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Story RED SKIES - an MSPA style story

Should I change the art style to Pixel Art?

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The plot advances at an alarming pace. We may need an intermission soon.


You sure are glad that you remember basic things such as which room is which, and by that I mean that you have an actually functioning memory.
Good job.

>kick open the storage room door and strike a pose

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You rush towards the bathroom.


Everybody out of the way, unless you want your face on the floor!

You attempt to flaunt your cape but you're busy holding the broom and forgetting to flaunt your cape.


You are now in the bathroom.

Bad thunderstorm was happening while I was posting this, there was a really close "BOOM!" while I was posting this that nearly gave me a heart attack. It shook the whole house.

Also sorry about the delay lol

>check for a medicine cabinet behind the mirror

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After seven whole panels in the bathroom, you decide to leave.



Oh :red:




You awaken back in the bathroom. The feeling of being watched is gone, but you're no-less creeped out.

>recollect your thoughts about what just happened here

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Note: I have updated the original post with some fairly important information (Rules and Explanation -> EXPLANATION -> Special Pages)
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