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Psychologist office. What is your most traumatic Terraria experience

Champion Greninjoid

The Destroyer
oh, I think I just remembered one of my most traumatic experiences with this game, the time my first world and character got corrupted and my dad was only able to save my world, not my character, so I had to continue using my sister's character (which is actually where Meghan came from, she was originally my sister's character). I edited the nearest gravestone from my now gone character to say that they didn't survive a game crash. That world is gone now too, I couldn't transfer it to the next laptop I got...
Technical difficulties suck.


Official Terrarian
They really do. The world was named eSTHER'S WORLD, as a joke because I almost named the character eSTHER because I almost left capslock on.


I spawned in with a slime staff once, but I was too much of a noob to realize how rare it was, so I trashed it, not to mention trashing my rod of discord for no reason.


Just post your most traumatising experience in Terraria. That’s it.

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Back when I started, I thought Mediumcore sounded cool. I lost tons of good items, so maybe that
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