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Share your RNG luck here!

This is a for-fun thread. Idea: post anything about when you were super lucky (or unlucky) from RNG, or even something that happened that was really lucky, unlucky, or just funny. Have fun!

My luckiest RNG moment: I went into the jungle to explore around. I killed 5 hornets and 2 of them gave me a bezoar. Wow.

On my 7th Demon kill ever: Mythical demon scythe
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Kyouko Tsukino

So this is about any game, about anything (even RL has an RNG) or only about Terraria? Just wondering since it's in off-topic...


Thread moved to The Crossroads, since this is about Terraria and the Off-Topic section is not for Terraria related topics.

Kyouko Tsukino

Ahem... Anyhow:

*Stands in front of the microphone.* Hello, my name is Razor, and I haven't fought Fishron to get the Flairon again for months. I was quite a wreck before - killing that thing twenty times and getting mostly Tsunami as a "reward." It's a cool bow, don't get me wrong, but I only need one for my collection. Oh, by the way... Fishron, go die in a fire. And drop a Flairon when you do, you damn fishpig. *Walks away from the microphone.*
I guess this isnt the luckiest thing ever, but its still kinda cool:
Started farming Eater of Worlds. Got Eaters Bone on second try. :D

Kyouko Tsukino

I think that, to "compensate" my bad luck, the game insists on having enemies get key mold diarrhea. Or perhaps the RNG is being its usual bastardly self, since I find the dungeon chest weapons to be "easy mode" weaponry and I won't use them.


I recently got the Razorblade Typhoon from Fishron. I went to reforge it and my very first reforge was Mythical.

A friend got the Pulse Bow from the travelling merchant for me, but he didn't know that it ended up getting the Unreal modifier before handing it to me :p


Duke Fishron
In under a minute of killing at least five skeletons I found a Bone Feather, a Paladin Shield, a Sniper Scope and a Hallow Key Mold while randomly exploring the dungeon. I was not surprised at all.


Made a key farm and found a crimson key and 2 corruption keys before I could even finish building the whole thing.

Also found a Slime Staff randomly while exploring in the underground during the very beginning of a playthrough. I was digging around and I noticed an item sticking out of a small pit of lava behind a wall. I just barely noticed it because it was a bit dark.

Milady Lyndis

Every single mimics dropping duals hooks, hallowed keymolds everywhere and letting a queen bee larva for my friend and watching him getting the honey googles.

Starts new playtrough, lava charm and slime staff first day.


I go to grind a bit for souls of light, get a Rod of Discord.
I go to grind a bit for souls of night, get Corruption Key Mold.
Otherwise, I'm not abundantly lucky.


Getting a rod of discord, and then 2 minutes later getting another for my sister who was playing with me.
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