Hot Topic Post your Terraria hours!

How many hours do you have in Terraria?

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Oh, I haven't actually gotten to sit down and play in months. That being said, I have over 3,000 hours. Started playing in the really early days. got involved when Yogscast did a let's play.
781 hours on Steam, and another few on mobile. My time spent in Terraria is roughly 2.5x times any other game I own.
I've played for 37 minutes, and that wasn't even me playing. It was me trying to figure out wine cause apparently steam doesn't work on wine :(
Errr... Terraria doesn't work on wine for me. I'll be playing it much more once I get it!

This is my playtime! As you can see, I've played this game for a decently long amount of time.
Hey how did you get that "Official Terrarian" title? I did what it said but I can't use it! :(
Also, 153 hours
Probably about 375ish, counting TCCL (kinda big number), actual Terraria (huge number), and pirated, waaaaay back during 1.1.2 (smallish number)
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