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Casual Random facts about yourself


Staff member
Lets learn a bit more about eachother!

  • I want to someday be fully converted into a prosthetic robotic body.
  • My hair is super long.
  • I have a love for greatswords that is on the borderline of Obsession.
  • A certain someone from my past Infected me with a love of Puns and Cats, now I cant stop making puns or petting cats.
  • Music is hands down one of the most important things in the world to me. I have headphones on almost 18 hours a day.


The Mysterious One
-I dabble in digital art.
-I want to get a nice camera so I can take nice pictures.
-I enjoy good music and think everyone should listen to good music. ;)


Skeletron Prime
  • I literally despise being around closed minded people.
  • I make music on a Gameboy DMG-01.
  • I have my headphones on almost constantly.
  • I don't think there is such a thing as bad music.
  • I am a guy, but have only had "short" hair once in my life.
  • I (kind of) think I have the skill to become a photographer, but don't know how to go about it at all.
  • I basically don't judge people for anything (as long as they aren't rapists/ murders/ pedophiles).
  • I love video games, and consider them to be a form of great art.
  • Ponies, man.

Dire Sigma

Skeletron Prime
  • I keep calling myself old even though i'm not even in my 20s
  • I love armor. I mean, I LOVE armor
  • I try not to be the person who puts down people, the last thing I want to be is the salt upon someones wounds
  • I'm a pretty good sketch artist when on paper, but on pc i'm absolute :red:


- Even though my beard tends to grow a lot for my age, my moustache is not as thick as i wish it would.
- I get mad at almost everything.
- I judge everyone no matter who.
- I have a pretty low self-steem.


- I do art. Mostly Fallout or cartoon stuff.

- Scribblenauts is one of my favorite game series(es?). Just gotta say, yo.

- Although I play drums, I cannot play Crypt of the Necrodancer. Thanks for showing me that game, TO.

Kyouko Tsukino

- I've been writing fan fiction (stories based on other stories, so to speak) for two decades.
- I'm a self-taught (mostly) cook. One of the few things I learnt right.
- I love cats and other felines. Heck, if a lion attacked me, I would probably try to hug it and die a happy guy.
- Some of my favorite games and anime shows are older than most of the people I talk to online.
- I was born the year Star Wars was born. //Use the Raz.
- I tend to overlevel the :red: out of my characters in RPGs. I usually have a very easy first run through them.
- I can't play fighting games. The AI at an above-average level demolishes me, and any human player has high chances of doing the same.


The Destroyer
  • I am obsessed with mythological weapons (Muramasa, Turfingr, Gungnir and so on)
  • I find myself fascinated by Minibosses for some reason.
  • I like swords.
  • I like swords.
  • I have barely been out of my home state, only ever left twice.
  • I got a nasty habit of starting something and only coming back to it months later (Most recently did that with EarthBound, which I now hopefully actually finish)
  • When brainstorming on ideas (say for my novels or even just random game theories/mechanics that will never happen) I pace and think out loud.


The Destroyer
  • I'm an introvert.
  • Insane characters tend to be my favorites.
  • I play too many RPGs and then complain I don't beat enough games.
  • I say I'll do something, and then won't do it.
  • I often go out to the kitchen only to forget what I went there for.
  • I like to play fighting games no matter how bad I am at them save for smash
  • I seem to have strangely good like while playing Mario Kart and only Mario Kart.


-I have a collection of hats
-They have more swag than though possible
-I want to write books when I get older
-They will have more swag than my hats (Maybe)
-I suck at/hate first person shooter games
-I bet i'm shorter than you
-Never played terraria on anything other than xbox or my phone (They'd better make terraria for mac soon or i'll cri)
-I come from the land of minecraft


-anime obsession
-long hair
-hate closed minded people
-not religious
-love gore
-i know spanish english and im learning japanese
-I'm obsessed with the taste of human blood(and chocolate)
-and i want terraria on pc
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-I can't stand visiting densely populated areas for more than a couple of days.
-I have asthma but my parents force me into doing highly physical sports anyway.
-I love living in Alaska. It's my favorite place in the world. Fresh air, lots to do.
-I have a twin brother.
-I can never think of things to say out loud, but I always can typing. That's pretty much why I'm much more popular on the web than in real life.
-I really, REALLY hate it when I have a value of money in a game that isn't divisible by 5. Drives me crazy.
-I also hate making people feel bad. The only people I can really shout insults to would probably be my brother, and I do everything I am asked. Oh, and people with awful suggestions, but I more criticize the suggestion than the user.
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  • My actual name is Steven
  • My parents are divorced. Me and my little sis live with our dad in Shanghai, my mom is somewhere in Hawaii
  • I love war games
  • Outside of Terraria, I love drawing mechanical things and mecha
  • I'm a gundam fan
  • I spend most of my time in a basement
  • I used to play minecraft a lot, but the fighting and pvp I find bland unless your playing with a friend
  • The only sport I play tennis, and nothing else XD


- I am technically by definition a professional League of Legends player (played for money and made money) but I don't like saying that because that was once.
- I got paid today.
- My internet is acting up this moment and I can't load anything other than this page.
- I play a lot of World of Warcraft
- And...


Official Terrarian
  • I hate being alone.
  • I hate being mean to people.
  • I wear my socks inside out because it is more comfy.
  • My favorite FPS (if you can even call it that) is the original Deus Ex.
  • I have only beat the Eye of Cthulhu so far in the PC version because I am busy spending my time making my house and exploring.
  • The furthest I have ever got in Terraria for Xbox was to the WoF and then I took a break because I couldn't beat it.
  • I am bisexual.
  • I an actually quite young.
  • I love drawing even though I barley draw and when I do they are horrible looking.
  • I am secretly a god.
That is all I could think of.


Official Terrarian
- I HATE people who says phrases wrong. (ex. "For God sakes")
- I am a League of Legends addict (but I hate playing ranked because salt)
- Dislike people who are ALL about religion.
- On that note, I am Apatheist (you've probably never heard of it).
- I hate one-sided thinkers.
- I hate having numbers (especially money) in games that aren't multiples of 5.
- Anything I build in Terraria (or any game for that matter) MUST be symmetrical.
- I'm not, but a lot of times, i feel absent-minded.
  • I have a love for greatswords that is on the borderline of Obsession.
  • A certain someone from my past Infected me with a love of Puns and Cats, now I cant stop making puns or petting cats.
  • Music is hands down one of the most important things in the world to me. I have headphones on almost 18 hours a day.
d-did we just become best friends
I think we just became best friends

Now, as for me...
  • I and my wife are freaking obsessed with bladed weapons (Both historical and fantasy), and we collect them almost on a crazy cat lady level.
  • I can be quite a bit of an :red: from time to time, though never without reason, of course.
  • I love to draw and scribble, but I suck at it horribly.
  • Once, I had long hair, and everyone thought I was a woman. Silly times and embarrassment ensued. Along with the laughter of my wife in the background.
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