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    Version 4.62
    for tModLoader

    This mod isn't supposed to make the game too easy, but makes it so you don't have to spend huge amounts of time farming for loot, for example: AFK farms to get rare item like Biome Keys.

    Everything is configurable, so you can adjust to your liking. After selecting the mod, reload mods to generate the configuration file. The file is located at Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Configs and can be edited with programs like notepad or notepad++. If my mod updates with a new configuration file (with a new name, using an online text comparison tool could help if you want to keep the old configurations).


    • New Items (Talk to the guide npc for crafting recipes, (recipes are configurable), or use a recipe mod like Recipe Browser)).
      • New Frenzy_Potion.png New War Potion which greatly increase monster spawn rates and Chaos_Potion.png Chaos Potion, which is the same but stronger. If you can handle the flood of monsters coming at you, then you'll be able to get rare items from them faster. Example of using both potions (enemy's from other mods appear in this picture): Capture 2019-02-28 16_06_50.png
      • New Chlorophyte_Accelerator.png Chlorophyte Accelerator, which allows you to turn Mud in to Chlorophyte Ore after defeating the Golem (earlier or never depending on your configurations). The recipe for Chlorophyte ore when using it is 60 Mud and 1 Lihzahrd Power Cell by default.
      • New Expert_Change_Potion.png Expert Change Potion which allows you to change your worlds difficulty (not available in Multiplayer in order to prevent abuse. If you want to change a multiplayer world, change it in single then load it in multiplayer).
      • New Rain_Potion.png Rain Potion which allows you to toggle the Rain event.
      • New Slime_Rain_Potion.png Slime RainPotion which allows you to toggle the Slime Rain event.
      • New Sandstorm_Potion.png Sandstorm Potion which allows you to toggle the Sandstorm event.
      • New Angler_Potion.png Angler Potion which causes the Angler to give you a new quest right away.
      • Goblin_Retreat_Order.png Goblin Retreat Order, Pirate_Retreat_Order.png Pirate Retreat Order, and Atmospheric_Barrier.png Atmospheric Barrier and which stops the Lunar invasion.
      • Celestial_Beacon.png Celestial Beacon, which causes the Moonlord summon to be instant.
      • Christmas_Spirit.png Christmas Spirit and Halloween_Spirit.png Halloween Spirit which causes those holidays for a day.
      • Blood_Moon_Medallion.png Blood Moon Medalion, which summons the Blood Moon, drops from Dripplers and Blood Zombies.
      • Martian_Call.png Martian Call, which summons the Martion Invasion. Drops from Martian Saucers.
      • Plantera_Bulb.png Plantera Bulb, which summons Plantera. Sold by the Dryad after Plantera is defeated.
      • Moon_Ball.png Moon Ball, which advances the Moon Phase.
      • Marble_Sundial.png Marble Sundial to advance to day instantly and Granite_Moondial.png Granite Moondial to advance to night instantly. The Enchanted Sundial and Tax Collector wont benefit from this.
    • Shops:
      • New StationaryMerchant_Head.png Stationary Merchant. He's a permanent Town NPC and has a chance to gain items that the Traveling Merchant has when the Traveling Merchant shop resets (chance starts low when the game starts and rises to 100% at Hardmode).
      • The Traveling Merchant has a chance to reset his shop each minute. His chance of spawning and resetting his shop depends on how many stationary Reduced Grinding and vanilla NPCs you have. In the start of the game the Traveling Merchant works normally, but in the end of the game he will appear more often and spam a shop reset unless the Stationary Merchant has all Traveling Merchant items that meet the required conditions to appear in the Traveling Merchant shop.
      • New Traveling_Merchant_Restock_Order.png Traveling Merchant Restock Order. It's sold cheap by the Stationary Merchant when he has no more to gain from the Traveling Merchant (excluding items that don't meet the requirements to being in the Traveling Merchant's shop). Having it in your inventory will cause the Traveling Merchant to keep re-stocking.
      • New BoneMerchant_Head.png Bone Merchant. The Skeleton Merchant now sells a Skull_Call.png Skull Call which will summon him. Afterward, he will live in any occupied building and sell everything that the Skeleton Merchant sells.
      • New Santa_Head.png Santa Claus. He arrives after the Frost Legion is defeated and will stay after the Christmas event.
    • Fishing
      • New Fish_Upgrade_Potion.png Fish Upgrade Potion. When using this potion and a vanilla rod: fish with a rarity of zero, have a chance of being turned into something better. When this happens, the mod re-calculates the caught fish (use the same method as vanilla). The chance to re-roll depends on your Fishing Power. If you successfully get this chance, it'll re-calculate once for every 5 fishing quest you've completed but will stop once the fish has a rarity greater than 0.
      • Caught Crates will upgrade based on your Fishing Power. It follows upgrading in this order: Wood to Iron, Iron to Gold/Biome.
    • Other
      • Biome Lock Boxes which contain items from chests you find in the world and possibly the furniture that generates near them.
        Underground_Lock_Box.png Lihzahrd_Lock_Box.png Shadow_Lock_Box.png Blue_Dungeon_Lock_Box.png Green_Dungeon_Lock_Box.png Pink_Dungeon_Lock_Box.png Pyramid_Lock_Box.png Skyware_Lock_Box.png Ice_Lock_Box.png Living_Wood_Lock_Box.png Biome_Lock_Box.png Cavern_Lock_Box.png Ivy_Lock_Box.png Web_Covered_Lock_Box.png Water_Lock_Box.png
      • Increased drop rates for 165+ different loot items.
      • Increased Biome Key drop rate depending on amount of Mechanical Bosses defeated.
      • Added New Recipes.
      • Increased rates of some Grab Bag, Traveling Merchant, Quest, and Extractinator items (some rates aren't vanilla).
      • You can set an amount of times that this mod will try to drop enemy dropped loot that's affect by this mod
      • Crimson/Corruption versions of Seeds/Solutions are available in both worlds.
    • ChestSalesman_Head.png Chest Salesman: Sells chest (my mod makes mobs drop these occasionally anyway, which I think is a more fair way of obtaining them).
    • Gold_Reflection_Mirror.png Gold Reflection Mirror: Sold by the Merchant and used to craft Golden Critters.
    • If Merchant is set to sell Pyramid items may not sell Sandstorm in a Bottle, depending on other configurations. The selling of Pyramid items by the merchant is disabled, because Underground Dessert enemies occasionally drop lock boxes for them.
    • LootMerchant_Head.png Loot Merchant: Sells what's needed to summon the next vanilla boss you need to face and vanilla bosses you've defeated.
    Keep in mind, that the drop rate increases in configuration file are additional to the drops you get in vanilla (for example: if an items vanilla rate = 1% and mod rate = 9%, then the rate is 10%).

    Here's a the copy of the configuration file, only with everything shut off, for those who want to only turn on a few things (I'll try to remember to keep this updated, but if it's out of date, please let me know): Rename to "Reduced Grinding v4.55.json".

    Download to all releases: dragon3025/Reduced-Grinding
    tModLoader: Standalone - [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API
    Github Page: dragon3025/Reduced-Grinding

    My mod is open-source and can be downloaded with tModReader and GitHub. Any forks on Github to improve on my project is appreciated.

    Feel free to request something for this mod (as long as it sticks to the theme "Reduced Grinding").

    • adaxe for reporting a bug now fixed in 3.5 and 3.6.
    • Cheezegami for Fenzy Potion sprite, help with getting drinking sound for Frenzy Potion, and reporting bug now fixed in 3.10.
    • CrimsHallowHero for Rain Potion coding.
    • DarkLight for the name "War Potion".
    • direwolf320 for help on Discord.
    • direwolf420 for help on Discord.
    • Feaw for Chest Salesman names and qoutes.
    • Flashkirby99 for Fish Catching Quality Calculator code: tModLoader - [Snippet] Fishing catch quality calculator
    • GabeHasWon for help on Discord.
    • Gaz777 for reporting bugs now fixed in 3.4.
    • Itorius for help on Discord.
    • JopoJelly for help on Discord.
    • Josh for help on Discord.
    • Lavendar Josh for the Chest Seller Sprite
    • Luiafk for help on Discord.
    • Matakor for reporting bug now fixed in 3.19
    • MEOWmagic123 for help on Discord.
    • newts for reporting bug now fixed in 3.11
    • sea_4 for reporting bug now fixed in 4:26
    • sm644me for idea of a secondary Battle Potion item instead of increasing effects of Battle Potion.
    • ILSpyMaster program

    This one is my own:

    I can test if a mod is installed and make changes to mine, but for other mods that aren't open source, you'll need to provide me with the mod's object ids and a link to the mod author's permission to use them first.

    • Luiafk: I altered my shops to not sell what Luiafk already sells (For Example: Crimson Seeds in a Corrupt world). Only vanilla fishing rods try to upgrade fish when this is installed (because having multiple lines is pretty good and having them upgrade fish would be too good).
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  2. sm644me

    sm644me Official Terrarian

    This wins all of my yes. All of it, to the point where I would almost say that it needs to be in the vanilla game. Only thing I would recommend is that some items remain as novelty, like the Bone Key. A Skeletron head is cool, but it has no real function, and also doesn't really have the same impact if you farm Skeletron instead of the Dungeon Guardian.
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  3. dragon3025

    dragon3025 Terrarian

    This makes sense. I feel like pet items are fun and it shouldn't be very hard to get them, but I actually was questioning whether I should do so for the bone key, because it's like having a trophy, it tells other players "look what I did". I'll probably remove it from the Skeletron bag, but I think I'll put up a poll first to see what everyone thinks.
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  4. General Milky

    General Milky Terrarian

    Yeah, bonekey should remain a DG kill trophy, even if killing DG in the first place is a tedius task nobody really enjoys doing.

    Good mod anyway, grinding isn't exactly the best part of the game, even if half this stuff is only nice to have for collection's sake.
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  5. dragon3025

    dragon3025 Terrarian

    Okay, I removed Bone Key from the Skeletron Bag.
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  6. ZadenYuki

    ZadenYuki Steampunker

    turtle shell higher drop chance would be great :D
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  7. dragon3025

    dragon3025 Terrarian

    I forgot about how tedious it was to get Turtle Shell. I equipped my character in hallowed gear, entered the jungle with battle, ironskin, regen, and hunter potions to test it out. So, I increased it to 50% (I think it can also help to have a teleport to the nurse). I also noticed that Frozen Turtle Shell is 1%, so I increased it to 20%.
  8. General Milky

    General Milky Terrarian

    50% may be too high, but yeah, good on the turtle shells being increased. Thing while you're at this that you can make Nazar less of a pain in the :red: to get? It and blindfold are the two Ankh Shield components that are the most annoying to get. The rest kind of are too, but those in specific are awful.
  9. dragon3025

    dragon3025 Terrarian

    I didn't survive too easily with hallowed gear and the turtles where few among the hordes of enemies when I used a battle potion, but I'm going to put a poll up when possible, to see what people think the turtle shell percentage should be. I went into the hallow and with the same gear and same potions and tried to kill enchanted swords for the Nazar. I'm thinking it should be something like 5%, but I'd like to put a poll up for those items too.
  10. dragon3025

    dragon3025 Terrarian

    Okay, I took the percentages that everybody voted in the poll and averaged them out for the Turtle Shell drop, which is 20%. Now I'm working on setting up a poll for Nazar, after that will be Blindfold, unless I discover an item that might need more attention than it.

    EDIT: I'm giving Crimslime the Blindfold drop also. I'm starting with a Blindfold poll.
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  11. sm644me

    sm644me Official Terrarian

    Maybe I'm weird, but I don't feel like the blindfold needs it's rate increased that much. Crim/Corrupt Slimes along with Dark Mummies are really, really common. At this point, the blindfold is just a rare/uncommon drop from two common enemies to be farmed at once.

    The Nazar definitely needs to be buffed though. It's a rare drop from a rare enemy, and no one likes it.
  12. dragon3025

    dragon3025 Terrarian

    A huge problem with this kind of mod, is that everyone has a different idea of what a good drop rate would be. The polls seem pretty spread out on this one, so I might add blindfold as an 1 or 2 add-ons instead. Does anybody know if I make a configuration file for this mod (so everyone can tweak the drop rates), if it will cause this mod to not work for multiplayer? If it would work for multiplayer, would the host's configuration get used for all players?
  13. This seems pretty helpful. I would love it if the Rod of Discord were given a higher droprate. Maybe 0.4%-0.5% from 0.2%, nothing too crazy.
  14. dragon3025

    dragon3025 Terrarian

    It took me a while but I now made everything configurable, so if there's something you'd like to adjust then you can edit in in the configuration file.
    I'm going to set up a poll for Nazar then Rod of Discord.
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  15. xMewdrianx

    xMewdrianx Pixel Pirate

    Will the trifold map ever have an increased spawn rate? I spent 4 hours farming for one and I got 6 blessed apples... and I still don't have it...
  16. dragon3025

    dragon3025 Terrarian

    I'll add a poll for it after Nazar and Rod of Discord. For now I added a configuration option for it. You may have to add:
      "ExpertLootTrifoldMapIncrease": 0.0,
      "LootTrifoldMapIncrease": 0.0,
    to the json file if it's already been generated. (Then you can adjust the "0.0" part of it).
  17. dragon3025

    dragon3025 Terrarian

    I updated the mod. Now I'm going to put up a poll for Rod of Discord.
  18. Chryoskishi

    Chryoskishi Terrarian

    Dude, might want to double check drop rate of lizard egg. In the config, it is written that the increase is 9%
  19. dragon3025

    dragon3025 Terrarian

    In the config it's 0.9% and this gets added to the default drop rate which is 0.1%, so it adds up to 1%.

    EDIT: Oh wait, 9%, okay I see what you mean. I'll fix that as soon as I can.

    EDIT: Okay, I fixed it.
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  20. IDFC

    IDFC Skeletron Prime

    This mod looks amazing, as building farms can take a long time. My suggestion is to search up all items that have a drop rate of <10% and increase the drop rate to something higher but reasonable.

    Please do it for all ankh charm materials as it is one of my favorite items.