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Working as Designed [PS4] Can not play Splitscreen in multiplayer


My brother, friend, and I all logged on to terraria today eager to play the new update to find that all of our controller binds have changed and that we could not all play together. Previously, in past versions my brother, friend, and I could all play in a multiplayer word that I hosted. My brother would utilize the split-screen feature whilst my friend would log onto the world through the multiplayer option. We soon found out that in the new update we could not use split screen in multiplayer mode. I do not see the point in getting rid of split-screen in multiplayer mode and hope that you will change this. Hopefully, this can change as the three of us really enjoy your game but will not play it if we cannot all play in our world together.


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So with splitscreen + Online multiplayer its been turned off for the time been. Loki mentioned it earlier "Splitscreen + Online (in combination) Multiplayer is not currently supported - this will be explored at a later update, as we did not want to delay the launch to chase the many edge case issues this specific situation creates."


I too am crushed by this, we have always played this way for years and were very excited to replay on 1.4 and can't, is that all we know is that they just couldn't get it working yet?


I understand it's in the works, but just to continue to help keep, Split Screen in Multiplayer, in mind; my household is patiently waiting for this update, so we can finally enjoy Terraria.
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