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    A Tale of Gods and Men... eventually.


    QOL update VU9/ is released.
    (With some nifty nift!)

    (if you wish to show support for the mod, do copy and paste the title and link to this mod into your signature. Thank you and have a nice day!)
    Bug report form. Please do not input bugs that are listed as already
    discovered in the form. Thank you!

    Mod is available for download on the mod browser and mediafire for Tmod v0.10.1.4(and up?)

    NOTE: Mod is currently not fully multiplayer friendly. Do multiplayer at your own risk.(It won't corrupt your save though, probably)
    UPDATE: I'm working on multiplayer for the next update. Stay tuned.
    UPDATE: Latest version currently does not work with Enigma on old worlds, me and Laugic do not know why.
    Playing the latest version with Enigma on a new world works fine though. We are trying to resolve this but
    there is literally no error message, which makes this hard.

    A Tale of Gods and Men.

    There was a time where Terraria was a land of innocence, nostalgia, simple happiness and
    peace of being. Of course, there were still fights and death and all the sort, but
    we could simply be. Now, all that's left in this land is politics, hate and a looming threat
    of something terrible from the Old World. Something beyond Men and Gods. Beyond dark and light.
    Something nearing the power of a Developer. And if we don't stop it, we might as well consider ourselves removed from the game. Did I say game? I mean game of life, duh. No offense, NPCs.

    Pinkymod: A Tale of Gods and Men(Eventually) is a lore-centric(eventually too!) content mod that AIMS to
    focus on honesty, non-weekly quality updates and things for everyone from the eccentric theorist to the fanatical
    builder. Currently, it offers:

    ~355+ items(including weapons and armor)
    ~3 new ores
    ~77 new enemies

    ~9 new bosses that as of VU74 have boss checklist support :D
    ~9 new summons
    ~29 new furniture/decor

    It is my first ever mod, so don't go hating and vomiting all your toxicity on my content. Also, don't have too
    high of expectations from the mod. I am also not formally taught in programming/spriting, so theres that.
    This mod is the product of my love for Terraria and I am not obliged for anyone to dictate me for
    updates. Nonetheless, I will try my very best on keeping this mod up to my standards. Have a nice day : D

    (most) CONTENT!

    So lets get to the juice of this, you might be asking. Well here it is. (Honestly I prefer 'liquid' rather
    than juice but eh)

    Row 1: Bloodletter, Bluesky Blade, Butterfly Blade, Claihm Solais, Cryowraith, Dawnstar, Profaned Greatsword
    Row 2: Divine Daggers, Drifting Dark, Earth Sword, Earthlight, Embertide, Fangemberal(above),
    Flamberge(below), Simmershade(above), Soul Oath(below)
    Row 3: Emergence, Forgotten Hero Sword, Furyblades, Gertrude's Holy Blade, Goblin Mimic Greatsword, Grandsword of Glory,
    True Victory
    Row 4: Harvest Moon, Iceicold, Onyx Blade, Lyrebone Cleaver, Furantur, Penumbral Phantasm, Upholder
    Row 5: Progenitor, Valley of Defilement, Victory, Watersprout

    Row 1: Deanimator, Medked's Trident
    Row 2: Legion, Nightfall

    Row 1: Arc of the Grayfeathers, Crystal Rainbow, Flightfaller, Godslayer, Renewal, Terrenum
    Row 2: Livingwood Bow, Luminant Desolation, Magmatic, Quiver Cannon(above), rammer(below), Quivermancer, Spaceborn Storm
    Row 3: Silent Night, Stellaris

    Row 1: Calevaer, Chlorophyte Mortar, Clockwork Dragonslayer
    Row 2: Doomreaver, Automated Death
    Row 3: Onyx Blaster, Tombstone
    Row 4: Jungle Phoenix, Hunter of Souls
    Row 5: Slimese Field Rifle

    Row 1: Azurite(above), Arcen's Bladestorm(below), Bonestorm, Crystal Lance, Divine Staff(Above), Ebonstaff(below), Malebolge
    Row 2: Eternal Eclipse, Geophyte Bloom, Idol of Cthulhu, Jeweled Branch of Lyyte, Shadecrook(above), Stardust Winds(below), Spellswords' Sparker(above), Sunken Soul(below)
    Row 3: Superlunarius, Unillusion, Psionite, Deep Chaos, Wrath of the Dryads

    Row 1: Blazewing, Bloom of Blades, Bottled Rocket, Falling Phoenix Knife, Eterno(above), Evershade(below), Plaguebringer(above), Seerlight(below)
    Row 2: Eye of the Leviathan, Familiar Crest, Flying Potato, Grenade MKII
    Row 3: Khione, Livestream, Shrapnel Grenade(above), Tidal Freeze(below), Enlightened Enchantment

    (BBCode glitches out when I put Runin set's image here so heres it in link form instead:
    'Rock has no defense value, but add that to magic and it becomes overpowered'

    Can be obtained right at the start but with lots of farming
    Consists of: Runin Armour, Runin Rockmaul, Runin Crusher
    Main Material: Runin Chunks dropped from Runin Slimes


    Can be obtained right after EOW/BOC
    Consists of: Specullent Armour, Fostivience, Curenurvexic, Enata Speculi, Fostivience, Specullant Pickaxe,
    Gildrettaen, Krore, Madlstoken, Specullance, Mystbound Wings, Tollixor and Speculslammaxe

    'Dead leaves = more defense value than magic rock'

    Obtainable after Sunlight Trader.
    CONSISTS OF: Durendial Armour w/ Overmask/Antivisor/Helmet/Crest, Sledgestick,
    Vengeful Axe, Withering Winds, Moribund Catalyst, Fall Edge and Fading Forest
    MAIN MATERIAL: Durendial Bars(Spatterchunk Ore, mined in surface layer after using Mineral Mirror
    after killing Sunlight Trader)

    (Prior to VU8, the amount of people personally asking me this question is around 14)

    Obtainable after Valdaris.
    CONSISTS OF: Bulwark of the Weak, <Name of repeater IDK>, Infinitarian, King of the Storm, Pandaenmonium,
    Aurendier, Storm Knife
    MAIN MATERIAL: Pandaen Bars(Good luck on finding them!)

    'You can laugh that I'm edgy and emo but I'm actually wearing the fibre of time and space
    that has been rendered into oblivion by a god under influence by C0rrupture after his loved ones

    Obtainable after Gatekeepers.
    CONSISTS OF: Deathbringer Armour(for melee/throwing/ranged), Mindweaver Armour(for mages/summoners),
    Soul Silencer, Nightmares Embrace, Antimatter, Otherbound, Launchpod of the Abyss and Dark Whisperer
    MAIN MATERIAL: Void Titanite, dropped from Gatekeepers

    'Sometimes, I wonder how different life would be if I had a guiding angel who gave me all control
    inputs, told me what to do, and observed me from a incomprehensible third dimension.'

    Obtainable post ML
    Consists of: Cosmic Catharsis, Darklight Destruction, Four Winged Angel
    MAIN MATERIAL: N/A, crafted from many weapons

    'Wanna see the rest? Play the game! or... the mod...'

    Row 1: Basic Mechanism, Divine Gem, Glitter Gel, Soulblossom Leaf
    Row 2: Enhanced Gel, Chicken Egg, Sunken Gem

    Here are the Modded Mirrors introduced by pinkymod! Starting with:

    'Story of Red Cloud flashbacks'
    This one is a pretty handy one. Right click with it to set your warppoint, left click to teleport to it!

    'If this was in dark souls, there will be around 5000% more casuls. And more fog-wall/boss arena based glitches.'
    Dropped from Skeletron/purchased from the old dood with a purple hat, it teleports you to the location of your last death.

    'Jokes on you, ppl who threw away the mirror after use in the last version!'
    Vital for mod progression. Craft it from a bunch of gems and stone. After defeating certain bosses, the message
    'The Surface of the Mineral Mirror is shaking!' will appear. This is a sign for you to use the mirror.
    Upon doing so, ore of a certain type will generate in your world, depending on boss killed. If the generation failed,
    ore you somehow managed to mine up every single last bit of ore in the world, you can use the mirror to regenerate it.

    Sunlight Trader: Durendial Ore
    VALDARIS: Pandaen Ore

    Row 1: Aphotic Shield, Cataclysmic Lens, Mana Catalyst, Celestial Souldband, Curseward, Paladin Boots, Trailblazers
    Row 2: Naga Eye Ring, Featherfall Boots, Divine Veil, Ring of Souls, Watching Band
    Row 3: Fogging Stone, Gertrude's Holy Shield, Heart Emblem, Bloodstained Tissue
    Row 4: Hunter's Eyes, Imp prints, Obsidian Scale, Sporic Deflector
    Row 5: Seraphic Star, Storm Diving Gear, Summoners' Gild Bracelet

    Row 1:
    Absolution: Currently unobtainable. Pardons sin.
    Basic Flashlight(Above): Lights up area towards mouse cursor
    Brain Food Lunch(Below): Heals lots of hp and mana but has a 1.5 min cooldown and gives well fed
    Chlorophyll(above): eww no
    Fried Egg(below): Gives well fed for 3 mins
    Jelly(above): Take a gamble!
    Lightbulb(beloW): Cures blindness
    Row 2:
    Dense moss clump: Cures poison, tastes better than Chlorophyll somehow
    Divine Mushroom: Don't do drugs kids
    Bandage: Stops bleeding
    Galewinds Potion: Upgraded swiftness potion, boosts max flight, jump rate, speed and acceleration
    Nanites Injection: Fully heals a player without cooldown, but can only stack 1 per item slot and
    takes time to heal. When healing, player defence is drastically reduced
    Row 3:
    Gellous Flask: Refill at campfire
    Meteor Heating Lamp: Cures chill debuff
    Honey-Glazed Honeyfin: while(true){this.bloodsugar *= 5;}
    Ironheart Potion: Upgraded Ironskin
    Soulforce Potion: upgraded Lifeforce + Manaforce potion together

    Manifestation of Pinky(AKA Kungfu Teleportation Slime Prepare to Die Edition)
    Illusion of Pinky(AKA No need to worry it's 'just' an illusion)

    Sunlight Trader
    The Sunlight Trader is the first boss in Pinkymod. That being said, it is not by any means easy. It is meant to be fought after Skeletron, but it's difficulty can be challenging even to early hardmode players. It has two phases, the first phase in which the Trader himself and his mount
    attack and the second, after you slay his mount, the Trader himself will begin his offensive. It is summoned with the Sunswept Egg, which can be bought from the merchant after Skeletron or dropped from Vultures and antlions(and their variants).

    PHASE 1:
    The Trader himself in this phase does little, apart from flying alongside his mount and when it is uner 50% hp, starts throwing spears. There is a chance
    for the Trader to throw Spear Whirls at the same time, which home into the player.

    As for the Mount:
    -it begins by attempting to fly under the player, before swooping upwards with a burst of Rising Suns which inflicts on fire and
    burning. In expert under a certain amount of health, the Mount will trail splitting Sunflames as it rises.
    -After the swoops, It will maintain flight over the player, and fire a feather storm at the player. Feathers can be regular feathers or Sunfeathers, which
    deal more damage and inflict on fire and burning too.
    -Following the feather barrage, it will release a burst of sunflames which fall to the ground and sweep across the land, and the mount will turn
    semi-invisible. During this phase, the mount will travel in a straight line towards the player, while ocassionally firing non-gravity-affected sunflames.
    The Mount also has more defense in this phase.
    -After the invisible attack, it will regain visibility and begin charging from left to right of the player horizontally, while ocassionally firing more
    sunflames. After this, the Mount will repeat it's attacks.

    When the mount is dead, the Sunlight Trader himself will attack.
    The Sunlight Trader has three modes of attack.
    CHARGE: The Sunlight Trader will ready his spear and do a flying charge at you on his magic carpet
    SOLARTRACE: The Sunlight Trader will switch to his bow and hover at the far left of the player while firing Sun Arrows which inflict on fire and
    burning, as well as gradually speeds up. When low on health, the Trader will fire additional Sand Bolts on top of the arrows.
    SPEAR THROW: The Sunlight Trader will stay at either the top left or right of the player and constantly bombard the player with Infernal Spears,
    as well as the ocassional spear whirl.

    EXPERT: Astral Dial, timechanging item that can be used during events, but don't be too reliant on it as it may cause certain celestial events to reoccur
    if used too frequently.
    -Duneshifter Set: One of the Sunlight Trader's older armour sets. Primarily offense focused.
    -Blade of Dust: Sword that creates a dust storm
    -Solartrace: Turns wooden arrows into Sun Arrows
    -Justicebringer Greatspear: Left click to stab with the spear, causing an explosion on hit or right click to throw the spear, dealing throwing damage and
    also exploding on hit.
    -Sunbringer: Rain solar flares down from the sky, like a pre-harmode Lunar Flare.
    -Duneseeker: A Duneseeker protects you, striking at your enemies with heat rays
    -Sunswept Feather: Accessory that increases max flight time
    -Desert Eagle: Handgun-esque weapon that has a chance to fire heat rays on top of bullets.
    Durendial Ore to spawn via the Mineral Mirror upon kill

    The Heart of the Cavern

    Starring: Gem Implosion Attack, NOT STARRING: Hotc Rock Critters
    The Heart of the Cavern is a gigantic fallen diety that now resides in the caverns of Terraria. To seek audience with it, use the Tainted Crystal Chunk, crafted with stone blocks and a few of any gem. It is meant to be fought before hardmode but after the Sunlight Trader. It poses a very great challenge to new players, especially in the hectic arena it is fought in and the bullet-hell nature of the fight. However, the Heart has one weakness, which is flying in circles around the arena(and praying).

    PHASE 1:
    When you first enter the arena via the Crystal Chunk, the Heart will act like a celestial pillar. It will keep spawning enemies on the left and right side of the arena, which you must take down before you can progress to the next phase. These are:
    -Rock Guardian: Slow moving, tanky enemies that still don't really stand a chance.
    -Gemflyers: Crystalline bat creatures with bat AI.
    -Rockroller: Who knows whats under that shell. Angry Tumbler AI.
    -Stone Sentry: Hovers towards the player and when in range, fires gembolts.

    When over a certain amount of kills, the Heart can spawn a ring of 9 Stone Sentries around it, and it is important not to be caught off guard. It might take some practice though, as things are only getting worse from here.
    When nearly to second phase, the Heart can summon Cave Writherers, stone worms that are very tanky, deal a significant amount of damage but drop hearts on death. If you have managed to get the second phase before but died, then the amount of kills before getting to second phase again will be half of the original value.

    PHASE 2:
    So you have murdered enough 'helpless' rock critters, and the Heart is not pleased. With a roar, it's great eye opens, and the asteroids around it start orbiting it at a greater radius and speed. It then descends down to the ground to meet you. Aside from a very slow bobbing up/down, the heart is almost stationary, which means that in theory, you can whittle down its ridiculous healthbar in no time. However, to compensate for this, it forces YOU to constantly move, with an assortment of stone sentries, gembolts, explosives, bullet-hell and gigantic rainbow lasers.

    -RANDOMIZED SHOT: All asteroids randomly fire a single gembolt at you. As the Heart's health goes down, they can fire multiple in an uneven spread.
    -HALF SHOTS: Half of the 12 asteroids will simultaneously fire a single gembolt at you. When under 50% life, bolts ricochet.
    -NINEBURST: 2 asteroids will fire 9 gembolts in nine directions. As Heart's health goes down, more asteroids can fire.
    -GEMMINE(<75% hp): Asteroids will fire a exploding Gem Mine at you, which doesn't deal much damage on contact but the explosion hits hard.
    -CIRCULAR SHOTS(<75 percent) Asteroids will take turns to fire shots at you, order of shots rotates clockwise I think
    -SIMULTANEOUS SHOTS(<50 Every 1 in 2 asteroids will fire a gembolt simultaneously at you.
    -GEM IMPLOSION(<50 percent) All Asteroids will fire a gembolt TOWARDS the eye, and in turn will pass by each other and expand out in a flower shape.
    -DEATH(<25 percent) Every 1 in 2 asteroids will fire 4 gembolts in a X shape simultaneously.
    -BOUNCY HELLCASTLE(<25 percent)Every asteroid fires a bouncing gembolt at you simultaneously.

    As for the Heart itself, it can fire a single huge rainbow laser at you after a short charging animation. The laser will home in your direction, similar to
    the Moon Lord's Phantasmal Death Ray. It's reload speed and homing speed decreases as the Heart's health goes down.
    On top of that, every 25% health, the Heart will summon an assortment of beefed up Gemflyers and Stone Sentries, as well as Cave Writherers.
    The former two are required to be killed before the Heart can continue taking damage, which is very tricky and distracting as the Heart is continuing
    to fire projectiles full-pace when the enemies are active. As a result, make sure you are a full health before progressing onwards.
    -75%: 6 beefed up Stone Sentries that can fire regardless of player position + 1 regular Cavewrither
    -50%: 8 beefed up Stone Sentries that can fire regardless of player position + 6 beefed up Gem Flyers. A Chromagikk will also be spawned, which is
    a mini rainbow crystal that can fire a shorter ranged and smaller version of the HOTC's main rainbow beam and otherwise pursues the player when
    not firing.
    -25%: 6 Stone Sentries, 4 Extremely beefed up Gem Flyers, a beefed up Cavewrither and 4 extremely beefed up Rockrollers.

    EXPERT: The walls and ceiling of the arena of the Heart is lined with spikes, which greatly reduces grappling efficiency.

    EXPERT: Chromagical Crystal, which is an accessory that summons a Chromagikk to fight for you, equipped with a similar solid laser beam.
    -Subterreneus: Spear that fires Gem Mines
    -Tactical Landslide: Repeater that can left click to rapid-fire and right to snipe. When rapid firing, arrows have a chance to deal 2x damage and while
    sniping, a chance to deal 3x.
    -Verge of Sages: Staff that causes a small Gem Implosion
    -Lucent Launcher: Machine Gun that converts all ammos into Gem Bolts
    -Asteroidlet: A rockroller pet!
    -Cavernheart: A yoyo that is a mini HOTC, complete with gembolt-blasting rainbow asteroids.
    -Chromatic Shard: Summons a Stone Sentry to fight for you
    -1 Recall Potion x number of players so you can actually get out of the arena if you don't have any mirror or recall potions already.

    Mythril Slime


    Valdaris the Harpy Aegis

    'Harpies may be stupid, but we have lives too.'

    Valdaris, the Harpy Aegis, is the grand guardian of the skies. Armed with a powerful arsenal of feather attacks as well as mastery of the legendary Shadelight Magicks, which coupled with his will to live and protect his kind, makes him anything but a boss to be taken lightly(Unless your overleveled of course). He is meant to be fought after the Mechanical Bosses, and summoned using a Crest of the Storm, crafted with feathers and souls. However, if you invade his territory and slaughter his species, he will show up personally to stop you from further genocide.

    PHASE 1:
    Valdaris has only 2 methods of maneuver, one: he charges towards you, and the second, he hovers a distance over you while bombarding you with projectiles, kinda like a ultra-hard Eye of Cthulhu.

    In his projectile phase, his attacks are:
    -Stormfeathers: Like a regular harpy, fire a barrage of feathers at the player, but the feathers bounce and stuff. The lesser his
    health, the more feathers. Feathers have a chance to be homing ones or splitting ones, the latter which will split into 2 of the former after a while.
    -Storm Spear: Cast a huge outward-moving burst of feathers in the player's direction.
    -Shadelight Rotatum: Homing Shadelight projectiles, which is only fired after Valdaris is injured
    -Shadelight Flare: Bouncing Shadelight projectiles, only fired after Valdaris is injured
    -Shadelight Pulse: Valdaris gives off an AOE explosion of Shadelight fireballs, only happens if Valdaris is injured

    When Valdaris is around less than half health, he will start to have a chance to release Shadelight Pulses while charging as well. Like all bosses, his attacks scale the closer he is to death, and when around 25% hp left, will enter Phase 2.

    PHASE 2:
    Valdaris will first try to coax you into quitting Terraria, but that will probably not work. After that, he will let
    his shadelight powers engulf him, making him semi-invisible and trailing Shadelight particles. In this phase, he still
    follows the same AI, but everything is jacked up into ludicrous power levels. Now, he charges in the blink of an eye and
    spams Shadelight every charge, and his projectile phase is now a ungodly mix of gray and pink projectiles everywhere. As
    you are bound to die eventually if you do not kill him fast enough, the last thing you want to do is to compromise damage
    for defense/survivability.

    EXPERT ITEM: Valdawings, wings that are comparable to Celestial Fragment wings
    -ON EXPERT, drops some Pandaen Bars
    Pandaen Ore to spawn via the Mineral Mirror.
    -Bulwark of the Weak(not 100% chance)

    The Gatekeepers

    [​IMG] x2
    'Not to scale'

    The Gatekeepers are the ancient guardians of the Abyss. They spawn by putting FIVE pieces of DISSONANCE into
    a ABESMAL NUKLR REKTOR, then when you hear a ROAR, right click it with a DARK RITUAL PIECE.
    They are meant to be fought post-golem, but you can fight them right after plantera if you want to commit stop living. Each Gatekeeper has it's own health bar, but you only need to murder one to enter phase 2.

    PHASE 1:
    The two Gatekeepers spawned have ranged and melee variants. They will take turn to attack the player, and the one not on
    the offensive will protect the other in some way. Whichever Gatekeeper not on offensive has extreme defenses, while the other will glow with Shadowflame particles. The Offensive Gatekeeper will switch every 45 seconds.

    The Ranged Gatekeeper when on offensive, will fly above the player, then fly below them, while firing projectiles.
    -CRAZER: Basically the destroyer's lazers but now absolute insanity.
    -DARK ENERGY STORM: Release a Dark Energy Storm that not only pursues the player, but also blasts laser at the player.
    -DAMNED FLAMES: The body parts of the Gatekeeper will cause Damned Flames to rise up/down vertically based
    on player position.
    -INSANITY BLAST: Homing projectiles that are hard to out-maneuver.

    When not on offensive, the Gatekeeper will simply continue flying around the player and after every few seconds, will spawn
    ABYSS PROBES to fight. It is recommended to bring something piercing to deal with them as if they stack up, they can
    become quite a pain.

    The Melee gatekeeper's main tactic is to continuously try to flying-ram into the player. Every few seconds, the Gatekeeper can also charge and thus immediately switch direction, which makes even having the head segment on screen dangerous. The closer to death, the more charges it can do in a row, starting from 2 at max health. It can also fire a Consuming Blaze from it's head segment, which is like a flamethrower-style attack.

    When not on offensive, the Melee Gatekeeper will simply fly alongside it's counterpart and attempt to absorb as much damage as possible.

    PHASE 2:
    After one Gatekeeper dies, the other will absorb the energies of it's fallen comrade and phase 2 will begin. Whichever gatekeeper you kill first, the surviving one will transform into the Final Gatekeeper, which is much faster, stronger as well as possessing no defensive mode and having the combined attacks of both melee and ranged gatekeepers.
    It will ram and charge at the player, as well as having crazers, Insanity Blasts, Dark Energy Storms, Consuming Blazes. It cannot do the Damned Flame attack or summon probes. It's body also has increased damage absorbtion than a regular Gatekeeper on offensive, but less than a Gatekeeper on defensive.

    -EXPERT ITEM: Illusion Breaking Bit: Item with 10 sec cooldown and allows one to freeze time for EVERY NPC in vacinity, including friendly ones for a duration.
    Void Titanite, 80-100 on Expert.

    The Mind God

    The Mind God is a powerful Post Moonlord boss.
    He is the current final boss in the mod. He is spawned by using ONE DISSONANCE, ONE of EACH CELESTIAL FRAGMENT on
    a ABESMAL NUKLR REKTOR, and after hearing a ROAR, use a DARK RITUAL PIECE on it.

    Ai documentation coming soon. For now, just know it teleports everywhere while throwing a screensworth of projectiles at you.

    Dark Damage is a new form of damage that is currently WIP. Unlike melee, ranged, magic etc damages,
    It coexists with a weapon's base damage. Some items, like Light's Bane and Night's Edge, have Dark
    Damage values on top of their regular damage.
    'Not so underpowered anymore'

    Upon hitting enemies, some of their 'Dark Damage' life is reduced. When their life drops below zero, they
    start taking damage in a fashion similar to On Fire or other damaging debuffs. However, unlike said debuffs, the rate of
    damage will scale the lower an enemy's dark damage life is, effectively making it a 'stackable' damage debuff.

    By default, enemies have a dark damage life of 75. However, some enemies such as Skeletons and other dark creatures have higher dark damage life, while creatures like Pixies have less. Some enemies, including ALL
    ABYSS ENEMIES are immune to dark damage entirely.

    Dark Damage currently only works on enemies, but in a future update, enemies will be able to deal dark damage on the player too(maybe only in expert though). It is currently not very balanced, so feel free to give feedback on how I should balance it. The goal is to make items that are rendered obsolete by the general modding standard of item scaling more worth it, EG: Thorium, which is a very well balanced mod, still has items that render things like Night's Edge obsolete, while some items like Scourge of the Corruptor were obsolete to begin with, hence they get some dark damage. There will also be items to apply dark damage to your items temporarily in the future, as well as increase dark damage for the player as well as dark damage defense. On top of this, there will be an 'Anger' mechanic which allows one to sacrifice one's purity to inflict a massive amount of dark damage on oneself but also greatly boost all damages for a short period of time, but will have long-term effects if used too often.

    Renaming is a new feature added as of VU9. To rename items, you first must craft a COMPOUND
    TAGGER with Basic Mechanisms and other stuff. Then, right click on it to open up the
    renaming menu. Place your item in the item slot and enter text into the box to the right.
    Hit the hammer button and voila! Item renamed. Also, no need for XP or anything like that.
    Take that, Minecraft!

    Name Tags are crafted with 20 silver coins at a Compound Tagger. Once you have a name
    tag, rename it to whatever you want before using it on a npc - just like in Minecraft!
    Name tagged npcs do not despawn but can still be killed and die if you use
    Cheat Sheet's Butcher. They also save and respawn on quit/reload. To remove a name
    tag from an NPC, use the Scissors item, crafted out of silver/tungsten bars and wood,
    which destroys the name tag and does not give it back.

    Craft a compost barrel out of tin or copper. Right click a composting barrel
    with buggies or worms to add them in as a composting agent. To take them out, right click with a
    bug net. You can experiment with various items with the tooltip 'Can be Composted'. Various
    items give different amounts of compost at different speeds. To take out composted items, right click
    with your bare hands. To take out the end result - compost, right click with anything else not mentioned

    The uses of compost are currently not too much. Compost can be crafted into fertilizers, which boost the growth
    of plants and instantly grow trees. As blocks, compost is needed to grow certain special plants such as Avalon
    Fruits or Lunic Stars as they are picky and hates all other blocks.



    Mod Lore:

    This land... Rich in lore and history... But it doesn't matter. It's all the past now. We must push forward, through the storm and the long nights, the turmoil and the many deaths. I believe what is at the end will be worth it. But if it isn't, then no matter. What is our 500 hp used for anyways?

    Gemihive Lore:

    Mythril Slime Lore:

    Nameless Wind Lore:

    Slime Politics and History:

    Valdaris Lore:

    The Dungeon Constructor Lore:
    Part 1 - Origins:

    Mod Soundtrack:
    Theme of Valdaris: The One Eyed Man - By Linx145

    More to come soon!

    Theme of the Mind God: The Abysswalker

    Theme of the Mythril Slime: Iron Heart

    Theme of the Gatekeepers: Epitaph of the Mind

    Theme of the Sunlight Trader: Pillars of Flame

    Theme of the Slime Army: The Imperial Bounce


    Dev 'team' and special thanks!

    Main everything: Linx145

    Beta tester: DusTheSomething, Kaisir, Nova

    Inspiration and Ideas: Dus - HOTC, D. Howe - ideas and for working with me on the original mod.


    Relogic and Tmodloader team(For creating such an awesome game, making my childhood and making it moddable)
    MabiVSGames(for playing through my mod! many times!)
    FuryForged(for playing my mod! yeah!)
    Blirm(For some of the sprites, unfortunately he's Darth Turd now after losing his innocence)
    KittyMittens11(For the support!)
    Valdaris(For being my arch-frenemesis!)
    Fargowilta for Pinkymod support in Fargo's Mutant Mod!

    Want to show your support for the Slime Army beyond enlisting in our noble cause against the enemies of Lord Pinky?
    Then just embed the banner into your signature!
    Glory to the Lord Pinky, in Service of the Slime Army.


    Pandaen Armour
    A few new armour sets
    Cutscenes maybe
    Dimensions and Missions(Done!)
    Con t e n t
    2 new town NPCs.
    Do I need to say more content mod content?
    Tiles, furniture, decor
    I finally give myself a dev set as a reward for all my hardwork
    The next updates gonna be exciting I promis

    I plan to make pinkymod far bigger than it is today. Heres a list of planned content

    Total of 26 planned bosses

    Reaver King
    Intelligence Zero(Professor Idiotwing)
    The Sovereign Soul + Strategic-General Ismai

    The Attainer
    Varitide, Traitor to the Sea
    Nameless Wind
    Dungeon Constructor
    Aayvornd the Ascended and his Imperial Procession
    The Tumour in Time

    Mind God
    Dark God Ossidayn
    Quasar the Deceiver
    Dream Devastator
    Hands of Judgement
    Judgement Soul

    Governor Rextain
    Darkheath the Destroyer
    Starry Meepkill
    Tyfyr Vadabin(The Old King)
    Xioml the Empyrean Gate
    [Data Expunged](Final boss)

    The Legend of Pinky(Challenge Boss)
    SCIFLY(Challenge Boss)
    The Cosmic Duck of Oblivion(Challenge Boss)

    -Starbound-like missions
    -cutscenes, a prologue and a epilogue
    -A whole new layer of the world beneath the underworld
    -Town NPCs and quests
    -You can ally yourself with different factions
    -Different boss progression routes depending on alliance
    -Sparing bosses
    -Bleed Damage, Divine Damage, Sin mechanic and Hallucination mechanic
    -More Fishing and building content
    -More invasion events, including Night of the Eyes, Invasion of the Surface, etc
    -Different types of days an nights(eg: Adventurous days which you get a boost in combat stats, Whispering Earth
    days in which crops grow faster and passive critters are more abundant)
    -PONKERMID mode if I have time, which is a impossible challenge mode(featuring Psychoranhas) that turns Terraria into a
    puzzle game rather than RPG-Sandbox, as you will no longer be able to progress rationally using the normal methods.

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  2. Danew Dr

    Danew Dr Skeletron

    This mod has some great ideas and really nice sprites. Some sprites aren't so great or are just recolours, but the good pretty much makes up for the bad. I see great potential in this mod!
  3. Linx145

    Linx145 Terrarian

    Thank you so much! These kinds of comments really brightens up my day ^u^ i'll also try to resprite as much of the slime sprites as possible ASAP, as i think they make up most of the retextures.
  4. Creeper da Snek

    Creeper da Snek Plantera

    Are you sure you have no previous experience in spriting?
    Your sprites look really good.
  5. Linx145

    Linx145 Terrarian

    Yeah, I do not have any previous experience in spriting, but I did study many sources, such as videos on Hyper Light Drifter and the trailer for Doko Roko a
    dozen times.
  6. Creeper da Snek

    Creeper da Snek Plantera

    Well, you're doing a hell of a good job!
    Linx145 likes this.
  7. Bissy

    Bissy Terrarian

    Really excited for this mod to be finished
    Linx145 likes this.
  8. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Resprited the RainBow:
    Wish you best of luck with your endeavor! Hope this mod sees release soon!
    Vlad Terrarian likes this.
  9. Linx145

    Linx145 Terrarian

    Thanks! I'll be sure to use it :happy:
    Yuyutsu likes this.
  10. Linx145

    Linx145 Terrarian

    Ok, so I won't be able to keep the thread up to date with the mod's content since I update the mod at least once every two hours when I'm awake. I'll probably update the
    thread at the end of the day. I am currently focusing on nerfing as well as adding Summoner content(two new weapons are implemented)
  11. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Resprited the Manifestation of Pinky:
    Slime Miniboss.png
  12. Linx145

    Linx145 Terrarian

    Woah... To quote Terraria Achievement #4, Ooo! Shiny!
    I have a question. How long do you take to sprite these? i'm guessing around 20 minutes or less
  13. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Around that much time, yeah.
  14. Linx145

    Linx145 Terrarian

    I'll be away for a few days so i'll be unable to update the mod. I will try to finish up some lore, though.
  15. Linx145

    Linx145 Terrarian

    Development of the mod will currently be on hold, as my school has restarted and I am currently focusing on coding for the Story of Red Cloud revamped. I will still try to update the mod when I do have ideas.
  16. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian The Destroyer

    Super hyped for it!:D
    Hope it would be realesed super soon!:D
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  17. Linx145

    Linx145 Terrarian

    Now that it's released, feel free to report any bugs here :) I'll try my very best at fixing them.
  18. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian The Destroyer

    The realese looks AMAZING! But some sprites need some work...
    So hyped for new content!:happy:
  19. Moon_Man

    Moon_Man Terrarian

    suggestion for the undertaker upgrade's name: Tombstone
  20. Linx145

    Linx145 Terrarian

    Alright, will do!

    Thanks! Also, which sprites are the ones that need work? (Probably the Enhanced Gel items)
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