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  1. jopojelly

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    Recipe Browser

    Latest Download:
    Mod Browser (in-game) - Direct link - Alt download Link
    Open source on GitHub
    Discord: [​IMG]


    Recipe Browser is an indispensable mod for any tModLoader player. It provides a service to the user that the Guide could only dream of providing. :):eek::sigh:) I'll let the videos below show off the various features.

    How to use? -> Assign hotkey and press it:

    Basic Usage:
    Place Items in slot to filter by recipes using or resulting in the item
    Click recipe to see ingredients and tiles
    Green Recipes are recipes craft-able right now, click to scroll crafting window
    Type into filter search boxes to filter by recipe result items
    Double click ingredient to filter by that item

    Craft Tool (More Info):
    Easily Craft Multi-step Recipe Paths

    Also try the Query Hovered Item Hotkey for quicker results. I recommend using middle mouse button.

    Find out which NPC drops Ingredients
    Click on NPC icon to see all drops

    Pin/Star Recipes you want to easily track
    Alt click to star and unstar
    Items that do not stack will automatically be removed from starred list when obtained

    Filter by ingredients you actually own
    (Inventory/Safe/Nearby Chests)

    Item Checklist integration
    Recipes involving the most recently discovered item will automatically be light green and high on the list
    Item Checklist Only option filters list to only show recipes where all ingredients have previously been seen by the character

    In-game Help

    Planned Features:
    • Looking for suggestions.
    Stuck on "Rebuilding Loot Cache"
    • Close Terraria
    • Launch Terraria, hold shift key until you reach the main menu
    • In the Mods menu, disable all mods except Recipe Browser
    • Reload
    • Slowly add Mods until either it works or it doesn't work again.
    • If it stops working after adding Mod X, tell me Mod X.
    Error message with "Could not convert..."
    Delete "\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mods\Cache\LootCache.json" and then try again.


    • Show which mod adds which recipes in tooltip
    • 0.8 features still reverted.
    • Fix for Terraria Overhaul shenanigans and 0.11 Beta
    • Craft Tool added (More Info)
      • View multi-step crafting paths
      • More item sources and alternate ways to find items coming soon
    • In-game Help panel
    • Super Amazing Item Finding Filters and Tools not in Recipe panel
    • Better Recipe panel design
    • Chinese - thanks 抗药又坚硬汉化组(SBMW GROUP)
    • Italian - thanks @Al Fahrel
    • German - thanks xxSephiroth
    • All 9 Terraria supported languages now complete, thanks everyone!
    • tModLoader now required
    • Super Amazing Item Finding Filters and Tools
      • All sorts of categories and sorts.
    • Multiplayer Starred Recipes
      • Recipes other players have starred with show up for cooperative purposes.
    • Save Starred Recipe Selection
    • Share Recipe in Chat
      • Alt Click on recipe while chat is open
    • Localization
      • Russian - thanks Terraria Phone&PC Team
      • Polish - thanks ArcheRion720
      • French - thanks @orian34
      • Portuguese - thanks @Bluezinho
      • Spanish - thanks PabloVllgs
      • Still need Chinese, Italian, and German. Contact me to help out.
    • Fixed a few LootCache issues.
    • Fixed screen flash for tile selector.
    • Query Hovered Item Hotkey
      • Quickly populate the recipe browser with the hovered item.
      • I suggest the default hotkey of middle mouse button.
    • Bug Fix with starred recipes using things like "Any Wood"
    • New Icon! (Thanks BratrilliantG7)
    • New Crafting Tile Selection menu
      • Choose between Inherited and Unique recipes to explore recipes related to the tile
    • Bestiary
    • Item Catalogue
    • NPC Loot Update!
      • Click Recipe or Ingredient to see enemies that drop that item
      • Click NPC icon to see all drops of that enemy
    • Mods filter now only cycles through mods that add items
    • Pin/Favorite recipe (alt click)
    v0.1 to v0.2
    • Lots.
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  2. jopojelly

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    Additional Videos:

    Resizeable/Dragable UI


    Filter by Mod
    Mod Icon Peek

    Bestiary and Item Catalogue

    Easily see which crafting stations you are near

    Crazy Awesome Item Searching
    Click on Categories, Sub-Categories, Sorts, and Filters to find the item you are looking for.
    Scroll with Scrollwheel if you can't see all categories


    Multiplayer Starred Recipes
    Recipes that other player star are now shown in the starred recipe menu. You can even see their progress towards completing the crafting recipe. See that they need 2 more Diamonds and you have 2 Diamonds, now you immediately know how to help your friend out. Hover over a recipe to see who starred the recipe.

    Show Recipe in Chat

    While chat is open, Alt-Click on recipes in the recipe browser window or starred recipe window

    Neat huh?
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  3. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    Wow, what a totally new and cool mod. Great job Jopo
  4. tiramisu apimancer

    tiramisu apimancer Steampunker

    Woooah, this mod I use every single time, and didn't know about half of these features, like resizing and starring. Really good mod!
  5. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    Get hyped:

    [Videos were here]

    Edit: Moved videos to OP.
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  6. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    Okay. That's pretty :red:ing awesome. But what about things that drop from any enemy like my loot bags? Would it show a list of ever enemy in the game?
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  7. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    Super big update just now!, I'm really excited for this often requested feature!

    • NPC Loot Update!
      • Click Recipe or Ingredient to see enemies that drop that item
      • Click NPC icon to see all drops of that enemy
    • Mods filter now only cycles through mods that add items

    Videos of the feature in action:

    See which enemies drop which items:

    See all drops of an enemy:

  8. Grog Dog

    Grog Dog Terrarian

    Okay for some reason your mods always break my game, first of all it was Crystalium causing the Aquatic depths to merge with the crimson desert.
    Now with your latest update to the recipe browser enemies will not drop anything.
    I'm so confused, I tried enabling just recipe browser and enemies won't drop anything

    edit: clearing the loot cache fixed it, but you should try and make that a warning
  9. Advent

    Advent Terrarian

    I had to stop by and say your recent Loot update is absolutely awesome! Thanks a million times!
  10. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    I think what you experienced was just a bug in 0.4, it was fixed a few minutes later in
  11. [ISG] Kami

    [ISG] Kami Spazmatism

    Suggestion; Right click remove filter text.
    Most modded Minecraft search bars have this feature now, would be nice if Recipe Browser did too.

    Suggestion; Hotkey puts items back into inventory or when you place an item to search it places a "ghost" rather than the real item.
  12. rrr

    rrr Terrarian

    Information on NPC Loot is a very wonderful feature.
    I am trying something similar, but your means is more effective.

    I apologize again for my mod, I am using your code without permission.
    So, I would like to use your code in the correct procedure.

    So what about NPC Loot I can cooperate with you?
  13. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    Ok, I just released an update with both right click to clear and a clear button. Just so you know, you could always have used Ctrl X to clear as well.

    I'll think about the ghost item idea. The problem is when you click the item will have to go back to the last available slot in the inventory, not the slot it came from. (No way around it). I wonder if that will be a worse experience than what it is now where users click and move items back to their intended inventory slot. (Like, they'd have to find it in their inventory to move it back to the correct slot rather than knowing it'll be in the UI slot. This could be annoying if you have a somewhat full inventory)

    I can leave the item on the mouse AND place a ghost, but then the user has to place the item back immediately

    I'll also think about the hotkey putting the item back in inventory. Right now the close button does that, but not the hotkey. I feel that some users might like being able to quickly hide and show the menu without having the item in the search slot removed automatically, especially those with smaller monitor resolutions. hmm..
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  14. Onii-chan

    Onii-chan Terrarian

    Maybe, We be able to write monster name in browser?
  15. PerryMason

    PerryMason Terrarian

    Thank you for one of the most useful mods ever, along with Helpful Hotkeys. Pure quality of life.

    I think that this is a improvement without downsides. Maybe start with that and let people feedback.
  16. Blackbluue

    Blackbluue Terrarian

    Any way to make the UI remember it's position when you log out? it's a pain to have to move it back every time.
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  17. [ISG] Kami

    [ISG] Kami Spazmatism

    Awesome, I'm loving the filter clears. Quick and easy. Also loving the mob drops listing, maybe cool to have a mob search now? =P People always want more lol.

    Idea for the item ghosting, how about when you click the filter with your item it automagically goes back into the inventory as if you closed the inventory with the item on the cursor? Should work unless the item was in the hotbar.
  18. NateTDOM

    NateTDOM Terrarian

    Terraria crashed yesterday and i turned it
    back on to find this [​IMG]
    It was working fine before it crashed then it was broken. I have no clue what this means and i want recipe browser back. If someone could explain this to me and help me out it would be very much thanked. if you need more information i can supply this.
  19. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    Well, I need to know the verison you are on, and also the tmodloader version, which you cropped out for some reason. First make sure you are all up to date.
  20. NateTDOM

    NateTDOM Terrarian

    i cropped it out because i have a small screen and it was behind my taskbar(i don't have a printscreen button so i couldn't do it in fullscreen sorry). I'm on the latest version of tmodloader and i'm on which it actually says in the corner it's just barely visible.