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PlexiTyrraria Support Banners!



Hello, welcome to my support banner workshop. I make support banners for any ideas or suggestions for Terraria, so people can spread the word about their thread, and maybe even get it on an official Terraria version. To get a support banner:

1. I must be accepting requests at the time.
2. Must provide a link to the suggestion's thread.
3. If any custom items are included, sprites MUST be created beforehand, and in the thread's O.C. (Original Comment)

Once I'm done creating the banner, I will put it in the comments of this thread, so don't unwatch this thread until you get a banner. I will also tell you beforehand that I am going to create a support banner. Remember that I will take breaks from making banners, usually will create banners every other day. Thank you for support!

Mannequin Dying, By: AFK


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Both your images are broken. Are they hosted in a PM or social group? You should try uploading them straight to this thread.
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