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Pumpkin and Frost Moons Guide


Empress wings are better than duke fishron wings, Empress wings are faster both horizontally and vertically the only advantage fishron wings have are the slightly higher flight time, which is obsolete if you have soaring insignia.

Once you get the soaring insignia I would argue that the hoverboard > duke wings, the have incredable horizontal acceleration, and if you never run out of flight time it basicly makes dash accesories obsolete.

Betsy wings are basicly the hoverboard on steroids, betsy wings+ soaring insignia grants the best pre moonlord mobility.

The witch broom is objectively better than the cosmic car key.
Added everything mentioned
Comletely forgot about Betsy wings

Soaring Insignia added to the universal accessories section
Witchs broom is now blue colored (S), Cosmic Key is green (A)

Added video examples for tiger recastView attachment Tiger recast.gif and dart pistol

Coin Gun buffed and has a new description. RIP money
I wish it had piercing for gold/platinum

New Resonance scepter test, Blade Staff added (try it with ichored Kaleidosope + Betsys Wrath, it gains sth like negative def, resulting in 50 dmg per hit)
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