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Working as Designed Roasted Bird can't be crafted using Owls


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Owls are birds as well, just like penguins and cardeals. So they not being usable in roasted bird recipe is a inconsistency


The Destroyer
I think this was very intentional, because they’re owls. Oh, nvm, penguins... huh, this is inconsistency


Quality Assurance
Staff member
I seem to recall at some point, Owls being specifically not included in Roasted Bird, because they were pretty big compared to the other birds being used in Roasted Bird.


Official Terrarian
Owls don't have enough meat to be edible.
Looking at this diagram, all their skin is very close to their skeleton, the plumage of owls makes them look big, all the aesthetics of owls come from the feathers.

If you observe any great horned owl in its claws, it will appear that it has little pants.
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