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PVP weapon tier list 1.4(IN PROGRESS)


Eye of Cthulhu
Rainbow rod: good damage and homing but TOO SLOW
adamantit/titanium repeater: average dmg
uzi: Upgraded megashark
cursed flames: high damage and bounce off walls but affected by gravity unable to hit airborne players
True excalibur: Average dmg but high speed
flairon: slow but shoots high dmg bubbles
Grenade launcher: high damage explosion that hits multiple players
Nightglow: High damage sparks but cannot home on players
Daedaduls stormbow: low dmg but arrows can be considered traps
Bat scepter: easy crowding but low dmg
shadowflame knife: long ranged mage dagger
orange zapinator: high dmg but laser effects do not work in pvp (I think)
celebration: low damage but explosion hitbox and crowding

Vortex beater: average dmg and rocket bullet
bubble gun: high dmg trap weapon
Dart pistol: low dmg but high speed, with crystal darts can be considered a lesser pulse bow
Dart rifle: reflection to pistol (high dmg but slow)
Hallowed reapeater: High dmg and high speed but only one arrow shot at a time
true nights edge: high dmg projectile but slow
seedler: low dmg but powerful exploding projectile
Chain gun: faster uzi(fastest gun)
rainbow gun:low dmg mage trap

These are really hard to read on Terraria Forums’ brown background, especially the A tier category. I’d use a much brighter red and a color that isn’t brown, like maybe this orange.
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