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A Tale of Gods and Men... eventually.

Pinkymod is currently for 1.3 only

Hi everyone! I will be rewriting the mod for 1.4. It will take some time, but I hope to provide a more polished, refined experience that is multiplayer friendly. The mod will be re-released in stages with each containing more and more of the original content, and some including new content reworks as well(eg: HOTC). Will it take time? Yes. But I am confident that one day, it will be re-released in it's entirety. Cheers!


Winds of Magic Part 2 (VU13) update is released!

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Pinkymod VU13_2

Harpy Raiders - A Game Inspired by Terraria and it's Mods!

VU12(4 and below)
-Fixed bug where opening the travel map prevents the player from talking other NPCs until relog
-Fixed Experiment Hall generation glitches
-You can basically not damage Crystalline Oracle without lowering the shields now
-No more big hole under Great Tree :) Caves now extend to below the Great Tree
-Nerfed some weapons, fixed Hexxing Edge recipe
-Can no longer break the Traveller's Ship in the Twilight Islands
-Hopefully fixed glitch where you cannot summon HOTC even in singleplayer in the arena
-HOTC and Sunlight Trader now despawn properly if all players are dead
-Traveller will now relocate back to his ship everytime you go to Sanchon
-Manasteel is FINALLY obtainable
-Fixed NPC dialogue not showing up/fatal crash bug
-Hopefully fixed mod compatibilities with SGA and Bismuth
-Added Manasteel tools and weapons
-Changed how the Rune Lands in the Void generate
-Mountains in the Void no longer have ash, but instead have lots of spikes
-Area to left of Warped Woods is now where Gray Ash generates. More will be introduced to this place in future versions
-Infernal Soles now drop properly from Red Devils
-Redid Arch Demon AI and sprite. Now drops Infernal Soles in hardmode
-Fixed Tundran Tunneler glitch
-Fixed Wasp Visor recipe
-Fixed Heart of the Cavern glitches
-Added another force fix for UI drawing glitches(still probably won't work)
-Fixed Abyss Crates being unobtainable in non-ATOGAM mode
-Added Twilight Crates, which can be fished up after defeating any boss except for King Slime in Classic Mode
-Added Falling Leaf armor set, now generates instead of Enchanting Stones in Dryad Tombs.
-Dryad Tombs can no longer have items in both chests. More tombs will generate in total instead.
-Items no longer drop from statue-spawned NPCs
-Fixed glitch where creating characters floods the player folder with characters and crashes game
-Fixed Manasteel being unobtainable
-Fixed Sunlight Trader bugs and dark damage bug

-Added 2 new locations: The Twilight Islands and Sanchon Mining Facility
-Redid the Cathedral of the Moon
-Added beam weapons
-Added Sorceress NPC, more Dark Damage spells
-Added lots of items and NPCs
-Added Shipwreck
-Rebalanced, resprited and moved HOTC to Sanchon for ATOGAM
-Added 5 new biomes for the Twilight Islands, and 3 backgrounds
-Added experimental multiplayer support for dimensions
-Hopefully fixed boss multiplayer syncing glitches
-Added multiplayer support for NPCs with the pinkymod town NPC AI
-Reduced mod memory consumption and thus hopefully reduced lag
-Added Manasteel and Manasteel armor
-Fixed Dungeon Guardian not spawning during Night of the Eyes
-Added item to trigger Night of the Eyes
-Added new plants and grasses
-Redid and nerfed alot of weapons, including Rod of Echthros
-Added new painting tools and a spraycan
-Redid Traveller's Journal UI and Travelling UI itself, fixing bugs associated with them
-Added alot of new tiles, redid Ruin Bricks
-Added new codexes and bestiary entries

Pinkymod VU1: PinkyMod (41 downloads)
Pinkymod VU2: PinkyModVU2 (10 downloads)
Pinkymod VU3: PinkymodVU3 (12 downloads)
Pinkymod VU4: PinkymodVU4 (14 downloads)

Pinkymod VU51: PinkymodVU51 (15 downloads)
Pinkymod VU6: PinkymodVU6 (27 downloads)
Pinkymod VU66: PinkymodVU66 (14 downloads)
Pinkymod VU67: PinkymodVU67 (40 downloads)
Pinkymod VU7: PinkymodVU7 (43 downloads)
Pinkymod VU74.5: PinkymodVU74_5 (305 downloads)
Pinkymod VU8: PinkymodVU8 (267 downloads)
Pinkymod VU91: PinkymodVU91 (IDK Downloads)
Pinkymod VU10: PinkymodVU10
Pinkymod VU11: PinkymodVU11
Pinkymod VU11_5: PinkymodVU11_5
Pinkymod VU12_5: PinkymodVU12_5

NOTE: Mod is currently not fully multiplayer friendly. Play multiplayer at your own risk.

A Tale of Gods and Men.

There was a time where Terraria was a land of peace, innocence and life. All that mattered was
the mineshaft over there. But not anymore. Times have changed, and today, we are
in possession of new and deadly forms of knowledge. Gone are the small villages and townships, and
here are the giant factions playing politics. Thousands of people are caught in a conflict that
spans the world, the underground, the universe and beyond. But even that is nothing as compared
to the real theat, of which has been prophecised to me. A future of which all is devastation, if it
is left unkept. I have come to the resolution that we must deal with this primeval danger while
there are still people aware of it around. We need to do something, before it makes it's first move.
Because if the prophecy is correct, then, nothing will be left. - The Medium

Pinkymod: A Tale of Gods and Men(Eventually) is a lore-centric content mod that
aims to focus on improving all aspects of the game. Amongst the mod's many new mechanics, is
the ability to travel beyond the confines of your world, by riding the boat of a fellow traveller to exotic
foreign locations in the Mainland of Terraria. Fight bosses and conquer hostile lands, and maybe one day,
stand face to face with the very Gods themselves.
Or something else, sealed away.
Something much worse.

Currently, it adds:

~1100+ items(including weapons and armor)
~10 new ores
~140+ new enemies

~9 new bosses that as of VU74 have boss checklist support :D
~numerous new summon weapons
~50+ new furniture/decor
~New mechanics and features
~Magitech, a Minecraft tech-mod inspired system
~New generated structures
~4 new Dimensions/Locations

(most) CONTENT!

Pinkymod Wiki


The Kobbolem is a vast dirt construct and the liaison between all Kobblins and
the Kobmother. It is meant to be fought after the Eye of Cthulhu and is the current first boss
of the mod.

The Sunlight Trader is a nameless vigilante who fights for the freedom
of his desert homeland from injustice alongside his pet vulture. It is meant
to be fought after Queen Bee but before Skeletron.
MAIN ARTICLE: Sunlight Trader

The Heart of the Cavern is an ancient demigod of the caverns, who was once
worshipped and in turn brought an abundance of gems and minerals to the caves.
Yet it was defiled by everyone that met it, corrupting it into
something less than benevolent. It is meant to be fought after the
Sunlight Trader, but before the Wall of Flesh.
MAIN ARTICLE: Heart of the Cavern

The Mythril Slime is a powerful cyborg Slime, a remnant from an old age where the
Slime Army fought a dark and terrible war. After gaining machine sentience, it
went rogue and destroyed it's captors, and before the rest of the Slime Army
could give chase it had disappeared from radar. It was supposedly shut down after running out
of power, but in the recent years, unusual activity scans from faraway islands indicate otherwise. It
is the first hardmode boss and meant to be fought before or around the Mechanical Bosses.
MAIN ARTICLE: Mythril Slime

Valdaris is the protector of the sky islands and the sworn defender of Harpykind.
He is the brother of SCIFLY, King of Harpies, and is a social outcast due to his
'low intelligence'. In the Harpy World, the smarter someone is, the dumber they are.
Being a mechanical genius and skillful fighter, he is at the bottom of the hierarchy, only
enjoying his command position due to his ties with SCIFLY. Despite being tormented all
his life for this, he still solemnly stands for the people who despise him, as
they are all that he has left. It is meant to be fought after the Mechanical Bosses and around Plantera.

The Dungeon Constructor is an ancient being of unprecedented magical prowess. After
his undeath and ressurection, he led his kind on an exodus to the Dungeon, which
he then rebuilt and expanded upon to it's present-day state. But eventually, a insidious
threat from within was left to spread out of control, taking his fellow undead one by one
and driving them mad with rage. The Constructor is now a hollow shell of any former
glory, driven insane by his yearning for something he had long since lost.
He is meant to be fought after Plantera, and grants access to the Void.
MAIN ARTICLE: <Yet to be created>

The Gatekeepers are the twin worms of the Void, beings born out of the Constructor's nightmares
when he was being held captive and forced to build the Destroyer prior to his exodus. They are
a otherworldly mockery of the mechanical worm, and are as deadly in combat as they are
in infiltrating the visions and dreams of those the Constructor had worked with. They are
meant to be fought after Golem.
MAIN ARTICLE: The Gatekeepers

The Mind God is a primordial deity that was once the cognitive organ of an even greater
cosmic power. Detached by the Moon Lord himself and sent to Terraria, even it's omnipresence
could not stop itself from succumbing to the torment inflicted by the Terrarian race. It would
one day shatter after losing its only hope, as the knowledge it once held was
corrupted and twisted - the deity following soon after.

Town NPCS:

The Traveller is a man who has came to your island on his small boat in search for new
adventures to live. Along the way he gets caught up in your affairs. Generously, in exchange for
you giving him a home to rest in(AKA him moving in on his own accord to one of your empty rooms),
he lets you travel the world with him on his boat when you feel ready. Of course, you have to give
him some ideas on when to travel first, by showing him exotic items that may be of his interest.


A eccentric cultist wearing long-faded robes that was once of Lunar Cultist design.
Adopted into the Lunar Cult at a young age, he spent his early days travelling with his
adoptive family, moving to faraway lands on pilgrimages. Yet, it all ended when his entire cult,
except him, was slaughtered by a great and terrible beast. Fortunately for him,
he was saved by two men, a woman and another cultist that
appeared to be just passing by, creating a distraction for him to escape.
After honing his prophetic skills, he came into a vision of a dark and horrid future.
In order to circumvent this, he heads to the source of these visions,
a mysterious dilapidated temple of an old Lunar order. It was said that
you are not the first man sent on the quest to retrieve Great Souls by the Medium.
Yet, the last five came so close to completing the quest, but in a sick twist of fate,
lost their final battle.


A simple sorceress who came to your lands in search of greater powers.
She sells a variety of magical commodities, nothing out of the ordinary.
Of course, she may be willing to share more if you win her trust. She
speaks three languages: Terrarian, magical incantations and money.
Joins the town when any boss has been defeated, players have more than 20 gold and at least one player
has 200 mana. She doesn't like to speak with those with less mana.


The Void
Formed from the long-destroyed soul of the deific Mind God and linked with the
being who would be known as the Dungeon Constructor, the Void is a terrible place of
insidious intentions, leaking over and slowly devouring reality. It is a place of
darkness and suffering, the lands made of torment and shaped by a cacophony of souls
that it has claimed. It is also home to nightmarish beasts and godlike powers,
mocking everything that life stands for as they drive the living and the undead mad
with whispers and temptations.




Cathedral of the Moon
A vast cathedral stands before you, built on a lonely island untouched by man since the
last major update. A aura of resignation surrounds the tired and old building, with
a few giant trees growing within it. Once, this building was a marvelous display of the
unity and riches of the Lunar Cult. Then, the cult declined, and no longer held pilgrimages to
this cathedral. Now, this old relic stands by itself. Even then, it still holds some secrets.

The Cathedral of the Moon is a major location in pinkymod. It is where the Medium NPC resides,
the main giver of a vastly incomplete quest. For now, the Cathedral remains very large but still
sparsely decorated. This might change in the future. As of now, the Medium calls the abandoned building
home, choosing to preside over the giant magical seal at the heart of the temple. According to his
prophecies, the seal holds back something terrible...

-Great Soul Tablet


Show the Mysterious Coordinates to the Traveller

The Desert Town of Eitd
It is in human nature that we fight wars and have conflicts. Or is it?
Without conscience, troops march on, fighting for a cause they believe is right. Against others,
who too believe is cause is right. Taken out of control, as it normally does,
one will realise the grimdark future that is in stall for us all. The Great Desert, as if not
barren and hopeless enough, is a nightmarish portal into that future, right here right now.


The Desert Town of Eitd is one of the off-shore locations. It primarily serves as the
arena/battleground for the boss Sunlight Trader. The Trader is a former merchant of sorts,
who has turned to warfare in an attempt to put an end to warfare. Long after the town was
evacuated and reduced to a battlefield, Eitd was purged of any of the warring factions by the Sunlight Trader
and his trusty mount. The ghost town is now used as a base of operations for the duo.

-Watchman's Hawk

Present the Sunswept Egg to the Traveller

The Twilight Islands





Ancestral home of the Dryad Order. Since then however, has become the bastion for
Kobblin-kind, having overthrown their masters and their 'archaic, tree-spirit ways' so as
to usher in an age of Kobbunism. As inferred by the name, the place is shrouded in perpetual twilight.

Lots of stuff

Find a shipwreck off the coast containing a Singing Stone, then turn it in to the Traveller!

Sanchon Mining Facility



Sanchon Mining Facility is an off-shore location. It was once a mineshaft belonging to the
Sanchon Corporation, which grew immensely rich due to the uncanny rates at which crystals
grow in the mine. After a series of fatal mine collapses and structural integrity damage, the
company retrenched all mining operations. Of course, some say that they did so
due to the situation being more complicated than a few cave-ins...
(Fair warning: This place is huge. Bring a light source.)

Hellforged Miners' Sword
DHC-1 Raider
Gift of the Cavern God

In ATOGAM mode, show the Crystalline Wayfinder to the traveller



Renaming is a new feature added as of VU9. To rename items, you first must craft a COMPOUND
TAGGER with Basic Mechanisms and other stuff. Then, right click on it to open up the
renaming menu. Place your item in the item slot and enter text into the box to the right.
Hit the hammer button and voila! Item renamed. Also, no need for XP or anything like that.
Take that, Minecraft!


Name Tags are crafted with 20 silver coins at a Compound Tagger. Once you have a name
tag, rename it to whatever you want before using it on a npc - just like in Minecraft!
Name tagged npcs do not despawn but can still be killed and die if you use
Cheat Sheet's Butcher. They also save and respawn on quit/reload. To remove a name
tag from an NPC, use the Scissors item, crafted out of silver/tungsten bars and wood,
which destroys the name tag and does not give it back.


Composting is a new feature added by pinkymod. It is performed using a Composting Barrel, made of
copper or tin. Composting requires a Substrate(Kelp, bait, mushrooms, gel etc etc), an 'agent'(Earthworms..) and
time. If all conditions are met, after a while, the substrate will be converted into compost and the
agents may breed and thus increase their numbers. Compost can be used to make fertilisers for crops,
as well as a soil block that certain unique crops require. It will have more uses and features
in the future.


Magitech is another new system added by pinkymod. It involves the manipulation of mana
that flows with the Winds of Magic; known as arcana, rather than one's own internal mana.
Currently, the system has just been released and will be expanded upon greatly in
future updates. Currently, it can be used to achieve automated digging, imbuing metals,
charging Power weapons and Mechanized Traps alike. A guide to utilise Arcana can be found in game
(At a cost. Nothing from that Sorceress comes cheap...)


Mod Lore:

This land... Rich in lore and history... But it doesn't matter. It's all the past now. We must push forward, through the storm and the long nights, the turmoil and the many deaths. I believe what is at the end will be worth it. But if it isn't, then no matter. What is our 500 hp used for anyways?

Gemihive Lore:
Gemihive Lore

Mythril Slime Lore:
Mythril Slime Lore

Valdaris Lore:
Valdaris Lore(its :red:ed i know)

Aayvornd the Ascended Lore:
Aayvornd Lore

The Dungeon Constructor Lore:
Part 1 - Origins: Dungeon Constructor Lore 1
Part 2 - First Lord of the Dead: Dungeon Constructor Lore 2

Additional Lore:
Where all Paths End - A story set during the Scourge of the Corruptor
Slime Politics and History - Detailing the origins of Slimekind
Slime Anatomy - Combating misinformation regarding the anatomy of Slimes

Mod Soundtrack:
Theme of Valdaris: The One Eyed Man - By Linx145

Theme of the Kobbolem: The Kobbunist Internationale - By Linx145

More to come soon!

Dev 'team' and special thanks!

Programmer, composer, spriter, writer, etc etc: Linx145
Helpers: Dank Shamwow(Spriting)
Kryptic Kralo(Refactoring/Coding)

Beta tester: DusTheSomething, Kaisir, Desest Scourge

Roket Lunchcer
Pixelated Fireball

Inspiration and Ideas:
Dus - Heart of the Cavern
Lord Howards - ideas and for working with me on the original mod.


Relogic and Tmodloader team(For creating such an awesome game, making my childhood and making it moddable)
Mabi, FuryForged, AT STP and Pixelated Fireball(for playing my mod!)
Obsoleek, 4Key, Ryuusei for reviewing the mod
Blirm (For some of the sprites)
KittyMittens11(For the support!)
Valdaris(For being my arch-frenemesis!)
Fargowilta for Pinkymod support in Fargo's Mutant Mod!
Grox the Great for Basemod
Dradonhunter11 for inspiration on how to do Dimensions! (Pinkymod does not use dimlibs however)

Want to show your support for the Slime Army beyond enlisting in our noble cause against the enemies of Lord Pinky?
Then just embed the banner into your signature!
Glory to the Lord Pinky, in Service of the Slime Army.


Q: How do I do a manual restoration?
A: If everything goes fine BEFORE you travelled, pinkymod should already have manually made a backup of
the overworld(AKA Paradox Islands) for you. This can be accessed via the My Games/Terraria(Or its mac equivalent,
right clicking on the Terraria app and showing package contents)/ModLoader/Pinkymod folder.(Not the Modloader/Mods/pinkymod.tmod). In this directory, there should be a backup of your world going by the same names.
The files you need are <World Name>.wld and <World Name>.twld, and optionally, their .bak files as well. You can
then copy and paste these worlds into your standard world directory to override your corrupted/stuck world(In Modloader/Worlds). If everything went fine, you should be back in your overworld. If you find world files in the Pinkymod Folder such as <World Name> Cathedral of the Moon.wld or <World Name> Desert Town of Eitd.wld and their .twld equivalent,
ignore those. They are backups of your world in the travelled state, and thus are probably backups of a corrupted world.

I plan to make pinkymod far bigger than it is today. Heres a list of planned content
Future update roadmap:
VU14 - Attonement and the Sea
VU15 - Dark and Light
VU16 - Red Flame, Green Sun
VU17 - Gathering Storm
VU18 - Ashen Kingdoms
VU19 - Hallowstone's Fury
VU20 - Old Enemies
VU21 - Day of Judgement
VU22 - Making Ends Meet
VU23 - Fallen Kingdom
VU24 - Time of Ending

Planned Bosses(Subject to change):
Royal Retainers
Sovereign Soul
Intelligence Zero

The Attainer
Reaver King
Varitide, Traitor to the Sea
Silver Wind Larisa
Aayvornd the Ascended
The Tumor in Time

Quasar the Deceiver
Dream Devastator
Ossidayn the Challenger
Hands of Judgement
Judgement Soul

Governor Rextane
Starry Meepkill
The Old King
Xioml, the Empyrean Gate
??? Final Boss

DONATE(Pls!! :D):
Linx145 is creating Terraria mods and software | Patreon


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Thank you so much! These kinds of comments really brightens up my day ^u^ i'll also try to resprite as much of the slime sprites as possible ASAP, as i think they make up most of the retextures.
Yeah, I do not have any previous experience in spriting, but I did study many sources, such as videos on Hyper Light Drifter and the trailer for Doko Roko a
dozen times.
Ok, so I won't be able to keep the thread up to date with the mod's content since I update the mod at least once every two hours when I'm awake. I'll probably update the
thread at the end of the day. I am currently focusing on nerfing as well as adding Summoner content(two new weapons are implemented)
Woah... To quote Terraria Achievement #4, Ooo! Shiny!
I have a question. How long do you take to sprite these? i'm guessing around 20 minutes or less
I'll be away for a few days so i'll be unable to update the mod. I will try to finish up some lore, though.
Development of the mod will currently be on hold, as my school has restarted and I am currently focusing on coding for the Story of Red Cloud revamped. I will still try to update the mod when I do have ideas.
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