, it will give you 2.64 copper coins (2 copper + 64% chance for +1).
  • Now Junimo's default values uses randomizer aswell and all default values are now 0.5.

Patch - October 20, 2023​

Fixes & Changes​

  • Now Items for Harvesting purposes and a few others on spawn (spesifically anything that needs to check a multitile) won't be checking their source tile except for situations where its needed due to a problem with multi tiles. They will solely check whether or not item is from breaking a tile. And check for it will be determined on what the item is.
  • Harvesting Pets will not separate trees and plants since they are already in the same category/list. (except for specific cases)
  • Whats considered a Rare Plant is now simply Harvesting items that have value of 25 base experience in Junimo's list or higher.

New Player Stats, Patch 2.2.1 - October 22, 2023​

Changes & Additions & Fixes​

  • Now all Pets that gives Player an extra item (eg. giving +1 ore with 50% chance) now directly gives the item to the Player on their own, rather than increasing the stack, allowing to be able to act as its own separate thing and pass information about its source.
  • Now all Pets that creates a new Entity (Pets that gives an item, Pets that spawns in its own projectile etc.) passes a shared source, allowing them to be interacted via their source.
    • If interested with interacting with them, they all are EntitySource_Misc where the context is following:
    • HarvestingItem (affected by Exp and Fortune benefits)
    • MiningItem (affected by Exp and Fortune benefits)
    • FishingItem (affected by Exp and Fortune benefits)
    • PetProjectile (currently nothing special)
    • HarvestingFortuneItem (affected by Exp and no other benefit)
    • MiningFortuneItem (affected by Exp and no other benefit)
    • FishingFortuneItem (affected by Exp and no other benefit)
  • Following this, there are new 6 Player Stats; (They are unobtainable, thier display and distribution will be added later, you may think of this as a base implementation, though they are as if now, functioning.)
  • Fortune stats, which can increase its respective drops obtained by any Pet with the chance of given amount;
    • Harvesting Fortune
    • Mining Fortune
    • Fishing Fortune
  • Exp Boost stats, which increases experience gained by Junimo by the given amount;
    • Harvesting Exp Boost
    • Mining Exp Boost
    • Fishing Exp Boost
  • This interaction used to be inconsistent overall, eg. if the equipped Pet were to be called before Junimo's code, Junimo could benefit from both Eco and Exp of the Item that Pet gave, but not vice versa.
    • Now Junimo gains exp from everything without compability issues except from itself, whether it be in regular terms, by a Pet or by Fortune stats.
    • Also now if the item is obtained by Fortune, but the item is non existent in its corresponding List, it will simply give 0 exp rather than usual 0.5. (Eg. Dirtiest block giving copper coins would give experience for every copper.)
  • Also Items given by Pets that would not increase an item's stack were entirely ignored by Junimo. Now they give Exp. (Blue Chicken table's items, Baby Dinosaur table's items etc. were the greatest offenders of this, not anymore)
  • Puppy's coins benefits from Harvesting Fortune despite not being a Harvesting pet.
  • Re-Added a small checklist for Wood (choppable) items since Blue Chicken was using them, which caused Blue Chicken's wood table to be inaccessible and would rather give Player regular Plant table.
  • Fixed Cactus and Bamboo not being in Junimo's harvesting list. They are now among the regular Plants due to them being more difficult to obtain compared to other Trees, yielding 2.2 exp per item, unlike other trees which gives 1.5 exp.
  • A few tooltip tweaks/fixes.
2.2.2 Update, Junimo's experience gains are now displayed with a Pop-up text and Major fixes. Update, heavy improvements to Junimo Tables, especially Fishing table. Made it scale up as fish gets rarer way more smoothly, balanced Bomb Fish etc. and overall far, far more superior + some additions to Mining/Harvesting that was sorta left out.

Junimo Exp Improvements & Fixes, Patch 2.2.2 - October 24, 2023​

Fixes & Additions & Changes​

  • Junimo Experience is now shown in a 'message box' in a pop-up text way, that stacks upon every experience gain.
    • They will stay for 3 seconds + the experience amount (in frames, 60 exp = 1 second), up to 10 seconds. So you can 'combo' your exp gains into having a big exp amount if you want to!
    • This can be disabled with the newly added Config option if that is to your liking.
  • Fixed all items that requires a tile check (eg. Stone & gems, or bamboo) that are in Harvesting category completely ignoring the tile check for their eligibility for Harvesting benefits.
  • Added a Steam Workshop description .txt file.
  • Fixed Phantasmal Dragon, Dynamite Kitten, Baby Hornet and Plantero's Projectile sources remaining unchanged.
  • Fixed Rich Mahogany not benefitting from any Harvesting perks.
  • Fixed Rare Plant check being able to coexist alongside Common Plant check. Rare Plant will override regular Plant check.
  • Fixed Sea Creature default exp being 100 times lower than intended and default and set exp's not being affected by Exp boost.
  • Tree Shaking items are now registered correctly for Harvesting purposes.
  • 'Rare Plants' are now all Plants with Harvesting exp value equal or higher than 10, instead of 35.
  • Egg now grants 15 harvesting exp.
  • All fruits except Dragonfruit, Starfruit and Grapes grants 12.5 harvesting exp, the exceptional fruits grants 25 harvesting exp.
  • 'Unstackable' items now grant experience aswell, but solely experience, they still are not affected by anything else.
    • Magical Pumpkin Seed and Eucalyptus Sap grants 250 Harvesting exp.
    • The Dirtiest Block grants 1000 Mining exp.

Junimo Table Changes, Patch - October 24, 2023​

Changes & Additions​

  • Mastery Shard now glows same as Master mode color in overworld.
  • Increased Fishing exp per Angler quest to 40 from 35.
  • New Junimo Harvesting table additions: (Remember all the experience yields increase depending on the Item's stack)
    • Rotten eggs now gives 0.69 exp (tree shake)
    • Coral, Seashell and Starfish now gives 5 exp
    • Jungle Roses and Nature's Gifts now gives 40 exp
    • All Wood Wands now gives 100 exp (tree shake)
  • New Junimo Mining table additions:
    • Crystal Shards now gives 8.5 exp.
    • Life Crystals now gives 25 exp.
    • Gelatin Crystal now gives 125 exp.
  • Junimo Fishing Table revamped:
    • 2 Notes: All hardmode crates yield same exp as their pre-hm counterparts and Quest Fishes have not been included due to their exploitable nature and Angler Quests already granting experience. They will be giving default, 0.5 exp.
    • 0.1 exp Junk catches, except Joja Cola
    • 0.25 exp Frost Daggerfish
    • 0.35 exp Bomb Fish
    • 1 exp all Plentiful rarity fishes and Joja Cola
    • 1.75 exp all Common rarity fishes (except Salmon and Neon Tetra)
    • 2 exp Salmon and Neon Tetra
    • 2.5 exp all Uncommon rarity fishes (except Princess Fish, Oyster and Honeyfin)
    • 2.75 exp Princess Fish, Oyster and Honeyfin
    • 3.5 exp Wooden Crate
    • 3.75 exp all Rare rarity fishes
    • 4 exp Swordfish, Purple Clubberfish
    • 4.75 exp Flarefin Koi, Chaos Fish and Iron Crate
    • 5 exp Rockfish, Sawtooth Shark, Reaver Shark and Alchemy Table
    • 5.5 exp all biome Crates except Hallow and Obsidian
    • 6 exp Hallow Crate and Golden Carp
    • 7.5 exp Golden Crate and Obsidian Crate
    • 10 exp Balloon Pufferfish and Frog Leg
    • 12.5 exp Dread of the Sea, Advanced Combat Techniques and Zephyr Fish
    • 15 exp Bottomless Lava Bucket, Lava Absorbant Sponge and Demon Conch
    • 20 exp Lady of the Lake, Toxikarp, Bladetongue and Crystal Serpent
    • 25 exp Obsidian Swordfish and Scaly Truffle
Tooltip & Many other fixes, Town Pets improvements
Fixed several gamebreaking major bugs, even more tooltip fixes (Biggest one being, now the float (values with percentage) values are rounded, no more 10.00001 etc's.) Town pets and their buff tooltips are heavily improved, with addition of more utility buffs to them and a few other quality improvements such as Caveling Gardener now having its own unique pulsating glow and Pikachu (voltbunny) now paralyzing (heavy slow) enemies on contact.

Patch - October 26, 2023​


  • Fixed Sugar Glider giving Wing that has 0 Wing time causing incompatibility issues with Calamity Mod's Wing Meter, resulting in user's cursor dissapearing, unable to click anything but Settings. (Changed maximum wing time to 1 frame)

Balance Change​

  • Dirtiest Block
    • Now while active, grants Junimo mining experience equal to amount of coins it gives halved by 100, only for dirt and soils.
    • 0.03 mining exp for dirt, 0.02 for soil (common) blocks, no exp for 'all' blocks.

Tooltip Fixes & Cleanup, Patch - October 27, 2023​

Fixes & Changes​

  • Fixed an issue where Tooltip values would display unintendedly high amount of digits where the float value (eg. 10% damage increase is actually +0.1) is multiplied for readability. Now all values that are multiplied for the tooltip rounds them to a number, up to 5 digits to still keep values displayed precisely.
    • Though digits can go up to 5, doesn't mean they will be. This fix should prevent from tooltips having funny numbers now.
  • Player self handicap config option's maximum amount increased to 20% from 15%
  • Tooltip changes
    • Added to Dirtiest Block's tooltip to reflect that it allows Player to gain Junimo's mining exp from dirt and soil blocks.
    • Fixed Penguin's Cold Fish increase change not displaying
    • Rephrased Junimo, made Classes more separate/clean and now shows if config option is active or inactive for non-inventory/equip exp gain.
    • Rephrased Skeletron Jr. quite a bit.
    • Slightly changed a few Config tooltips to reflect greater info.
    • Other many minor tooltip fixes/changes.
  • Cleaned up unused code and tidied the code. (Dropped down by a whopping 0.001 Megabytes)

Town Pet Improvements, Patch 2.2.3 - October 28, 2023​

Fixes & Changes​

  • Tooltip rounding maximum digits are recuded to 2 from 5, since 5 sometimes causing the same problem as before with higher numbers and the value's digits that are more than 2nd are pretty much trivial anyways.
  • Added the Notice to Localization file.
  • Added new Fortune stat; Global Fortune. Affects all other fortune stats with half effectiveness and on its own, affects all items from Pets that doesn't fit into one of the 3 gathering classes.
    • Of course alongside this added a new item source; GlobalFortuneItem, though, unused.
  • Fixed Dirtiest Block's Dirt and Stone benefits checking for if the block was placed by player wrong, resulting in only working with Player placed blocks.
  • Fixed Puppy registering it catching a critter even if the chance for it have returned 0 amount.
  • Changed how Shadow Mimic works, now directly spawns an item rather than increasing stack and now all bonuses are additive together if somehow the obtained item meets more than 1 requirement at the same time.
    • This also fixes it being able to increase an item's stack more than its maximum amount (best offender being coins), since it won't be 'increasing' the stack now.
  • Removed the check for 'maximum stack' from all pets since now none of the Pets actually increases the stack of an item, there shouldn't be any issues now.
    • This means, you can now get multiple of the item that cannot stack.

Balance Changes​

  • Volt Bunny
    • Removed whole 'electrified' mechanic.
    • New: Now enemies that makes contact with you gets paralyzed (slowed) by 300% for 0.75 second.
    • Reduced speed multiplier to 1.08x from 1.1x
  • Caveling Gardener
    • New: Now has a custom, pulsating smoother shine. It also now scales, and added to tooltip to reflect its scaling.
  • Squashling
    • Increased rare plant chance to 10% from 8%
  • Shadow Mimic
    • Decreased Boss drop extra item chance to 5% from 10%, and Bag drop extra item chance to 4% from 5% due to now items that have max stack of 1 also working.
    • Increased Boss coin chance to 7% from 5%, Bag coin chance to 5% from 3%
  • Baby Ogre
    • Increased speed multiplier to 0.6x from 0.5x.
    • Reduced damage reduction to be 2.5%, 5% and 7.5% depending on difficulty from 10% for all.
    • Reduced Melee Multipliers to 3x from 3.5x
    • Defense multiplier is now 1.19x, 1.26x, 1.33x depending on difficulty from flat 1.25x
    • Attack speed multiplier increased to 0.33x from 0.3x.
    • Also fixed tooltip showing wrong numbers for Baby Ogre's health amount and the dynamic values not updating if the Baby Ogre Pet isn't equipped.

Town Pet Changes​

  • Tooltips will now reflect more accurate information
    • Town Pets now follow same tooltip code as regular Pets, roundings etc. has been added.
  • More clarifications in tooltips.
  • Diva
    • Improved logic of Refund a bit.
    • Refund coins are now affected by Global fortune.
  • Mystic
    • New: grants 1/2/3% exp boost to all Mining/Harvesting/Fishing
  • Bunny
    • New: grants 2/4/6% Harvesting exp boost
  • Dog
    • New: grants 2/4/6% Fishing exp boost
    • Fixed actually not giving any Fishing power.
  • Squire
    • New: grants 2/4/6% Mining exp boost
  • Clumsy
    • New: grants 1/2/3 Global fortune
  • Cat
    • New: grants 2/4/6 Fishing fortune
  • Old
    • New: grants 2/4/6 Harvesting fortune
  • Cool
    • New: grants 2/4/6 Mining fortune
  • Diva, Nerdy and Surly haven't been given anything since they already give some decent utility.

Patch - October 29, 2023​

Fixes & Changes​

  • Diva Slime now uses the randomizer mechanic litteraly almost everything else in Pets Overhaul does for way smoother refunds.
    • Eg. buying something even with 1 copper has a small chance of refunding 1 copper now, or buying something that costs 150 copper, while you have 1% discount can give you 2 copper with 50% chance, unlike before; giving 1 copper everytime.
  • Fixed Dirtiest Block displaying chat message.
  • Fixed Junimo's Exp pop-up text index's default being 0, instead of intended -1, causing issues when its attempted to create one if there is no other pop-up texts
    • Also changed its 'reset' system to be more consistent to cover very rare cases aswell.
Major Bug Fixes and Huge Optimizations
Added new custom entity source, EntitySource_Pet, fixed many major bugs that had various impacts from gamebreaking to frusturating things, even stuff that rendered some pets entirely useless. Many, many optimizations, lots of improvements to code, reduced unnecessary workflow a lot, compacted variables per instances, improved Multiplayer compability & more.

Patch 2.2.4 - October 31, 2023​

Fixes & Changes​

  • Fixed Pets not working whatsoever due to their code not being separate from Tooltip code, resulting in the code not applying to any instance of an item except their own Pet item.
    • This fixes Honey Bee from other than increasing user's potions by 10%, not being able to do anything whatsoever.
    • This fixes Pigman Pet from not being able to do anything at all.
  • Mini Prime Fixes
    • Fixed Mini Prime causing errors at situations where it cannot find any shield active such as loading into a world with it, while its the only shield source etc.
    • Fixed Mini Prime Shield not working due to it giving a Shield as long as 1 frame, the 1 frame gets reduced and resulting in the shield dissapearing before it could be used.
    • Fixed Mini Prime unable to retrieve correct amount of shields in the list.
    • Fixed Mini Prime retrieving wrong index values, causing errors.
    • Shortened/Improved code and update order.
  • Shield Fixes
    • Fixed Shields being ineffective in multiplayer.
    • Fixed Shields not being synced to other Players in Multiplayer correctly, such as sound effect, damage text etc.
    • Fixed Shields being able to freeze the game if amount of shield to be reduced is more than a select shield on the list.
    • Fixed Shields causing errors while trying to retrieve shield index
    • Improved code (did NOT shorten one bit, due to now it being correctly synced with server, but it should be more efficient.)
  • Fixed "Global Pet Item"'s enabling fishing item boost.
  • Fixed List sizes causing memory issues, now Lists does not have a set capacity to be allocated for every instance to reduce down memory usage by quite a bit.
  • Fixed Junimo in inventory treating as if it should have double stats (but not double economic benefits) by solely checking if player has oblivious pet debuff or not, now both checks the debuff and checks whether or not player has junimo equipped alongside it.
  • Fixed any harvesting item except cactus and bamboo that is placeable (trees, starfishes etc) being able to be placed and rebroken to reap their benefits.
  • Removed unused checks.
    • This reduces checks applied to all item and projectile instances.
  • Improved and made the Item Check code more efficient and smaller.
  • Created new source type: EntitySource_Pet
    • Which has a ContextType field that passes on in what context Entity was created in.
    • GlobalItem, HarvestingItem, PetProjectile etc. are now all contained in this, way easier and cleaner to use.
  • Changed all Pets that creates a new entity to use the new EntitySource_Pet.
  • Junimo's Items are now all GlobalItem, meaning they are affected by Global Fortune stat but does not grant any exp.
  • Fixed Lightning Whelk Shell, Tulip Shell and Junonia Shell's not being included in Junimo's harvesting list.
  • Pets that creates a projectile on hit now directly cannot create from a Projectile created by another Pet.
  • A few source fixes.
    • Egg that Blue Chicken lays is now HarvestingItem correctly.
    • Glommer's poop and Dirtiest Block's coins are global item now correctly.

Optimization Patch, Patch - November 1, 2023​

Optimizations & Fixes​

  • Fixed Items keeping their old flags when they are re-created by Pets, causing items to be repeatedly taking in effect.
  • Fixed Baby Hornet still keeping old Sources, now correctly uses EntitySource_Pet
  • Fixed Bamboo and Cactus not being in the Tree Tiles list correctly
  • Optimized all Item Checks to now include returning main Item check class last, so now for example if a Pet item is not in use, that pet will not try to retrieve the Item Check while being inactive.
  • Added a Clear to Tile Replacement scenarios to Tiles that are being replaced list. Before, list would keep containing useless items inside and would re-apply the coordinates constantly, causing more memory usage and possibly adding incorrect coordinates to blocks placed by player if the tile has been replaced before. (This is technically also a Bug Fix)
  • Item checks will now ignore checks that are pointless.
  • Removed Bamboo, Tree, Gem Tree, Sea Plant and Rare Herb Boost checks to further reduce amounts of checks passed on to server and checked in real time by client and to reduce checks every item instance contains. Instead they are combined in 1 check.
    • Added new static item sets that contains Tree items and Gem Tree items to compensate for Caveling Gardener and Blue Chicken, and one for Sea Plants but its solely used by the checks, done for consistency.
    • Pets that distincts Rare Plants now checks it theirselves in their own code upon Pickup. Alongside this, aforementioned Pets have their code shortened a bit.
  • Optimized message sent to Server, now won't run the code whatsoever in single player and reduced the message amount that is sent and received to 2 from 3 with the removal and compacting of other item checks.
  • Dirtiest Block fixes
    • Fixed Dirtiest Block displaying chat message
    • Removed 'dirt' check from items for optimization
    • Now checks if the tile was placed by player before anything else, making code more optimized.
    • Fixed Dirtiest Block granting same exp as dirt with common blocks.
    • Fixed regular and biome Stones not included in common tile list.
Hello there, i was wondering if it was possible for you to change how the EXP is getting ? I mean, i have a mod that have a ore bag (so like that my inventory isn't filled with 7654567 differents ore) so when i get the ore, it take them and don't give EXP (same goes with wood), it hurt knowing that i'm only lvl 13 in mining :sigh:

It's just a request tho and i'll completly understand if you don't want to

Anyways, keep the great work !
Hello there, i was wondering if it was possible for you to change how the EXP is getting ? I mean, i have a mod that have a ore bag (so like that my inventory isn't filled with 7654567 differents ore) so when i get the ore, it take them and don't give EXP (same goes with wood), it hurt knowing that i'm only lvl 13 in mining :sigh:

It's just a request tho and i'll completly understand if you don't want to

Anyways, keep the great work !
The thing is, apparently that mod is 99.9% chance disabling vanilla pick-up, which means not only Junimo but almost all economic Pets will probably not work because I use on-pickup for consistency and keeping it as exploitless as possible.

There isn't much I can do, as far as I see that mod might be able to make their code run after mine (So that my effects will proceed to take in place, then that mod will disable the vanilla pick-up and run how they do it)

Still, you can give the Mod's name and I can have a look into that mod and see if there actually is something I can do but otherwise yea.
The thing is, apparently that mod is 99.9% chance disabling vanilla pick-up, which means not only Junimo but almost all economic Pets will probably not work because I use on-pickup for consistency and keeping it as exploitless as possible.

There isn't much I can do, as far as I see that mod might be able to make their code run after mine (So that my effects will proceed to take in place, then that mod will disable the vanilla pick-up and run how they do it)

Still, you can give the Mod's name and I can have a look into that mod and see if there actually is something I can do but otherwise yea.
The mod is called Vacuum ore bag (by Andro951)
New Angler Quest Bonus Weighted Loot Table, Junimo Levels up to 40 with slight nerfs to stats to balance, Chinese Translation update to provide correct information (Credits: Celestepic), display improvements, many major and minor bug fixes, system improvements such as Sea Creature benefits and QoL with Sea Creature kills, greater Multiplayer support.

Patch - November 2, 2023​

Fixes & Changes​

  • Blue Chicken now has 0.2% chance to give a Blue Egg and a 0.3% chance to give a Rotten Egg rather than always giving a regular Egg
  • Changed Estee's tooltip to be a bit more clear
  • Fixed Baby Ogre affecting Tool speed (Fixed by tModLoader's Latest Patch)
  • Now Hoardagron and Spiffo makes the Projectile use local npc immunity since they increase the Projectile's pierce.
    • This fixes Hoardagron hitting same enemy another time with its +1 pierce, Spiffo doesn't get anything fixed but for sake of consistency and preventing same issue if it were to grant higher pierce in possible future.

Patch - November 2, 2023​

Fixes & Changes​

  • Fixed Lil'Harpy constantly re-setting its cooldown to be maximum amount, causing it to never be able to recover cooldown again after first flight.
  • Blue Chicken Egg is now 100 Harvesting Exp (If obtained by Blue Chicken)
  • Fixed Sea Plants working opposite way of intended for Harvesting Purposes, they were working if they were placed by Player, not how its intended.
  • Removed another check from all item instances regarding Harvesting purposes
    • Made Harvesting check a bit more simpler and shorter.
    • Following this, Blue Chicken and Caveling Gardener code is a bit more simple aswell
  • Removed index check (is used for 'default' values) for Junimo's Harvesting purposes since Harvesting benefits works by checking the Junimo's list, meaning an item that benefits from Harvesting benefits can never have default Exp for Harvesting.
    • Also made Junimo's harvesting code simpler.
  • Junimo's Fortune exp code is now using default values and slightly simpler.

Junimo Level Increase & Fishing Quest Rewards, Patch 2.2.5 - November 4, 2023​

Systemical Changes​

  • Now all Lifesteal works with 33% Effectiveness if Player currently has Moonbite debuff.

Balance Changes​

  • Nerd Slime
    • Now Dangersense and Night vision is given in Hardmode, Wire is given post Moonlord.
    • Now gives Light all the time starting from pre-hm but scales up as it progresses by 0.2/0.5/1.1x and is now just a White light
  • Sapling
    • Reduced regular Lifesteal to 0.9% from 1.2% and reduced Plantera weapon lifesteal to 3% from 3.3%
  • Shark Pup
    • Reduced Sea Creature Resist/Bonus damage to 1.1x from 1.2x
    • Increased Shield time to 15 seconds from 10
    • Buff/Bugfix: Now correctly reduces damage coming by a Sea Creature's projectile.
  • Junimo
    • Maximum Levels are now 40 from 27.
    • Reduced Exp to coin multiplier of Harvesting to 1.1x from 1.2x per level
    • Old max: 32.4x (64.8x while in use), New max: 44x (88x while in use)
    • Ore Drop chance reduced to 0.9 per level, Old max: 27% (54% while in use), New max: 36% (72% while in use)
    • Reduced multiplicative Fishing Power increase per level to 0.4% from 0.5% per level
    • Old max: 12.5% (25% while in use), New max: 16% (32% while in use)
    • Reduced Damage resistance per Mining level to 0.14% from 0.2%.
    • Old max: 5.4% (10.8% while in use), New max: 5.6% (11.2% while in use)
    • Reduced Damage increase per Fishing level to 0.15% from 0.2%
    • Old max: 5.4% (10.8% while in use), New max: 6% (12% while in use)
    • Reduced Health increase per Harvesting level to 0.16% from 0.2%
    • Old max: 5.4% (10.8% while in use), New max: 6.4% (12.8% while in use), Minimum amount unchanged, giving +40 health minimum at max level.
    • New: You now gain extra loot (Fishes, potions etc.) based on your fishing power upon completing an Angler Quest. (Can only be claimed once per day same as Angler exp.)
    • You will roll a loot table for a minimum of 1 times + 0.1 more per fishing level (fishing level boost doubled while Junimo is in use), up to 1.5x more. (Way likely to low roll, extremely unlikely to high roll)
    • Check junimo-fishing-info channel for further information about list & item weights.
  • Junimo Table Changes
  • Mining
    • Copper/Tin is now 2.5 exp from 2
    • Iron/Lead/Amethyst is now 3.25 exp from 3
    • Gold etc. is now 4.75 exp from 4.7
    • Crystal Shard is now 10.5 exp from 8.5
  • Fishing
    • Reduced Default Sea Creature Exp to 15 for consistency
    • Fixed Bomb Fish being twice in the list, resulting in giving inconsistent exp
    • Garbages are now 0.2 exp from 0.1
    • Purple Clubberfish, Swordfish, Chaos Fish, Flarefin Koi, Iron Crate and Mythril Crate is now 5 exp from various amounts
    • Sawtooth Shark, Rockfish, Reaver Shark and Alchemy Table is now 6 exp from 5
    • All biome crates are now 7 exp from 5.5
    • Golden Crate, Obsidian Crate and their hardmode variants are now 9 exp from 7.5 exp
    • New: Duke Fishron now gives 500 Exp on kill.
  • Harvesting
    • Acorn is now 1.1 exp from 0.8
    • All woods except higher tiered ones are now 1.65 exp from 1.5
    • Bamboo and Cactus is now 3 exp from 2.2
    • Jungle spores is now 4 exp from 3.5
    • Jungle Rose and Nature's Gift is now 50 exp from 40
    • All types of fruits are now 17.5 exp from 12.5, Hardmode fruits unchanged
    • Egg is now 20 exp from 15

Chinese Translation Update, QoL & Multiplayer Improvements, Patch 2.2.6 - November 5, 2023​

Changes & Fixes​

  • Updated the Chinese translation for all of the existing Pets, Town Pets, Items, Buffs, pretty much everything! Credit: Celestepic
  • Weighted List clear will now run at the end of all Updates rather than before executing the list and after its executed on all Pets that uses it, meaning its now possible to add to spesifically these Pets lists from outside sources and added more comment to it.
  • Few tooltip changes.
    • Mystic Slime's tooltip is now clearer
    • Volt Bunny's tooltip is now clearer
    • The item 'Egg's description is now clearer with the Shane reference from Stardew Valley.
    • Added to the localization file and changed the Junimo's dynamic config option text's saying whether or not exp gain outside inventory is active's color.
  • Changed Junimo Experience and Level-up colors to match the 'Class' colors' hex codes directly.
  • Now Sea Creatures will give experience upon dying to whoever fished them out, including for Duke Fishron.
    • This is now initialized correctly in Multiplayer.
    • This means in multiplayer, someone else doing the last hit won't matter, the Player that caught the enemy will get the exp.
    • This also fixes the issue of if Player haven't done the finishing blow, they wouldn't get exp. (Eg. if enemy died to a debuff or a trap, now Player will get the Exp, as long as enemy dies.)
    • Also slightly improved Duke Fishron's check.
  • Fixed Queen Bee's Teammate healing effect being able to be displayed more than once in Multiplayer.
  • Shortened Junimo code a bit, again.
  • Added Gold Coin and Platinum Coin to Angler Bonus Drops List, with 80 and 1 Weights respectively.

Patch - November 6, 2023​

Changes & Fixes​

  • Fixed Sound Effects not playing on where Player is
  • Updated Chinese Translation, updated the Notice and a few bugs, Cr: Celestepic

Major Fixes & Honey Bee Fixes, Patch - November 7, 2023​

Fixes & Changes​

  • Changed Deerclops' damage storing list's type and timers counting up rather than down. Now is way more readable. Effectively, has little to no gameplay impact.
  • Fixed many Pets tempering with a mechanic such as item consumption or item pickup, despite not having any effects on disabling/enabling a the thing. Now they will correctly not set something theirselves. This should make many Pets way, way more consistent and behave more correctly, outside of what they regularly should do.
    • More technical; Almost all of the return's will now return the base rather than the Pet setting it to true or false itself if Pet has nothing to do with it, fixing many crossmod and vanilla situations.
  • Fixed Desert Fossil being twice on Extractables list.
  • Honey Bee Pet fixes
    • Fixed in Multiplayer, being entirely ineffective, not giving any buffs to any Players.
    • Now is syncing correctly while in Multiplayer.
    • Now correctly retains information from the Healer, owner of the Honey Bee.
    • Fixed it forcing items that shouldn't be consumed to be consumed.
    • Fixed not correctly giving Honey buff to user.
    • Fixed even in singleplayer, not giving anything except 10% potion increase and the debuff to User.
    • Fixed Ability Haste not correctly applying to the Debuff time.
    • Now correctly contains how much Ability Haste the Player that Healed grants rather than using healed Player's ability haste value on their Honey Bee pet. (No use as if now, is useful if somehow that other Player grants higher ability haste to target Player.)
    • Fixed display related issues.
    • Improved and shortened code.
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Brazilian Portuguese Translation (Credit to Starite_Fusion), Parrot Rework and some minor fixes and quality improvements.

Patch - November 8, 2023​

Fixes & Changes​

  • Honey Bee Pet now does correctly contain the ability haste given by the Healer's Honey Bee, ability haste it gives is now not through the honey overdose buff itself and now it rather simply acts as a flag.
    • Also made the buff's code more efficient.
  • Fixed Mini Minotaur being able to get stacks from friendly npcs, dummies and critters.
  • Fixed Oblivious Pet Debuff not retrieving its tooltip from Localization files, resulting in not being able to translate to Chinese.
  • Made it so even more Pets return default values rather than tempering with the method's default values theirselves if they have nothing to do with it.
  • Added a new coin method for Pets that gives Player coins.
    • This shortens, increases readability and quality of the code.
    • Following this, Dirtiest Block is more consistent.
    • Puppy will now give more precise amounts of coins rather than just Silver coins.
  • Simplified, shortened and cleaned up some code.

Brazilian Portuguese Translation Update, Patch 2.2.7 - November 9, 2023​

Fixes & Additions​

  • Added new Brazilian Portuguese translation, done by: Starite_Fusion
  • Removed an unrequired updating on Junimo Pop-up exp
  • Updated the descriptions accordingly.
  • Few tooltip fixes.

Balance Changes​

  • Parrot
    • New: Grants a 20% chance to re-shoot the Projectile you have just shot OR your Minion/sentry shot that has damage value higher than 0.
    • This Projectile's velocity differs very slightly to be either faster or slower, deals 75% of original base damage, all other properties are same as original projectile except its source is now PetProjectile.
    • True melee hits and your close combat minions/sentries will still trigger the old, being able to hit another time effect.
    • Being able to hit more than onces chance is now 25% from 13% and its damage is 75% of the original damage.
    • Sound effect's volume has been significantly reduced (from 100% to 25%), added other critter Parrot species' sound effects. Is now using 1 Method for sound effects.
  • Squashling
    • Reduced plant chance to 50% from 80%
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