Casual Random facts about yourself

  • I'm an introvert.
  • Insane characters tend to be my favorites.
  • I play too many RPGs and then complain I don't beat enough games.
  • I say I'll do something, and then won't do it.
  • I often go out to the kitchen only to forget what I went there for.
  • I like to play fighting games no matter how bad I am at them save for smash
  • I seem to have strangely good like while playing Mario Kart and only Mario Kart.
Um... are you my clone or something?

  • I can shake my eyes violently. Think of nystagmus (eye disorder), but on command.
  • I'm pretty sure I have OCD. I saw a pile of candles, and I dropped everything I was doing just to put the in order by color.
  • My single main source of energy is memes.
I'm regarded as the smartest person in my grade.
I love games, mostly Nintendo. Terraria also, but that's obvious.
If I'm not gaming, I'm looking at memes.
I have four brothers. Yes, four.
I have no profile picture if you couldn't tell.
My username goes a loooooooong way back. All the way back to a certain MMO I played 10 years ago, and I actually still somewhat play now.
- I love hot guys
- I like changing my hair style
- Can't get enough of snow
- Also love autumn
- Like online gaming at my best ever mantigames
- Like getting married just when my heart says it's that one I can't live without
- Hate ants
- Hate motorbikes
- Wish my parents didn't age
- Want to earn lots of money
  • I like to watch JoJo's Bizzare Adventure.
  • I like reading JoJo's Bizzare Adventure.
  • I like to randomly pose dramatically with my friends.
  • I like playing video games.
  • I like taking long walks on the beach.
  • I enjoy listening to loud music on maximum volume.
  • I also really like to annoy people.
  • I love insects and bugs.
  • I do not like anime at all, or at least most of it.
  • I am fascinated by both Christianity and Buddhism.
  • I do not like having pets.
  • I find myself always interested in history and biology.
  • Massive Extrovert.
  • Hate playing RPGs.
  • Don't like playing games that don't have gore.
  • I like Asian furniture and culture.
  • I hate emoticons lol.
  • Possible Scaly.
  • My taste in music kinda sucks, not gonna lie.
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  • An awkward introvert
  • I probably... definitely have a caffeine addiction
  • I like art, i want to become an animator some day
  • I spend a lot of time doing absolutely nothing productive
  • Constantly tired but can't sleep
  • Will obsess and headcanon over fictional characters
  • Master procrastinator
  • likes anything canine
  • also likes dragons
  • i like music
oh boy
  • Double-jointed all around. I can stick my legs behind my head and lick my elbow and all that.
  • Long-:red: neck. Combined with above, I can twist my head around like an owl. It's creepy.
  • I play the bass, both the big wood one and the electric one.
  • I have two cats. That's all there really is to say on the matter.
  • I can (kinda) cross one eye. Like, look straight ahead with one and cross the other.
  • My sense of motivation is effectively RNG, which I hate. One minute I could work for hours, and the next I could completely forget about a project.
  • I have a fair amount of very bad reasons for very good things. For example, not giving up because I don't want to redo something.
I've set myself a goal to Buy Cyberpunk 2077 with Steam funny money (no cash added) before it's released. If it doesn't happen, I'll buy it on GOG instead.
  • Chad.
  • I prefer brawn over brain.
  • I sorta hate self deprecation and people who think too lowly of themselves.
  • I don't like doing things the easy way most of the time.
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