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Working as Designed Random Boss sounds


Steam or GOG
Single Player/Multiplayer
Operating System
Windows 10
Terraria Version
Controls Used
I have been playing Terraria for 5 hours today and when I am underground my stardust dragon will just randomly fly off-screen to kill something and when it the sound effect or a random boss sound effect will happen.
It is mainly the Lunatic Cultist or Moon Lord sound effect I think there is more because some of the bosses will have the same "Splat sound effect" it mainly happens in my AFK farm but it happens in other places underground too just mainly that place.

The sound is very instant and on full volume when I have sound effects on 50%, music on 40%, Ambient effects on 70%.
I am fine hearing the sound effects when I am battling the boss but when the sound is instant and loud it almost made me crap my self. (That is an expression)

I am going to get a friend of mine to join my world to see if they hear it

Comment down if you know any creatures that make the same sound as moon lord or lunatic cultist

I am putting a clip onto this forum so U can see how it goes.

Other things posted by me:



Clip won't load how do U load a non-youtube clip without it crashing
I will be following the stardust dragon around to see what he/she kills
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