Blocks & Decoration Poles, hang those banners with style! [with sprites]

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So, it's me again, time for my third suggestion!

So, I like banners a lot. But it always bothered me that you had to hang them on a block. While this is cool and all, that means they look a bit out of place outside. But I want my banners outside in the field, blowing in the breeze!

Enter poles:
(sprites by me)

Poles icon iron.png

Type: Furniture
Placeable: Yes
Dimensions: 1x1
Max Stack: 999
Use Time: 14
Tool: pickaxe

Crafted with:

at a Iron/lead anvil

Poles icon iron.png

Poles icon wood.png

Wood Poles (cuz why not?)

Crafted with their respected wood types at a workbench. Still makes four

Poles icon gold.png

Golden Pole

20-40 0.33% drop from pirates

So what does it do? Poles count as a special type of furniture item that can be placed in a similar manner to blocks.
Hammering them changes the way the pole looks (like platforms).

Pole Sprites:


Now, here's the cool part. Banners can be placed on these poles when there is a 1x3 space available beneath the selected pole. The banner would hang off the pole placed. Also works with any other hanging type furniture (lanterns).

Here's an example:

Poles test 2.png

An example for what it may look like in game:

Poles test.png

Sweet right? This could also be used in many other ways. Intricate fencing? Decorative ladders? Antennae? You name it!

Later, I might add flags too, because why not.

Feel free to comment. Constructive criticism is very welcome!

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This is a very nice idea! I wouldn't mind one bit seeing these in-game. And I would see myself using them as well!

Also, if I may add something, I think it would be cool if you could climb them kind of like a monorail, going in all directions along some twisted metal track on the wall!
@ your last statement.
Maybe 2-3 banners can be turned into flags that are more intricate in design than the original banner while being larger?

Love this idea in any case, banners are one of my favorite decorations and being able to use them in a more stylish way would make me even happier. Kudos to you.
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