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PC Rupees


This pack changes the icons, the appearance and the sounds of coins to Zelda's Rupees. This is not a tModLoader or whatever mod. It's just a "patch" that modifies the sounds and images of coins in the Content folder of the game, for rupees. The uninstaller are just the original images and sounds from the game.


Download, installing and uninstalling:
Here's the pack, and here's the uninstaller. (I'll upload here the files if you want, too.)

To "install" it, just unpack the rar file in your Terraria location. Works with Steam and GOG version. If you don't like it, then unpack the second rar, it will revert to the original coin images and sounds.

I took the sounds from A Link To The Past and Wind Waker, then modified it with Audacity a little, because there's like five sounds for coins. The images are also from ALTTP, and I modified them with Paint.NET. I also used four converters I found on Google, if you want to know more, just ask.

But why?
I looked here for mods, and I found that someone had a little tModLoader for Rupees. However, when I play with my friend using tModLoader, he lags a lot. He has a wooden computer so I can't do anything about that. So that's why I did this. I wanted Rupees with no mods.

Note: The files are called "Rupias" because that's how they're called in Spain.
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