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Cross-Platform Pokémon


Duke Fishron
Pokémon is a game about beating up and kidnapping defenseless animals and forcing them to fight against their own kind for your own amusement. I wonder what PETA has against it?

The franchise has several generations and several spin-offs. Discussion of all is welcome on this thread.

So to start things off, which versions do you all have?


Duke Fishron
For me, it's Leaf Green, Soul Silver, Emerald, Pearl, Diamond, Platinum, White, White 2, and Y. Will be getting Alpha Sapphire in November. And don't even get me started on the spin-offs...


I have all around me...Gold, Silver, Emerald, Diamond, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver.
But I've played Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black, and Black 2.
I've been a fan since I was three years old, after all!

Also, my gen preference is...
Yes, I had to separate BW1 and 2. I have... Isshus with the former... *shot*

...Oh, as a personal request, just don't post unspoilered X/Y spoilers, please. As you can see, I've never played them cause I hopped on the Vita train over the 3DS since there was nothing for the latter when I had to decide... But I'll be getting one soon.


I own every main-series game except Red, Blue, and Silver and I own most of the spinoff ones. I also plan on getting both Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in November.

I used to battle competitively and now battle semi-competitively, so if anyone wants to add me for a battle, I'm up for that.

I also used to hunt shinies and I have lots of 'em.


I'm a big fan of the handle games, which I own all except Omega Rudy and Alpha Sapphire (but I will get them). Also, I like the N64 games (Stadium 1 & 2 and Pokemon Snap).

theclownfish II

about peta its that its similar to animal abuse except with some other things thrown in like pokemon based off non-living creatures such as magneton (based off of magnets) or mythical creatures like hydreigon. even some may be based off humans like gallade and tyrogue. i honestly think they are being idiots about it and i heard nintendo may sue them

about the games i have emerald, pearl, platinum, heartgold, black, black 2, white 2 and y. i gave my soulsilver and white versions to a couple of friends and the one i gave white to is currently borrowing my x version. i also plan on getting firered version along with omega ruby


Duke Fishron
So what about Showdown teams? I'm currently trying to make one that works, but my current one includes Blaziken, Mewtwo, Aegislash, Xerneas, Ditto, and Chansey.


Oh, that's right! I forgot all about FireRed.

Also, partially thanks to me being the "i prefer singleplayer" guy/DS wi-fi not liking our wi-fi/being bad at Pokemon, I'm kinda into the world of Pokemon hacks. Like the ones that rebalance stuff and maybe add new stuff. They can be pretty fun! The most recent I completed being a hack of Black 2, which made all of the Pokemon available, moved item locations, buffed a bunch of Pokemon, added new fights, and made the game all-around more challenging. It took me 100 hours of gameplay to declare myself done with the hack, and I had a lot of fun! Still kinda proud of the team I assembled, too.

That was my team at the end of the journey, but there were other cool members, namely a Samurott and a Butterfree(who got pulled out and given a Choice Scarf for legendary hunting).

theclownfish II

and if you want to know some of my current teams here they are

in use
emerald: sceptile (sensei no ki), aggron (ching chong), rayquaza, flygon (suna waiban), starmie (shuriken), mightyena (okami)
platinum: gyrados (tape worm), steelix (massive bonr), pupitar (godzilla), honchkrow, Blaziken (OH MY GOD!!!) raichu (volty. ps i got him from lt. surge)
black 2: gardevoir, vibrava
Y: gourgeist (pumpkin), gardevoir

recently used
emerald: hariyama, breloom (war toad), loudred, sharpedo, gardevoir (aijin)
platinum: crobat (niggr), spiritomb, genngar, dratini, espeon (chrom)
Y: tyranitar, charizard (david), hydreigon (crimson), dragalge, electross, zekrom


So what about Showdown teams? I'm currently trying to make one that works, but my current one includes Blaziken, Mewtwo, Aegislash, Xerneas, Ditto, and Chansey.
I don't play on Showdown very much, but one of the teams I used to use on there had a Klefki, Heracross, Metagross, Starmie, Volcarona, and Rotom-W.


The Destroyer
Hm, Yellow Version, Emerald, Platinum, HeartGold, White and Y. Don't know which of the new ones I'd get if at all, Gen III was kind of the odd one out for me. I used to have Crystal, hell if I know what happened to it.

Interestingly my somewhat younger brother is into it as well, so he has the one I didn't pick; Sapphire, Diamond, SoulSilver, Black, and X.
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I've spent way too long playing the Pokémon series, I remember I had 900+ hours logged onto Pokémon Diamond. I haven't really tried to step into the more competitive thing and I just play with my friends.


I own all (and every title that included racing, pinball, rangers and stuff like that) and will be getting Omega Ruby on release day.

Don't have favorite pokemon or generation, but I was slightly dissapointed with Black and White.

B/W 2 was okay.


Quality Assurance
Staff member
I am in the most awkward situation where I own a copy of pokemon Y, but I don't actually own a 3DS. My Roommates parents gave it to me (as a re-gift because the person the were going to give it to already had it.) So I never really get to play it much, but at my local card tournys I occasionally borrow someones 3DS and play it for an hour or so. I've got a Mawile as my ace in the hole, and a shiny Honedge that became a shiny doublade. Thats the only pokemon game I really own though. (Really need to get a 3DS and play it more, they must miss me!)


Official Terrarian
I played Pokémon Red, Crystal, Emerald, Firered, Diamond, Platinum, Soulsilver, Black, Black2 and Pokémon X. yea i really like Pokémon. still play almost everyday.

Edit: I played Pokémon mystery dungeon red rescue team. but not really a fan of other Pokémon spin off games.


Staff member
I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test; to train them is my cause.
I will travel across the land, searching far and wide, each Pokemon to understand the power that's inside.
Pokemon: Gotta catch 'em all!

But yeah. I love this game series more than any other. My favorites are

  • XD Gale of Darkness
  • Colloseaum
  • Heartgold & Soulsilver
  • X & Y - Pokemon AMIE!!!!
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