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Pots. They look really cool. You come in, and break them with a weapon or tool, and they shatter and give you stuff. But that's all they do. Wouldn't you like to have one of those things in a cool-looking house, just for decoration? Well, here is a way I have thought of to do that.

Basically, you can craft a pot using clay, and then place it on the ground as a background item just like a table or chair. It's that simple. The crafting repices can also vary depending on what kind of pot you want.

Cave Pot (normal ones): 4 clay.
Corruption Pot: 4 clay + 1 ebonstone block.
Crimson Pot: 4 clay + 1 crimstone block.
Jungle Pot: 4 clay + 1 jungle spores.
Lihzahrd Pot: 4 clay + 1 lihzahrd brick.
Dungeon Pot: 4 clay + 1 bone
Underworld Pot: 4 clay + 1 obsidian brick.
Ice Pot: 4 clay + 1 ice block.
Webbed Pot: 4 clay + 1 web.
Pyramid Pot: 4 clay + 1 sandstone brick.

(idea by @darthmorf) Also, you can put an acorn in the pot to grow a small decorative potted tree after a while. It only works if there is enough vertical space for the tree to grow, it is above 0 depth, and there are no background walls. The type of tree is determined by the type of pot (sprites coming soon):
Cave Pot: Normal Tree
Corruption Pot: Ebonwood Tree
Crimson Pot: Shadewood Tree
Jungle Pot: Jungle Tree
Lihzahrd Pot: Jungle Tree
Dungeon Pot: Normal Tree
Underworld Pot: Ashwood Tree (original idea by @SzGamer227)
Ice Pot: Boreal Tree
Webbed Pot: Normal Tree
Pyramid Pot: Palm Tree
(idea by @Scironex) You can then chop down these trees to get about 5 wood.

Did I miss any? Comment below! What do you think?
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