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Prehm- World load detector


Just put one bucket of lava in this machine and it will detect whenever you load your world.


The quarter second timer pumps the lava away too fast for it to be detected by lava detector.
When the world is loaded all liquids are settled. The lava detector activates, firing the dart, hitting the teal pressure plate and starting the 1/4 second timer.
Timers are always off when a world loads.
When the lava is pumped away the lava detector sends another pulse, however the dart trap hasn't finished its 3.33 second cool down yet so it won't double fire.

I haven't really stress tested this design very much. I'm not sure how it behaves when there are a loads more liquids to settle.
Now that I'm thinking about it, it could be made to be simpler.

Now that I've really thought about it. I made a pre-hm world load detector. This also hasn't been stress tested but it doesn't rely on liquids.


Floating dummies can float prehm by putting them on sand being held up by a trap door and then mining the trap door.
The drawbacks of this design is that it takes 5 seconds to detect a world load rather than being instant. For prehm you can't make it much faster without making something more complicated and big. And you can only really save 1.5 seconds.


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What a blessing for my adventure map and way more compact to what i use right now.
This will go through a lot of testing but thanks in advance!
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