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What is Your Favorite Pokémon Type?

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Me and my friend love sending each other Pokemon fusions, so I made a thread on the TCF so other people could too!
Just google "pokemon fusions" and go to the website
(sorry if this isn't allowed/in the wrong part, I'll delete it if I have to.
Edit: here is a link to a fusion website that is funny: Pokemon Fusion and here is one that makes cool fusions: Infinite Fusion Calculator
One more Pokemon Fusion Generator
Guess who fused with whom? 🙂


Stardust Pillar
ok i need help, i want arceus but i also want Violet/scarlet, but if i only have enough money for one of them, so if i got violet/scarlet which one should i choose or is arceus better than both of those
I would say get arceus first, and get scarlet later (I need friends that play scarlet lol), IMO arceus is better than gen 9, I've had more fun with it at least
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