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I'm a really big fan of yoyo weapons and is wondering how a sunfire yoyo would look like. Mind if I use the sunfire pallette to make a sprite of it?
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I don't mind. you can use any of the pallets, just dont use any sprites and stuff like that unless I say you can
Ok so I made the sprite I guess it would look cool


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May I ask who sprited this? The design looks extremely similar to thisView attachment 312748
I find it amusing that you remind people not to steal your sprites when you literally ripped work from multiple other people
Maybe you should ask the original creator before you recolor their sprite and call it your own
I think it's funny that he says "Don't use any of the sprites without my permission" Same could be said about 99% of your 'mod'
Hi @musicman655 @Stryke and @xArcri - if you think someone may be using sprites that don’t belong to them, please send in a report with as much detail as possible. This forum has a policy of “report and carry on” which means to not publicly accuse as it just creates drama.

The forum staff takes plagiarism claims very seriously and looks into each report. We have the tools to force stolen sprites to be removed, but we can’t do anything about it unless it’s reported to us and we know about it. If you have details (which sprites, where you think they originally came from, along with screenshots or links) please send that info to me in a private message HERE.

Speaking of drama...
I'm just gonna sit back and watch.
This doesn’t help @Scratch Lunin. Please don’t fan the flames.

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This is a thread where I will post about a mod I'm working on called Rise of the Colossus. I plan on making it a big content mod, with lore, NPCs, bosses, ores, and maybe even biomes. It will also be a sort of convenience mod, with crafting recipes for most accessories, a system to convert items, (iron to lead, demonite to crimtane), an NPC that sell common enemy drops, and one that sells ore, etc. For now the mod is in early development, and doesn't contain a huge amount of things. Also, please note that this mod does not contain much summoner stuff. it's not that I don't like summoner, (it's actually one of my favorites) It's just that Summon weapons are hard to code and I'm pretty new to modding. I might make a few summon weapons, but no armor or accessories. at least for now. If you have any weapons, armor, etc that you would like to see in the mod, feel free to make a suggestion. I'll make sure to take any ideas you have into consideration. Also, everything in this mod is subject to change. I update fairly frequently, and there is a good chance in the future I will remove some of the things that are in the mod as of now.

You can download the mod via tModLoader

Current version: 1.6.2

Version 1.6.2:

Added spears for the prehardmode ores

Added shortswords for the hardmode ores

Added a lore keeper NPC

Added Onyx armor

Fixed bugs and balancing issues with the 1.6 update

Added the Onyx Rifle and Magnum

Added Plasmite Railbow

Plasmite armor now give increased chance to not consume ammo

Added Ichor spitter and cursed flame lobber to provide a way for rangers to inflict cursed inferno and ichor without having to use the bullets

Added an Iron Man vanity set

Added a mod homepage

Version 1.6.1:

Added mod Icon.

Version 1.6:

Added Dayblaze, the Sunfire Serpent boss

Added three weapons, a crafting material, an expert accessory, a trophy, a mask, and a lore book for the Sunfire serpent.

Added a Sunfire snake to drop the Sunfire Serpent summon item.

Added an upgrade to the sniper scope crafted with Plasmite Bars.

Added an upgrade to the fire gauntlet crafted with Sunfire Bars.

Added Devilsknife, a weapon referencing Deltarune that is an upgrade to the Deathsickle.

Added the luminite forge to smelt Sunfire Bars

Version 1.5.1:

Added a Sunfire summon weapon

Added a Sunfire flamethrower

Fixed some things

Version 1.5:

Added two new enemies that spawn in hell (Sunfire Slimes and Sunfire Bats) after moonlord is defeated and drop Sunfire crystals. these can be smelted into bars

Added armor, weapons, tools and accessories crafted with Sunfire Bars

Added a debuff called sunfire inferno that is inflicted by Sunfire Slimes and Sunfire Bats

Version 1.4:

Added a bunch of vanity items found in the post-plantera dungeon

Removed the dev item added in 1.3 and replaced it with a dev vanity set.

Added a bunch of items that make you immune to certain debuffs

Added an upgrade to the ankh shield

Added 6 more arrows

Added 14 more repeaters and 1 more bow

Added the luminite anvil, used only for 2 things (for now)

Added a new hook that drops from green slimes

Fixed the plasmite bullet sprite so that it no longer appears behind the player when firing

Version 1.3:

Added Plasmite, a post-golem ore that spwns on world gen.

Added armor and weapons to go with Plasmite ore

Added Star Quartz, a post Boc/EoW ore

Added two weapons to go with Star Quartz

Added Three [Unobtainable] lore related armors

Added two [Unobtainable] lore related weapons

Added Cryophobia, an upgrade to the Blizzard staff

Added upgrades to all the emblems

Added resipes for all the emblems

Added Star Dust, a crafting material made from fallen stars

Added an [Unobtainable] dev item ( **Warning** this item is only for the worthy )

Changed the Shell Shield so that it no longer increases melee dmg, it now lets you dash similar to the Shield of Chuthulu

Added one new enemy, it is a slime made to drop the plasmite ore that were added

Version 1.2.1:

fixed some things

Version 1.2:

added more turtle items (Made with shells)
-Shell Claymore
-Shell Shield

added Enchanted Plant Fibers (a plantera drop)

added a Plantera summon item

added more accessory recipes

Removed Xenoswarm Rifle because it was buggy

Version 1.1:

fixed some things

Version 1.0: (release)

9 Flamethrowers, strewn through out progression, from pre-boss to post pillers.

Gem swords, one for each gem in the game.

Gem revolvers, one for each gem in the game.

Granite and marble weapons.

Recipes for many accessories. (without breaking progression)

An upgrade to the Candy Corn Rifle and Xenopopper. (I know this seems random, but basicly im making upgrades to many weapons and these are the only ones for now)

One NPC. He is the Fisherman, and he sells bait. He also has a "Catch of the day" feature, where once every day he can give you some randomly chosen fish. ( **WARNING** this feature is not fully fleshed out, and does not completely work. I would not use the fisherman's catch of the day feature untill it is complete. )

The Rise of the Colossus mod adds a ton of new content to the game. Mainly, it includes:
1 new boss (more to come)
2 new ores
2 new town NPCs (more to come)
3 new armor sets
1 new class **Coming Soon**
crafting recipes for many common accessories
180+ items (more to come)
7 enemies (more to come)

~~The Soul Seeker Class~~

The Soul Seeker class is a new class added by the Rise of the Colossus mod. Here's how it works:

There are two different types of Soul Seeker weapons: Scythes and Chain Knives. Both of these weapon types use Soul Points, which is like mana. Whenever you hold a Soul Seeker weapon, two things will happen. Firstly, a bar will appear at the top of the screen to the left of the health bar. This bar shows how many Soul Points out of 200 you currently have. The second thing that will happen is a minion will be summoned. Each weapon has a different unique minion, but all of them are ghost/spirit themed. These minions are there to protect you when you are out of Soul Points.

~Soul Points~
Soul Points can be gained in multiple different ways. The first way is regenerating them naturally. At the beginning of the game you will regen Soul Points slowly, but you can get armor and accessories that speed it up. The second way is through Soul Orbs. Soul Orbs are dropped whenever you kill an enemy, and give you 25 Soul Points. The third way is through Soul Vials. Soul Vials are like mana potions, they regen your Soul Points and have lesser, regular, greater, and super versions. Lesser gives you 50 Soul Points, regular gives you 100, greater gives you 150, and super gives you 200. The fourth and final way to gain Soul Points is through armor set bonuses.

~~Boss List~~

This is a list of all current bosses, as well as bosses that I plan to add in the future.

~Current Bosses~

Dayblaze The Sunfire Serpent, a once mighty serpent, his mind was crippled by Abyssus

~Planned Bosses~

The Valkyrie, servant of Auryn

Paladin Kane, possessed by Abyssus

The Glacier Hydra, an ice dragon that was mutated to have multiple heads

The Colossus, Abyssus' physical form

The Toadstool Tunneler, a glowing mushroom themed worm

Some sort of desert boss


(Modded bosses are orange text)

King Slime
Eye of Cthulhu
The Desert Boss
Evil Boss
Queen Bee
Toadstool Tunneler
Wall of flesh
Mech Bosses
The Valkyrie
Lunatic Cultist
Dayblaze, The Sunfire Serpent
Paladin Kane
The Glacier Hydra
The Colossus

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Sunfire Armor:

Onyx Armor:

This mod looks really cool! The soul seeker class sounds awesome and the sprites look really good! Now I just need a PC so I can play this.
I was one of the people who reported the thread, but alright.
It’s “report and carry on” though. Both parts are necessary. Posting about the drama is not carrying on. Putting it a different way - report it and then ignore it, do not publicly post about it.

The report is appreciated though. If you have more info about exactly what you think may be stolen, please send me a PM so it can be looked into.
It’s “report and carry on” though. Both parts are necessary. Posting about the drama is not carrying on. Putting it a different way - report it and then ignore it, do not publicly post about it.

The report is appreciated though. If you have more info about exactly what you think may be stolen, please send me a PM so it can be looked into.
With pleasure.
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