Casual Random Chitchat Thread

My pillows are all pretty thin 😭
Oh no...
Making pillows is pretty easy if you have fabric, filling, and even a little bit of skill in sewing though. The one I started on today will be my third in total, and my second that I made by hand, and I don't have a lot of sewing skills.
I like to have 2 pillows; a big pillow that's very soft, and a thinner yet firmer pillow that goes on top of it.
The latter has a very comfortable pillowcase, which is made of the same material as my blanket.
I also like to hug a pillow that is soft and small when I sleep, but the small pillows I have are too thin for that purpose, so I use a plush instead.
Mew is my favorite Pokemon because of this specific string of emojis
with hammers.jpeg
I need opinions on which of these name ideas (which, I'll probably add a few more tomorrow) would work best for a new name for Pachy
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