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Story RED SKIES - an MSPA style story

Should I change the art style to Pixel Art?

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Update coming soontm lol. I had to disregard some commands since I couldn't figure out how to fit them all in. Sorry.
I'm also going to actually begin work on the
[S] now.
No more silence.
I'm gonna go on ahead and confirm what everyone's probably expecting.

Yes, the comic is cancelled.

I lost the motivation and wasn't happy with it, was basically forcing myself to keep putting out updates. I really was working on another update, may even have some unfinished images laying around somewhere (though it's very likely they're lost for good.) This comic will be yet another addition to my long list of projects cancelled due to my motivational issues. My apologies.

Foraging Slime

Skeletron Prime
Well, I hope you find a source of motiviation. I know i'm commenting on a 3 year old thread but still, pretty neat, would have enjoyed it. Hope you find motivation for other things :)
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