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PVP weapon tier list 1.4(IN PROGRESS)

Don't rush me ok?
Weapons that aren't included are either worthless or they are banned in most servers
X:Godlike weapons used for endgame players
S: really op or just a gimmick weapon
A: Very good weapons that should be used if best available
B: Averageish weapons that can be used but only if you know what your doing
C:borderline good weapons that shouldn't really be used
D: bad weapons that aren't a good Idea
F:Weapons are utterly trash and should not be used at all

Starting at the bottom of the food chain:
F Any pre hm weapons and pirannha gun (with an execption of sunfury/ star cannon and flower of fire) and melee weapons without projectile
D :
Spectre staff: low damage and slow moving single shot. Period
Sunfury: low damage but can "juggle enemies"
Golden shower: short ranged attack with low damage "may cause ichor idk"
Hm ore reapeaters(not adamantite titanium hallowed or clorophyte): low dmg and single shot like spectre staff for ranged class
Ice bow: low damage cannot inflict frostburn
Shotgun: slow and low dmg

Star cannon: average dmg but costly ammo and upgradable form
Marrow: average dmg and fastest arrows
clorophyte shotbow: low dmg but shoots 2 arrows
megashark: low dmg but extremely fast firerate
clorophyte saber/claymore: average dmg and projectile, but very short ranged
Venus magnum: gud dmg but no autofire
shadowflame bow: lesser version of marrow
Crystal storm: low dmg and ranged but easily traps a slow player
flower of fire: average dmg but bouncing can trap players on the ground
Onyx blaster: slow and low dmg
Fetid baghnagks: fast but low range
mage dagger: low dmg small trap
Terrarian: sometimes banned insane damage, but really hard to aim and control, Projectiles are low ranged

Rainbow rod: good damage and homing but TOO SLOW
adamantit/titanium repeater: average dmg
uzi: Upgraded megashark
cursed flames: high damage and bounce off walls but affected by gravity unable to hit airborne players
True excalibur: Average dmg but high speed
flairon: slow but shoots high dmg bubbles
Grenade launcher: high damage explosion that hits multiple players
Nightglow: High damage sparks but cannot home on players
Daedaduls stormbow: low dmg but arrows can be considered traps
Bat scepter: easy crowding but low dmg
shadowflame knife: long ranged mage dagger
orange zapinator: high dmg but laser effects do not work in pvp (I think)
celebration: low damage but explosion hitbox and crowding

Vortex beater: average dmg and rocket bullet
bubble gun: high dmg trap weapon
Dart pistol: low dmg but high speed, with crystal darts can be considered a lesser pulse bow
Dart rifle: reflection to pistol (high dmg but slow)
Hallowed reapeater: High dmg and high speed but only one arrow shot at a time
true nights edge: high dmg projectile but slow
seedler: low dmg but powerful exploding projectile
Chain gun: faster uzi(fastest gun)
rainbow gun:low dmg mage trap

S.D.M.G: best gun 2nd fastest and 2nd strongest
Pulse bow: fast and strong damage bow that crowds spaces with bouncing and penetrating arrows
Paladin hammer: Fast high ranged melee weapon
Aerial bane: high damage trapping bow
Betsy's wratH: mage version of aerial bane
Snowman cannon: crowding rocket
Electrosphere lancher: often banned but upgraded snowman cannon
Flying dragon: slow but high dmg sword that travels through walls
Influx waver: slow but high dmg projectile cannot hit twice
Terra blade:Greater Influx waver
Phantasm: high dmg multishot crowding bow
Laser machine gun: easy crowding trap
Razorblade typhoon: Fast moving flooding projectiles
Super star shooter: slower and weaker than S.D.M.G but projectiles can crowd and have large hitbox
Sniper: gimmick weapon that oneshots 99% of the time
Kalidoscope/north star: best whip damage
North pole: easy crowding trap with average dmg
Scourge of the corruptor: 3 small spears break on impact and flood large areas
Celebration mk2: High dmg and hitbox with floods

Eventide: good damage and many attack styles that kill fast
Tsunami: greater version of phantasm, best works with holy arrows
Nebula blaze: endgame book of skulls with fast speed and high dmg
Nebula arcanum: easily crowding mage weapon, low dmg and high mana cost tho
Daybreak: Insane damage
solar eruption: high damage wall trap
Charged blaster cannon: Basically last prism, sometimes banned
razorpine: Fast and high dmg

Last prism
Star wrath

all are s cuz they are too op
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Eater of Worlds
Suggestion: Try making each tier it's unique color. just stare at the white wall of text and trying to figure out which tier is this makes my eyes dizzy.


Should 'banned' weapons get a list of their own? I can't tell if a weapon not in the list is considered banned or forgotten.

Derpling Ω

ill do that actually
For once I tried the yoyos, they are actually garbage in pvp
Terrarian is actually incredibly annoying to deal with as it just makes a huge area around your cursor deal massive damage, but it’s so hard to actually be in range for any length of time anyway that I wouldn’t say it’s very good.
Terrarian is actually incredibly annoying to deal with as it just makes a huge area around your cursor deal massive damage, but it’s so hard to actually be in range for any length of time anyway that I wouldn’t say it’s very good.
the problem is once someone escapes the yoyo's range they are very likely to avoid it again and attack back really easily
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