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Poles, hang those banners with style! [with sprites]

Do you want?

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The Destroyer
This seems similar to my Flag Pole suggestion...only better. Since there's ALOT more banners than just red, blue, green, and yellow (my suggestion only mentioned those) this would provide a better, more smooth appearance. I truthfuly don't see why this wasn't implemented when banners were. I support this

Support Rating: 9/10


Yes. I always forget banners need a solid block, so whenever I've finished a boss arena/whatever I realize I have to slap solid blocks in midair and completely ruin the setup or just make do without banners.

Also, for a split second I thought "Poles" meant the people. Why yes, I am an idito!

EDIT: *notices the typo and cries softly*


Empress of Light

I want this, so I can actually do stuff with my banners. How about, instead of limiting it to wood and gold and iron, have all the furniture sets get their own flagpole. Why? Because hell-forts need obsidian flag-poles with meteor head banners attached.

CraftedNightmare Here!

Official Terrarian
Thanks to that banner overhaul on 1.2, I got so much banners, I'm wondering if stacking them in chests and leaving them there would help.


(insert gentleman badge of approval here) (I'm starting to think I should make the badge instead of leaving the insert thing here)


I keep forgetting to say this(had the thought since thread creation), but is there a possibility of adding a different pole type to hang banners sideways instead of hanging down? It'll make them look like some nifty flags.
I was going to add flags earlier, but I got lazy

We could probably go with banners flipping when placed on a vertically orientated pole, or when hammered.


Why would you need this you could just build one out of blocks?
As pointed out by Milt, this is meant to reside in the furniture layer, which means more customization as to where you can place your banners instead of just sticking them in the ceiling. And you can't place banners on actuated blocks.

I was going to add flags earlier, but I got lazy
It'd be a damned good sight though. :passionate:
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