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Post your weird dream stories


Skeletron Prime
I had a dream where I was rapping about The Giver to North Korea and how they could learn from it...


Staff member
In an obscure dream I had not too long ago, there was an eye in the place where my belly button is. Can't remember for sure but I may have even poked at it in the dream, and it was painful.

M the Mister

So this is a dream I had long time ago.

So in the dream there's me and all my friends from school (which I love) and they were just standing in a line and I was trapped to a chair and I couldn't do :red:, all I saw was a saw going thru their necks and emidietly killing them, after some time all I could see was just their headless bodies laying on the ground

After that I just woke up all in sweat I got my self a glass of coke and got back to sleep.

Also I find this thread very interesting, not sure why isn't here more replies :)


I'm gonna post my friends dream cause why not:
She was in some sort of tower with me and a few others and she heard screams at the top from Jack Jack and Jack (Don't ask) When she got up there they were all fine and she woke up.
I once had an odd dream that I was at my Grandma's house, on the front porch.
I jumped off the porch for some reason, only to suddenly get warped to outside my aunt's house, except it was extremely dark with a shadowy fog surrounding the area.
Suddenly, I was swarmed by a pack of white wolves with glowing red eyes and blood dripping out of their mouths.
They knocked me down and began to rip me asunder, and I could feel every part of it, and I could see it.
I could see them ripping out my organs, bones, and other body parts that should not be on the outside.
It all finally ended when one of them took their teeth to my neck.

I was five years old when I had this nightmare.


Staff member
Got a few more insane dreams these past few nights.

Having Harry Potter and Voldemort appear in my house was something I'd never expect to see in 10 billion years. They were also talking like they were old friends.

And having the Gas Pump actually put liquid Bleach in to my Car's Gas Tank (No not the Anime/Manga Bleach, the liquid Bleach used on clothes) causing my car to explode was another crazy one.

I need to get "normal dreams". I feel like Koji from Saya no Uta sometimes (In the ending where he survives)

Brayden craft

I don't no why but some times I have dreams that scare me I mean it doesn't fill like a dream it fills like it's really happening:(


Staff member
Time for another obscure dream story that everyone is secretly laughing at knowing I have a lot of Nightmares

Driving to my grandparents place, and as I get into the driveway, there are several spider webs on areas of the house with Spiders on them the size of bowling balls (Which I hear spiders like this do exist irl in very humid rainforest areas)

I think to myself "No way in hell, I can't do this, I have to go back" And small flying bugs like gnats somehow get into my car even though the windows are up and the doors closed and locked. They actually attack me with knife-like stingers as I try to kill them. I woke up pretty early after that.


I've had lots of weird dreams in my days her are just some
I was simply on TCF looking at @Milt69466 profile but it wasn't normal it had some weird posts and pictures on there and when I woke I went to go and check his profile to make sure I was dreaming
I was 7 years old and it was nearing the end of school when I had this dream. My school was made of Lagos and the teacher grew 6 feet taller and she said the only way we could leave the school is if we picked all the clothes on the ground and there was a lot of them so while I was picking up the clothes a kid fell down a slide who was wearing a mask and for some reason it sacred me so much that I woke up
I get kicked of a cliff by a friend and I fall forever
I was stuck in a straight jacket and gagged struggling to get out it felt frustrating but good at the same time also hatsune Mikulski was sitting in a chair watching me
I was a drug ring leader and people were trying to assassinate me in stupid ways including throwing a watermelon at me and giving me a cup labeled poison on it
I was playing terraria but the world was seriously deformed with a floating desert to an sky island made of lead it ended when I killed a nymph and got a nymph banner and my computer exploded
I was at a cafe and talking to Palutena while drinking coffee which was scolding hot we talked about random things including game design and sandwiches

Those are it for now might post more and some are a kitty too inappropriate for here but I would be happy to share in a PM


My family was in a swimming pool and a gator popped out of the water and started eating my family. My dad threw a thermos at me before he got eaten, and then I got eaten. :(


Alright, I've got a fairly weird recent one.
I was getting out of the shower, and I went to look in the mirror while I was drying myself (I do that 'cause I'm crap at drying my hair so it's great for reference) and notice a large gash down my shoulder. It looked rather deep, but wasn't bleeding or anything. I start poking at it curiously, and it hurts a little, but not much. Surprisingly, I pay little attention to it, so I turn to grab the towel. When I look back, another one had formed. So, I take a closer look at the original one, and notice that there was another layer of skin beneath it (if you've ever bitten skin off your fingers, you'll know what I mean). So, I poke around at it a bit more, and the skin starts coming loose and peeling off. Because I'm really annoyed by dead skin, I begin peeling it off. And I slowly peel away that entire layer of skin. Somewhat worried, I begin awkwardly trying to put it back on to no avail. And, then I began going about life as normal, looking kind of odd from the fact that I peeled away a whole layer of skin.
I went to school, but nothing really interesting happened. Nobody seemed to notice it. When I got home, I looked in the mirror again, to see if it was healing. Turns out the gash was back. That's where the dream ended. Not because I wanted it to, but because the sunlight woke me up.


I once had a dream I was infected with some parasite. Nothing helped destroy them, so I started ripping them from my skin- specifically, my cheeks and face. I felt every bit of it, and it still disturbs me to this day.
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