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Console Play Station Network Usernames

Discussion in 'Console Quick Hookup' started by Matt (DailyHop), Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Matt (DailyHop)

    Matt (DailyHop) Eye of Cthulhu

    Post your usernames on PSN here. First off, mine is Ravash7. You can give me your names and we can get to playing :)

    (EDIT: 3/23/2017) It's been over 2 years since I've posted this, please don't add me anymore. I've been receiving alerts on my PS4 almost everyday for 2 years since I posted this and it's been annoying. I don't even play Terraria anymore. Use this forum to hook up with other people that actually play this game! Please do not add me or I will decline your request. Thanks and have a nice day.
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  2. TheDarkCrucible

    TheDarkCrucible Terrarian

    PSN: TheDarkCrucible (please send message if adding due to i ignore blank/unspecified requests)
    I'm willing to make new friends! the old group I use to game with fell apart so I could use some new faces, however I only will play with legit players hackers/duppers I'm not interested in playing with.
    I have both Vita an PS3 versions of the game.
    Hope this thread picks up a bit more!
  3. Matt (DailyHop)

    Matt (DailyHop) Eye of Cthulhu

    :( I use all items map :( Still, I use cheats for ammo and bricks and stuff. Still wanna add me? :/
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  4. hockeywiz

    hockeywiz Eye of Cthulhu

    I play on PS3 just deleted all worlds/characters and starting fresh as a ranger to begin, PSN: Hockeywiz5
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  5. Matt (DailyHop)

    Matt (DailyHop) Eye of Cthulhu

    Okay, I will add you. Also I will make a new ranger char too. I can play this Monday, then on. My PSN is Ravash7.
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  6. ChefFish

    ChefFish Terrarian

    Psn: jrfish I'm usually playing on vita in the afternoon most days U.S. eastern time. Currently I'm working on pumpkin moons. I can get to wave 13 by myself. Would like to have some friends to get the whole way through.
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  7. Matt (DailyHop)

    Matt (DailyHop) Eye of Cthulhu

    Got to wave 15 with lots of people, mainly it was me who did the work. I can help you on pumpkin moon. I mainly use vita as well! My PSN: Ravash7. Hit me up sometime and we can dominate the Pumpkin Moon me and you and maybe a few others! :D
  8. DarknessWillRise

    DarknessWillRise Terrarian

    i would love to play with you dude the same thing happened to me and I don't dupe or anything anymore cause it took the fun out of the game and I started a new account so I'm not tempted to dupe so I don't have a lot of stuff right now and could we start a new world together with new characters so it would be fair
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  9. DarknessWillRise

    DarknessWillRise Terrarian

    I was talking to dark crucible btw
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  10. Biggilly1

    Biggilly1 Skeletron Prime

    psn is moistgilly would like to help anyone who needs it
  11. terraria_doe

    terraria_doe Terrarian

    Hey mines is Faze_yeye27 im chill i only dupe ammo and blocks/bricks i also like to build stuff
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  12. Matt (DailyHop)

    Matt (DailyHop) Eye of Cthulhu

    Okay added u
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  13. FallenSky

    FallenSky Terrarian

    Mines is TroLtRaIn
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  14. XxMakeItRainxX

    XxMakeItRainxX Plantera

    Psn is virtualpwny. I do have a mic
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2014
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  15. Penguin Fella

    Penguin Fella Terrarian

    I play on vita, and I love Terraria, I've also got it on PC and Mobile.
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  16. notchrules12

    notchrules12 Terrarian

    please freind me need help on pumkin moon. Offering 10 platuim for help to wave 15. ps vita name (psn) billwelty
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  17. Matt (DailyHop)

    Matt (DailyHop) Eye of Cthulhu

    What happens if u give me plat and we don't get to wave 15? ;( Anyways, sure, I have made it to wave 15 and I only died every 10 mins. Everyone else on my world who was fighting pumpkin moon w/ me died evry sec. Anyways, yeah, add me. I'm most likely not always online, due to my addiction of my new iPhone, or I have school. So, add me, if I don't respond to an inv/msg, I'm just doing school or playing my iPhone.
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  18. SonicKiwi123

    SonicKiwi123 Terrarian

    Anyone who's up to adding me, I'm starting fresh on the vita, my psn is sonickiwi123 Although from later today (oct 11) to sometime Monday night(oct 13), I will be camping without internet, so I won't be able to play
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  19. notchrules12

    notchrules12 Terrarian

    o well as long as we get to wave 10 or up
  20. Funky Jupiter

    Funky Jupiter Terrarian

    PSN: FunkyJupiter
    looking to add pretty much anyone:joy: