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Casual Random facts about yourself


Skeletron Prime
  • I weigh more than a bunny.
  • I am shorter than a skyscraper
  • I Deleted Fortnite while my bro was still installing it.
  • I do not fit in a goldfish bowl.


Official Terrarian
  • I'm heccing short
  • role playing is one of my non gaming favorite things
  • i need to take my medicine
  • My left eye goes towards the nose, its noticeable when im focusing on something and your watching me.
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Skeletron Prime
More facts:
I am not a dog.
If a dog had have been bought on my date of birth, it would be an old dog.
I cant Sprite
I actually tried Fortnite when it was popular in my class (yeah, you know how that turned out)
Yet, when Clash of Clans was popular, I loved it (still sometimes play)

Blood Crawler

Brain of Cthulhu
Some facts about myself:

I exist.
I can breathe.
I'm smaller than a 1 cubic light year.
I'm bigger than a 1 cubic planck length.
I was born after 18th Ceuntry.
I never saw Adolf Hitler irl.
Neither i saw Abraham Lincoln too.
Neither i saw the person who killed Adolf Hitler.
My real name is not "Donald J. Trump".
Neither is "Barrack Obama".
I have 2 brains: The head brain and the spine brain.
I also have 1 nose.
My brains and nose are working fine.
I'm registred at the Terraria Forums.
I know how to turn on PC.
I also know how to run the Browser on the PC.
I also know how to post on the Terraria Forums.
I also know how to type on the keyboard.
My age is over 1 second.
I weigh more than my leg.
I can make the text bold and underline on Terraria forums, you can see the proof above.
Same goes for making the text red.
I have more than 0 posts on terraria forums.
I can run faster than a brick.
I'm also better at chess than a brick
And i'm also better at starcraft 2 than a brick.
Through, i'm worse at being a building material than a brick.
My nickname on the forums is "Blood Crawler".
I didn't place a dot in the end of one of the facts here, what fact it could be?
I have a unique fingerprint.
I know more than a 1 word in english language.
I know what's 2+2.
I also know that i know what's 2+2.
I also know that i know that i know what's 2+2.
I also know that i know that i know that i know what's 2+2.
Hell, i know a lot.
Now the Hell knows that i know a lot, maybe it will respond someday...
Now i pressed the caps lock again.
I think about what to type next.
Whoa, i can think.
I hope i live a good life.
Whoa, i live.
I posted this reply on the Terraria forums.
Now, people know more about me.


Official Terrarian
  • One of my favorite games was Wii Music.
  • I once watched Happy Tree Friends back at 4th grade. It shook me, to say the least.
  • "Holy :red:, I was actually a (or almost a) member WildCats fandom at one point?"
  • I still have no idea how the Homestuck fandom managed to find me, the weirdo who lives under forum rocks.
  • I've learned to appreciate Halloween, even when I wasn't able to trick-or-treat anymore.
  • Remember Toki World? Y'know, those green naga-like lizards that were akin to WildCats or whatever it was? Yeah, I was part of that fandom too.
  • I've never played Super Mario Sunshine or Kirby's Air Ride.
  • I made a gag-dub language pack for A Hat in Time once.
  • no seriously what the ever loving :red: was even my old scratch.mit profile about
  • I'm on the autism spectrum, and the primary condition it causes for me (I can't learn information from seeing other people do it) is a huge double-edged sword to me.
  • I consider those who make "autism = the big dumdum" jokes really unoriginal and desperately trying to look like an edgelord.
  • I have almost suceeded at my quest to have played every single major-line Nintendo console/hand-held, all I'm missing is some more playtime of the Gamecube to promote it past "played for a few minutes one", the Gameboy and it's color variant, some non-school playtime of the Wii U, and the Nintendo DSi. The Virtual Boy doesn't count.
  • I made it past the top 100 players and am sitting pretty comfortably in 30th place, give or take a rank for Beat Hazard 2.
  • I was once on the robotics team. ...Was, the team never really saw me as an actual member and I had to leave early due to that.


  • I’m freaking tall
  • I have a low opinion of myself (now I know Guzzlord doesn’t like me, yippee)
  • I like Gorillaz
  • Because I like Gorillaz I listen to Feel Bath at least twice a day (look it up, I dare you)
  • Space is cool, I’m interested in it
  • I like the dark, and sitting at my tablet drawing all day
  • I can wear a sweatshirt when it’s like 90 degrees outside (and I live in a generally hot area too)
  • My feet are always cold and I hate it
  • I hecking love animals
  • I think Madagascar is a really good movie (the entire franchise was good, but nowhere near as good as the first)
  • I’ve had an obsession with honey mustard since I was like 3, and it still means the world to me
  • I’m the person who sits in the shower while contemplating life
  • I have allergies to like every fruit and nut to exist
  • I love hoodies and sweatpants
  • I’m just a really weird person in general
  • I’m left handed, and when I write my entire hand becomes silver
  • I also have an obsession with orange juice
  • I once turned up the TV’s volume to 100 by accident, and it didn’t go well
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