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    Sword Art Online Swords
    This mod started as a lot of other mods, just for fun. My first intention was to add some cool swords that would help me throughout the game and also learn a bit how to get stuff done with tModLoaderAPI. However, my mod got a lot of attention in its first day (~1500 downloads and 28th daily Rank ) ( :eek:THANK YOU <3) so I decided to make it a real thing and started adding stuff from SAO.

    Below are some spoilers of the current items.



    Reward from the Quest the NPC gives you (coming on next update)

    [​IMG] (x15) + [​IMG] (x9) / [​IMG] (x9)

    [​IMG] (x15) + [​IMG] (x11) / [​IMG] (x11) + [​IMG] (x5)

    [​IMG] (x15) + [​IMG] (x8)

    Dropped from the Dire Wolf NPC

    [​IMG] (x15) + [​IMG] (x9) / [​IMG] (x9)

    [​IMG] (x15) + [​IMG] (x8) / [​IMG] (x8) + [​IMG] (x5)

    [​IMG] (x20) + [​IMG] (x10) / [​IMG] (x10) + [​IMG] (x5)

    [​IMG] (x20) + [​IMG] (x16) + [​IMG] (x10)

    [​IMG] (x20) + [​IMG] (x12)

    [​IMG] (x20) + [​IMG] (x15) + [​IMG] (x5)

    Current features
    -10 Swords: Anneal Blade, Black Iron Great Sword, Dark Repulser, Elucidator, Excalibur, Gram, Ground Gorge, Guilty Thorn, Karakurenai, Lambent Light and Liberator.
    -1 NPC: DireWolf.

    Planned features
    -Add particles and effects to the weapons.
    -More NPCs from SAO (Either monsters or not).
    -More weapons from other seasons of SAO (Gun Gale, for example).

    This mod is currently adding 10 swords:
    Anneal Blade, Black Iron Great Sword, Dark Repulser, Elucidator, Excalibur, Gram, Ground Gorge, Guilty Thorn, Karakurenai, Lambent Light and Liberator.
    And 1 Monster:

    Everything is from the Anime SAO series.

    To do:
    -Add particles and effects to the weapons.

    -Player will no longer start a fresh character without items.
    -Recipes and weapon selling prices have been fully fixed and are now "fair" to play in a "Vanilla" experience.

    V0.3.3 Changelog:
    -Fixed some recipes.
    -Added a homepage.

    V0.3.2 Changelog:
    -Black Iron Great Sword only has a chance of drop of 4%.

    V0.3.1 Changelog:
    -Added Gores (Monsters death particles).
    -Fixed some swords.

    V0.3 Changelog:
    -Added the Dire Wolf (Early game) Monster.
    -Dire Wolf drops the Black Iron Great Sword with 9% of drop chance (Best Pre-Hardmode sword).
    -Edited the recipes.

    V0.2.2 Changelog:
    -Added 1 Sword: Guilty Thorn.
    -Fixed the knockback of each sword.
    -Added an icon to the mod.
    -Added a test Mob to drop certain weapons.

    V0.2.1 Changelog:
    -Edited the damage value of each sword and added the corresponding rarity.

    V0.2 Changelog:
    -Added 8 Swords: Anneal Blade, Black Iron Great Sword, Dark Repulser, Excalibur, Gram, Ground Gorge, Karakurenai and Liberator.

    V0.1 Changelog:
    -Added 2 Swords: Elucidator and Lambent Light.

    Let me know what you think of it and what can I improve! If you want to help the mod grow you can contribute on GitHub.

    I am looking for some spriters that wanna help making this mod! Right now I have some ideas of what I want to do but my skills in spriting are rather bad :sigh: Add me on Discord: Kirtle#0498

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  3. zekam11

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    im guessing the liberator is craftable in only hardmode, but it seems that you can craft it with demonite bars, instead of palladium, just a small minor thing to fix. the other recipe is using cobalt
  4. Kirtle

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    You are right, liberator should only be craftable in hardmode. Thanks for the feedback! I probably wouldn't notice myself ahah
  5. zekam11

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    np :D will be working on a mod myself this summer, so small stuff like that is hard to find unless you get players to play it.
  6. Striderr

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    Your spriting could use some work. Start with following the conventions of normal terraria sprites to make your sprites look better within terraria.
  7. Kirtle

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    Thanks for the tip. Spriting isn't really my thing and I'm already happy with those, since I managed to do a bit of shading :D (which is kinda my weak spot). I'm just not quite sure where can I find the terraria spriting conventions.
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  8. Striderr

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    There are tutorials online that can help you greatly improve your spriting, such as these.
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    I just wanna say something so here it is... I LOVE THIS MOD JESUS CHRIST. I watch anime and SAO is one of them. I love the sword designs and the action scenes so i was wondering... when was an SAO mod finally gonna come? and here it is. This mod is amazing. I have a suggestion, can you add some of the other swords like the Night Sky Sword, the Blue Rose Sword and the Fragrant Olive Sword. It is for the upcoming new arc in the anime on October.
  10. Kirtle

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    Thank you for using this mod ;) . My exams are starting next week so I kinda need to study for a while :sigh: but as soon as I can I'll try to sprite those 3 swords (even though I suck a lot at spriting ahah) but don't expect nothing too professional. I'm currently working on a pet (Yui) :3 so your suggestion it's on my queue now. On top of it, I'm making a complete playthrough with the currently added swords to improve their stats (either buff or nerf them) but I'll try to do everything ASAP.
  11. ~JohnCenaBaptist~

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  12. Sir AFK

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    It looks nice (they really look nice in game). I will keep an eye on this. Good work.
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  13. joyfuloctopus

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    Hi there!

    It seems this mod does not currently work well within a multiplayer environment.
    I run tModLoader v0.10.1.4 with Terraria, and when doing a Host & Play, this mod alone causes a crash to desktop. Just thought you might want to be aware. :)
  14. Kirtle

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    Hey, I just tested it out to see what could be the problem. I tried hosting and joining a multiplayer session (Steam) with only SAOSwords and with other mods activated and I didn't crash in any of my attempts. Can you provide me more information of when did it crash? (At joining, while doing something ingame, etc..)
  15. joyfuloctopus

    joyfuloctopus Terrarian

    Hmm. Odd. Maybe it conflicted with another mod or something. I'll see if I can't figure out why it didn't work for me. :)
  16. den3is

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    YOU are Amazing
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  17. semoh

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    the ground gorge seems a little too powerful to be able to craft in pre-hardmode...
  18. Kirtle

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    I'm finally back, I'm aware the weapons are REALLY powerful. My priority now is make them usable in "Vanilla Terraria", that means reducing their damage and making them harder to craft. When I first posted the mod I was thrilled that it was working without any errors that's why I didn't focus that much on values. I'll also be changing their value so you can sell them (right now they're worth 1 copper).
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    Now Im sad;(.... i wanted to created mod like this:sigh: