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MacOS directory should be :
SGAmod.filePath = "/Users/" + userName + "/Library/Application Support/Terraria/ModLoader";
But the rest looks good
well it is once again time for another update! This one is largely a massive bug patch that addresses some of the more serious issues with the mod

2.600-(4/14/20)-Patch #5:


-Radiation Cure Potion, Beam Cannon, Heralds of the 4 Horsemen

-Copper Wraith supports the full Boss Checklist

-More lines to hint at what the player needs to do next (Talk to the guide)

-Killing Moonlord gives hints to what is happening in the underground Hallow and what is to come for the world


-Nerfed many of Luminite Wraith's attacks, reduced attack rate and increased attack speed of Solar Flare Axe

-Beam gun damage nerfed and made cheaper to craft

-Buffed Cosmillash, the projectiles do 2X contact damage (since explosions aren't affected by this, this won't be a super duper buff)

-Most weapons from the mod should now cloak along with the player

-Touching Hellion Core's Arms inflicts a new debuff

-Reality Shaper's crafting recipe has a new item, crit increased by 5%, and mana costs reduced

-Added Spiky Balls (Both Types) to the Rioter's Glove of throwable ammos

-Novus and Notchus Arrows are cheaper to craft

-Tech Master's Gear boosts Trap Armor Penetration now as well

-Blaze Bullets nerfed slighty

-Massacre Prototype's mana costs have been increased again to 200

-F.S.R.G Has been changed to be a post moonlord and Technological gun: stronger damage, more debuffs and spawns spores!

-Big dakka's explosion damage and base damage has been reduced a bit, weapon has been moved to be Post Cratogeddon

-Creeper's Explosion Throw's crit chance increased by 10%, explosion damage halved

-Emnity's main projectiles have been changed cosmetically, we need more RAINBOWS!

-Healing Wraiths heal Hellion Core far less, and they can now heal Hellion more

-Hellion Core Arm contract damage reduced to 100 (from 200), damage of all subphase 1 and 2 attacks reduced

-Hellion is now Immune to all forms of Time Slowing


-Changed the mod for the Caliburn Compass to better support lower-res games

-Crafting recipe for the Reverse Engineering Station

-Dank Wood Armor/Photosynthesizer giving you a free 10% damage increase to everything

-Fixed the Expertise and several issues with netplay

-Tidal Elemental dropping 2K Platinum (lol)

-Lack of support for where files get written on Linux and Mac (Thanks Kyoto!)

-Dank Walls can no longer be destroyed by bombs (before Murk is beaten)

-Blaze Bullets being free to craft

-Further tweaks to the glowmasks

-Cirno using an expert-only attack during her 2nd phase in normal mode

-Sharkvern despawning when he flys too far out of bounds and during his 2nd phase

-Hellion's defeat event triggering when the mod is first installed

-Improved the Shrine Generation code, this was largely placeholder code I forgot to replace. If it still generates in the temple/dungeon, I will shoot myself through the foot

-Improved the armor glowmask code a bit more, related to netcode and stealth

-Due to serrated tooth being combined into the Soul of Secrets, I have nerfed the damage over time bleeding

-Weapons being able to cut glass and break pots for no reason

-More item descriptions being too long on lower-res games

-Alot of netcode related stuff, and to avoid common errors during normal gameplay, however, there's still some issues that I cannot really fix, and summoning Cratrosity/Caliburns might be broken now, my system is "rejecting" net messages for some reason so I cannot test this

-Furthermore, alot of things I know may not work online, but online functionality is seriously frustrating, sometimes it works and then it doesn't, I'll work on it a bit at a time but don't be surprised if your favorite item doesn't work

-Various other Bugs
Super short notice but some things needed to be hotpatched quickly after the last update broke them
2.650-(4/15/2020)-Hot Fix #2:


-Draken now tells you what is unlocked next in his shop and how much Total Expertise you need for it

-Corrorded Shield resprite

-Tooltips for the Furnace, Hardmode anvil, and Luminite Bars that hint at them being uncraftable for the time being


-Buffed Brimflame Harbinger: flames have more reach

-Buffed Cosmic Grasp: can hit one more target (6 targets) and damage and crit up, Cosmillash nerfed (direct hit does 1.5X damage)

-Merky Depths debuff moved to be expert exclusive, and damage of killer fly swarm in hardmode Murk's fight in normal mode reduced

-Trap Weapons balanced a bit more, some buffed

-Many items made cheaper to craft (largely the trap stuff)


-An oversight that made Sharkvern fly upwards and despawn half way through the fight

-Cosmillash only +2 damage instead of 2X damage on direct hits

-More spelling mistakes

-Rioter's Glove not mentioning it can throw spiky balls

-'Throwable' Trap SpikyBall throwing Avarice coins when used by the Rioter's Glove
I'm getting an error when generating my world. It gets stuck on "Hiding Caliburns Gifts" :/
It sounds like it's having trouble placing them, might be due to alot of other mods vying for generation rights
I've made alot of test worlds and it hasn't gotten stuck on generate, thou the shrines may still generate without swords sadly :/
Another update, this one an item that expands on the apocalyptical system and a few trap-damage related items and bug fixes
It also addresses quite a few suggestions made by @qwerty3.14 as well as bugs discovered during streams and coop games by @Mister Creeper, , as well as the various members of my discord IDG's Den, thanks alot guys!

2.700-(4/20/2020)-Patch 6:


-Cataclysmic Catalyst, Golden Cog, Jindosh Buckler, Book of Jones (is using landslide sprite atm)

-Expertise rewards to the Lunar Pillars

-EALogo Got a new passive ability

-Walk Mode: a Hotkey activated mode that disabled the speed boosts of Demonsteppers&Luminary Wings (To help with moving around uncontrollably)


-Removed F.S.R.G from Technological weapons, damage slightly buffed, spores can now crit

-Changed the way the wraiths gate progession, you now need their respective shards to craft their items (except Luminite Bars which are still just locked), however if you try to craft anything at a furnace before beating Copper Wraith, they spawn in and attack you

-updated glowmask codes yet again to add more features and fix bugs (Emnity changes rainbow colors!)

-Hellion DPS drones have far less HP, but now instead have 120 defense

-Cosmic Grasp Mana costs reduced

-Beam Cannon damage slightly nerfed

-Novus Ore is now destructable by bombs after Copper Wraith is beaten

-Fridgeflame and Blink Tech Canisters now boost Technological Damage by 5% each

-Quagmire rebalance-reduced damage, now inflicts Dank Slow instead of Poison

-Jab-lins now display their crit chance and damage properly, melee attacks have a solid 50% to not be consumed, and both modes are boosted further by throwing item saving chances

-Caliburn Altar code has been changed yet again to try to prevent the alters from getting messed up

-Spider Queen has a delay now before they start spinning acid in their main attack (this is cued with a sound effect as well)

-Copper Wraith's speed has been decreased in Expert and Normal (same in Nightmare), Cobalt Wraith's speed has been increased in all difficulties

-In mutliplayer, players need to be close to a slain expertise-giving enemy to recive the expertise

-Crafting Recipes


-Entrophite Tranmuter working online hopefully

-Hellion and Craterogeddon now properly reset when loading into a new world (they were not properly reset in the mod, whoops)

-Murk and Cobalt Wraith have been made far less likely to randomly despawn from you get too far from them

-Sharkvern no longer uses water as a means to tell how high he should be, and should no longer be just a head online

-Hopefully fixed Luminite Wraith online

-Tech Master's Gear was gaining too much trap damage

PS: I hope you all had your Metal Detectors active today, how else you gonna detect that pot in the dark?

I'm on a crimson wrold so that may be a bit... difficult.
I couldn't answer that without something egotistic, but generally people think it does unique things and I try to make it fun so, yes?
Well, first thing, thank you for responding for so fast. Not many people do that. My main concer was how the wraiths, and ice fairy bosse sprites fit in.
Well, first thing, thank you for responding for so fast. Not many people do that. My main concer was how the wraiths, and ice fairy bosse sprites fit in.
They kinda don't, they were made before I even got a single spriter to help me out. I didn't make this mod with sprites fitting in, in mind, it was about code and gameplay
NP, still looks good. Does it need a new world?
oh sorry here's your reply:

If you want the fullest experience it does, it adds new structures underground, a good chunk of items (and some of the best endgame items) will not be craftable without them
Also, alot of this mod's content is expert only, so be warned
Alright, here's the next update, this one is fairly big, but not the larger update that's in the works atm

2.800-(4/30/20)-Patch 7:


-Revolving West (placeholder sprite), Captain America's Shield, Jarate Shurikens, Sanguine Bident, MVM Upgrade-Gripping Gloves-Handling Gloves and Hellion's Cascade (using place holder sprites), IDGCaptainRussia94's Dev armor (about time!), Hellion's Crown (Vanity Mask/Crafting Material, thing?), Thrower's Pouch

-Non-Stationary Defenses, enjoy carrying around Snowball launchers, Cannons, and Bunny Cannons!

-Pirate sells Explosive Bunnies if you have a party girl

-Limited boosting mechanic, you can now longer boost indefinitely; some items have been changed to account towards increasing this limit

-Merchant sells Leather in a Crimson world

-A Starter bag item to help quick start your adventure!


-The way the copper wraith is summoned, you can now make a furnace and craft bars freely but... make too many, and you might have an angry wraith on your case

-Jab-lin hitboxes are now based on the sprite size

-Added another crafting recipe for Grenadier's Glove, and made it cheaper to craft

-Adjusted the prices of alot of crafting materials

-Jarate has been made cheaper to craft and no longer requires bowls

-Nerfed Portable Hive/Soul Of Secrets Bee Damage, you could kill bosses with just the Bee gun alone faster than anything else! (Is now soft capped at 10X damage bonus of the normal bee damage)

-Beam Cannon has been moved to post Luminite Wraith, beam Cannon Alt Fire Spread and mana costs reduced, primary consumes small ammounts of plasma. Attempting to not out-class the Lunar Cascade

-Buffed Lunar Cascade

-Buffed SpaceDiver Armor (I think)-they now receive bonuses to booster capacity and recharge rate

-Buffed Cosmic Grasp: Mana cost greatly reduced and crit chance slightly upped

-Buffed Acid and Thermal Grenades-they have a wider blast area

-Hellion Changes:

-Removed all defense off the DPS drones, HP buffed slightly, Healing drones HP buffed a good chunk

-Removed all defense off Hellion

-Nerfed Hellion Core's 2nd phase, charges less often, damage of eye lasers reduced

-Buffed Surt/Brimflame Harbinger, the ammount of time you get OnFire! for has been greatly increased

-Buffed Hellion Core's 3rd phase, if the player is close enough to an arm when it shoots a hellion beam, it now also summons a portal to attack the player

-Hellion stops moving when doing the topaz attack during phase 4, Hellion stays put longer after doing her laser spread

-Nerfed Golem Buff, he fires the trio of cultist fireballs far less often and blaze wheels hurt less

-Removed damage code from DPS Drones

-Dank Crates will be a bit more generous with their loot

-Nerfed Aimbot Bullet damage lowered. Portal Bullets slightly Nerfed

-Nerfed Serpent's Redemption

-Buffed Both SBC Cannnons, since they can't crit their main damage, they now instead gain additional damage based on your ranged crit chance

-Buffed Rubied Blade, swing speed and crit chance up

-F.S.R.G has been nerfed, again, damage lowered to 70, and Spore cloud damage lowered to 2X the projectile damage (from 3X)

-Nerfed Big Dakka

-Nerfed Mangrove Armor and limited Mangrove projectiles

-Nerfed Jarockets, they inflict Sodden for less time


-Old One's Army causing errors when you kill them

-UIScaling issues, I wasn't even aware UI scaling was something people used (but when you use 4K, it makes far more sense!)

-Beenades no longer be thrown at a faster rate via buffs or the gloves, it was possible to exceed the max projectile limit with this

-Acid Grenade, Thermal Grenade, and Celestial Cocktail receiving velocity bonuses they should not have due to an oversight in how player.throwingVelocity works

-Shortened more tooltips to be readable

-Powerjack does 'finally' infact, heal on kill, sorry it took so long to fully add this feature in

-Maybe now I fixed the Hellion message pop up, please? (nope.avi, sigh)
PSA: I'm gonna be taking a break to do a modded play through of the game before 1.4 launches so I can make this tier list of all the content mods I've ever used, but I need to properly play some of them first, However I will likely still push out smaller updates before the large one, but it will be a while
Hotfix because my set was unobtainable and Captain America's shield had a broken crafting recipe

2.910-(5/1/20)-Hot Fix #3:
Previous version was suppose to be 2.800, but ended up being 2.900, oh well


-MVM Upgrade has been Added to Elite Emblem's abilities

-IDG's Starting Bag gives you loot differently: you will now always get atleast 1-2 of 4 potions, and won't get more than one mining helmet, Added some extra loot, and added the starter bag to Draken's shop


-IDG's armor set not dropping from treasure bags

-Captain America's Shield displaying some bad info and having a bugged crafting recipe
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