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Other Art Risk of Ben: Risk of Rain sprite comic


Ice Queen
Inspired by the Legend of Maxx, i decided to make a sprite comic on Risk of Rain. The main character is called Ben, for the sole purpose of making a pun. So without further ado, here it is.

the question is, what did he think would make that kind of noise other than a hull breach?

you'll notice he didn't check to make sure anyone else survived before getting in the escape pod.

for those of you who don't play risk of rain, the joke here is that the first level is called "desolate forest" despite the fact there's no trees. i guess it puts the "desolate" in "forest".

this is pretty much how i play games.

i love the little crater he leaves behind.

i originally got the "70 year old asthmatic smoker" joke from "The Dark Knight Rises", as that's what i thought bane sounded like.

if you can't tell, the lizard was tunneling under the ground and surfaced, it didn't teleport.

this one didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. the impression i was trying to give was that it was giving a close up of both ben and the lemurian, but i'm not sure how it turned out.

this one took way longer than the others to make. usually these comics take me about 5-10 minutes to make, this one was closer to 45-60. this is in part due to the lemurian 'actors' i used not cooperating. maybe they were mad i was making them work on a weekend.

i had to look up bullets on wikipedia to get his line for panel 3.

some news this time! so i've decided i want to update the comic more regularly(read: more than one per month) and so you can expect a lot more comics in the near future. i'm thinking something along the lines of one per week, released around the weekends.

my second weekly comic! also, i've got a cool easter egg type thing i'll be releasing soon, so if you want to see that than it'll be up soon!
So i've decided to make a behind the scenes thing of how i make my comics for those who want to see it.

I start out by running risk of rain to get the scene i want. You'll notice i'm on drizzle mode to reduce photobombing.

This should work. I now take a screenshot to use for the base.

Now i select the part of the screenshot i want to use for the comic and put it in a separate image. I'm using the old MS paint because the new one sucks. The taskbar window i've covered is my Risk of Ben pictures folder, and i edited it because it showed my name.

Now i zoom in and start drawing a black border around the comic to create the first panel.

I now start removing the parts i don't want in the panel. Sorry grass embedded in stone, but your time has not yet come.

This is my trusty "ben.png" file i use to get all the positions of my character, as it's easier than using a direct screenshot.

Now i copy the panel and start putting them together. This is where it starts to look more like a comic. If it requires more than one panel copied over the whole comic, i'll use one that's a different size because i'm too lazy to edit them all to the exact same size. That's why some of them (like comic 2) look weird. You can also see i have some Risk of Rain music playing to help me get in the mood.

I start work on the individual panels. Zoom is my friend here.

Here i copy Ben from a previous comic(in this case, comic 5) to get his stunned sprite.

I forgot why i took a screenshot of this.

Now i've got all the panels set up. I write out all the dialogue under the comic, then move it to the correct panel. The A i copied several times.

I changed the background here to blue so my right click color(white) wouldn't be the same. this is so i could move the speech box around until i had it where i wanted it and the white inside it wouldn't be transparent.

And here's the completed comic! in all it took about an hour to make, but most of that was because i was procrastinating.

This one took way longer to make than any other comic i've done. I needed to go all the way to the final level to get the stereo sprite, then there was all the editing. I think it was well worth it though!

Merry Christmas! Bet you didn't think I'd make a comic on Christmas, huh?

Happy new year!

Finally back to the story! Looks like things are about to get interesting...

Sorry this comic's late, i was lazy and procrastinated.
Don't ask.

After 306 days, i've finally finished this comic!(literally, i started it 306 days ago)

New comic! I've decided i'm going to try and make a new comic at least every month.
...Also, why the heck does ben have a gun? I wouldn't trust him with a toaster.

I'm back! Not trying a specific schedule this time, but i will try to make comics more often. There's also something different about this comic, see if you can figure out what it is!
Also, when i booted up risk of rain for a screenshot, i got the dried lake no less than 13 times in a row before finally getting desolate forest.

Over two years and two months after i started this, i've finally made it to 20 comics! Thank you all for your amazing support!
i was actually debating which game to reference there in the last panel. Minecraft was the obvious choice, but the comic is posted on the Terraria forums, but Dig or Die fits the theme better. I eventually decided on Minecraft because it's the most well-known.
Feedback is welcome!

Here's a banner if you want to support it:
Smaller version of the banner:


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Ice Queen
So, got some bad news here. I've kind of lost interest in this comic, so i'm not going to be continuing it. It originally started as a sort of tribute to the legend of maxx ending, but now that that is back up, i probably won't do much with it. I will probably release comics occasionally though, so don't despair. Also, i've started a Terraria story so you can read that instead. I won't have the thread locked, as i will still probably do some comics, but they'll be a little different from what i've been doing, for example they won't follow a plot. Thanks for the support though'], so you can read that instead. I won't have the thread locked, as i will still probably do some comics, but they'll be a little different from what i've been doing, for example they won't follow a plot. Thanks for the support though!

EDIT: April fools! The comic isn't canceled after all.:) You can still look forward to many issues of my weird humor.
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Quick critique, you should consider making the characters bigger.
In the game they make it so that you can see your character clearly, sometimes it might be hard to figure out whats going on in the comic because of the lineless style.
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