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Pirate fingerguns.png

I've really enjoyed this one, probably one of the first times I made a terraria character look older than I see Terrarians usually. without the need of a beard.
oh snap so I was only looking at your old art, which was pretty ungood, but now I see you have improved quite a bit since then

I give you a thumbs up for not giving up on art because it wasn't that good
Isn't eveyone's first attempts at art crap? I mean, you have to start from somewhere. It's not like you can start right from the get-go as a master of an art style, right?
I do reccomend though that you cut down on some of that saturation
It's understandable, but I don't want to remove them from the thread as they've hold good memories from when I started to draw, and when I started to improve.
And there were some biomes / events that I havn't redrawn either. hence why I prefer to not remove them.
I can however make sure they don't get the primary attention anymore. So that the more recent art will be more likely to be the first to be seen as well.

Thanks for the suggestion.
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