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IC Role Play - Calamity Adventure

Should I bring in the Chicken Nugget Wand

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  • NO!!!!!!!!!!

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  • What is a chicken nugget wand?

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(Rules are simple - create a character and role play! If you have multiple characters, please list in your signature so it is easy to see who has what characters)
(My character - Alpha - wannabe mage who cares about everyone and is very sensitive.)
(Link to OOC - OOC - Role Play - Calamity Adventure OOC)
(Before you start, in the OOC thread please name your character)
(You don’t need to read any of this to join! Just make sure to abide by forum rules)
(Placeholder post for undecided character limit)

*wakes up in a new world* Where am I? *starts looking around* I should find a weapon or something to defend myself with.
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Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
You find a house with a lightner outside on the porch.

Ralsei Expression WHOA.png
Oh a traveller, I didn't know that people whet out this far.
Ralsei Expression UH WELL.png
Anyways, you look lost, do you want to take something from here for your journey?

Vil (V)

Duke Fishron
I have now decided to leave this. Even if I've loved this RP, and even more, my characters, what point is there to stay when you have nothing to do? I may have been one of the biggest factors in making this into what this has become, but now I've become irrelevant, and if you're reading this and aren't playing, I recommend joining. If you ARE playing, I hope you enjoy it, but I've lost any reason to stay here myself, goodbye.
And here's something to remember my characters by.
Original edit: 8:33pm whatever the +2 timezone is 19.2.2019

Lavin: (deceased)
"I'm... sorry... my brother awaits... goodbye."

Reincarnated Lavin:


Juniper: (Doesn't have pics. Nvm, she does now after turning dragon.)


Post will not be updated and details should be considered inaccurate.
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Wither Dracos

Eye of Cthulhu
(Not sure if this is a good time to join, but whatever)

[The wind starts to pick up, roaring across the landscape. This continues for a few moments, until loud, booming thunder is heard, immediately ceasing the rushing wind.]

*Blue lights seem to be emanating in the distance...


*sees the blue light* It almost looks like something is going to invade. We should try and hurry to get Lavin to the house quickly.
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